Quite a list of those that worked with Woody Durham on the North Carolina Tar Heel broadcasts over the years, including Lee Kinard

Woody Durham retired today, from his position as the play-by-play voice of the North Carolina Tar Heels’ football and basketball, after 40 years at the helm for the Heels and it is very interesting to look back at those who worked with Woody on the broadcasts over the years…..

Wild Bill Curry had the Carolina play-by-play job before Woody took over back in 1971 and since then the list of those who worked along side Durham is impressive…..Guys like “Choo Choo” Charlie Justice, Henry Hinton, Freddy Kiger, Mick Mixon, Bob Holliday, I remember them all, and I’m sure you do too….There was even Lee Kinard(WFMY TV 2), who worked along side Woody on commentary, and that run by Lee, escaped me….Don’t recall that duo call, of Woody Durham and Lee Kinard, doing Carolina sports…..

Tar Heel Sports over the years has been broadcast locally on WBIG(1470AM and 102FM…BIG 102 was country back in the day….), plus the games were heard on 1400AM WGBG, WMAG 99.5, 98.7 WKSI, 94.1 in more than one formation, 93.1 WMIX, 100.3 also known then as B100 FM….And the list goes on and I believe that 94.5 should also be on the list, as RUSH Radio 94.5 picked up Woody and the team this year…..

Those that worked with Woody, from WRALSportsFan.com…..

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

Woody Durham broadcast Carolina football and basketball games with numerous color analysts and sideline reporters, including Jones Angell, Phil Ford, Stephen Gates, Jerod Haase, Jim Heavner, Henry Hinton, Bob Holliday, Charlie Justice, Freddie Kiger, Lee Kinard, Ken Mack, Draggan Mihailovich, Mick Mixon, Eric Montross, Lee Pace, Bob Quincy and Rick Steinbacher.

CLICK HERE to read all on the Woody Durham retirement and what Woody had to say today from WRAL Sports……


  1. Hey Andy aren’t you in line for that Woody job? You are going to need to get much louder and more biaed toward the light blue.

    The only time I liked listening to Woody is when a team was beating UNC by 20 or so at the end of a game. I used to love his whining about fouls and calls that didn’t go in the smurfs. It reminds me of the folks on this board that complain about one or two calls, other coaches, or better yet balls and strikes when they get 10 runned. Wow it has been a LONG time since I listened to Woody.

  2. North Carolina would never hire a man named Durham that pulls for N.C. State, N.C. State would never hire a man named Durham…..My only hope would be to go back to the city that bears my name, Durham and be the sideline reporter for N.C. Central football and do halftime updates for Central Eagles’ basketball….There is another school in Durham, but would they bring on a Durham to help with the broadcasts? I doubt it……(Talking DUKE here, not the Durham School of the Arts[DSA])…..

    When Gus Johnson comes to Chapel Hill, I’ll just wait and grab his chair over at CBS……

  3. sefan,
    Sorry, but you have no idea what you are talking about. Woody Durham has always been much less of a homer than anyone around. Woody rarely, rarely complained about officiating or calls, and if he did, it was in a very lighthearted way. He never “whined” about anything. In fact, sometimes it seemed that he had called so many games that he wasn’t even very fazed by what was going on that he was calling.
    How many other area schools have their broadcast team do every ACC Tournament game on the radio, even after their team loses? The answer is nobody but Carolina and Woody have ever done that, and they call every single game of the ACC Tournament every year.
    He was obviously all about Carolina, but he was a pro and a gentleman.
    Your bias against Carolina shows. If you think Woody Durham complained on the air, then you never listened to Woody Durham.

  4. You caught me…I hate Carolina. Did you watch any college baseball in Raleigh last weekend? Just asking. SWEEP, SWEEP, SWEEP

  5. Typical.
    First, a Duke fan who would dare saying something negative about Woody Durham when you’ve got Bob Harris on your mic.
    Next, a State fan, like all of them who hate Carolina worse than they like their own team, who pathetically brings up the results of a baseball series when we are talking about Woody Durham retiring.

  6. Ok here is the post where I am serious. I admit I was having some fun early. He is a good man that I actually respect and of course he will be missed even by UNC haters. However you cannot be serious about him being unbiased. Every UNC fan that I know including my wife admits this. Oh by the way rasslin’ is actually planned and is entertainment not spontaneous and “REAL”. There is nothing wrong with your man being biased toward your team but don’t make stuff up. Live in the real world man.

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