No NBA Today: Harrison Barnes will return to North Carolina for his sophomore season

Tyler Zeller is returning, John Henson will be back in Chapel Hill and now word comes in this morning that ACC Rookie of the Year, Harrison Barnes, will be joing the North Carolina Tar Heels for his sophomore season and he will not opt out and leave for the NBA….

This is big news and it has to be good news for Tar Heel fans, who will see their team coming back almost exact, from this past season and the long run they had in the NCAA’s and that same group will gather together in Chapel Hill next season, hoping to make a run all the way to the Final Four….

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  1. Plus, a healthy Reggie Bullock, and two excellent freshmen who will both contribute – Hairston and McAdoo.
    Maybe another backache is coming on in Durham.

  2. My, whatever will the Blue Devils do now?

    Gotta love how “the Black Falcon” waited well past his teammates and announced his decision on Monday afternoon for maximum press. There’s no “i” in team and no “team” in brand, I guess.

    Pressure’s on, and the best coach in the world is still sitting 8 miles down 15-501.

  3. Bruce,
    That’s an intelligent response. Neither Zeller nor Henson were projected to be picked in the first half of the lottery. He had a lot more to consider than they did, and why would they all have to announce at once? That’s the best you can come up with?
    Yes, K is a great coach. All I know is since Roy came to Carolina it’s Roy 2, K 1.

  4. talk that crap, we will see when they lace them up, and ol roy will nver catch k .it seems every year the blue devils find a way to shut your mouths up, this will b just another 1 of those.

  5. “every year the blue devils find a way to shut your mouths up” Pre-med or philosophy major at Duke?
    and Hansbrough says hi. 4-0 at Cameron.

  6. Hansbrough can’t say 4 acc championships in a row which they have done 5 in a row or 4 final.fours and back to back titles now can he.also 19 titles and excuse me I believe that’s. Cough cough more than the tar babies

  7. Yeah. Conference Tournaments are irrelevant unless you are on the bubble trying to improve your resume. I’m happy for you and your 19 ACC Tourney titles, but UNC won the more relevant regular season title, and made it to the Elite 8 with talented youth. At this time, UNC is more relevant in the title talk than Duke is. We (the more respectful Tar Heel fan at least) didn’t boast our resume to a Duke team who was the favorite to win the title. I know you are still bitter about the beating ‘Zona put on the Devils. But you have to get over it. Some Duke fans are respectful, but everytime I come on this site, some Duke fan is taking a low blow at UNC. Issues.

  8. Yeah we got our butts beat while actually trying to win the ACC tourney this year. That doesn’t excuse your blowout loss to Arizona. Get over it. Barnes is coming back and starting five together. Neither UNC nor Duke won this year’s tourney (UConn), so no one on here has room to talk about anything. Sore losers on here right now….shaking my head. Greensboro is a Carolina town, but you wouldn’t know by the garbage people here have to read from Duke fans. Ridiculous. And I thought Duke fans were classy……

  9. By the way, I can’t figure out whose fans these are commenting on this page because the only fanbase I know that is this ridiculous and full of themselves is State. Even students at Duke know how to keep it classy a few weeks AFTER the fact…

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