Who will replace Woody Durham as the voice of North Carolina Tar Heel Sports on the radio???

A new man must take over and now be, “The Voice of North Carolina Tar Heel Sports”, on the radio…..

Who will be selected to replace Woody Durham on the University of North Carolina broadcasts???

1) Will it be the front runner, his son Wes Durham, now doing the college games for Georgia Tech and for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL?
(Will Wes be willing to leave a very good college-pro setup in Atlanta, to come back and follow his dad, in Chapel Hill?)

2) Will the pick be “The Mick”, Mick Mixon, now doing the Carolina Panthers’ games on radio in the NFL??
(Mick has a nice deal going in the NFL, but will he be willing to leave all of that to come back home to Chapel Hill? Mick attended UNC-Chapel Hill and graduated from the University and his father was a teacher at North Carolina…..Wes Durham graduated from Elon College……)

3) Will the tones go to Jones, Jones Angell, who has been helping Woody on the football and basketball broadcasts over the past several years, along with Rick Steninbacher(football) and Eric Montross(basketball)…..Jones has done basketball play-by-play for the ACC Tournament games and he knows all the ins and outs of the broadcasts….Jones joined Woody shortly after Steven Gates[Western Guilford/UNC-CH] was killed in car accident out on Highway 85/40…..Up until the time of his death, Gates looked and sounded like he could be an heir apparent to Woody…..Again, will the tones go to Jones???
(I think Jones might be the best man for the job….He is totally focused on what is ALL Tar Heel Sports……Whereas Wes still has Georgia Tech and the Falcons on his mind and Mick is now absorbed in the Panthers…..Jones is All about the Tar Heels and he had done a very good job working with Steinbacher and Montross…..)

4) Is there a Wild Card pick???? Maybe a Bill Rosinski or even a Mike Hogewood for you……How about going outside the area and bringing in a Tim Brando or maybe even the “Voice of Sports for Tomorrow”, Gus Johnson????? If you could get a Gus Johnson, you would be set for the next 40 years and Gus used to do Graham Red Devils High School football games on the radio a few years back, so he knows a little something about the area/territory…….Can you imagine Gus doing Carolina basketball on the radio, the fans would love it, they’g go CRAZY!

*****I still think you will be best-served to go with a Tar Heel man and why not go with Jones Angell? He has been there in Chapel Hill over the past several years and he knows the programs real well…….*****


  1. Woody can not be replaced. He will be followed by Mick Mixon. Mick it is time to come home now. Wes Durham is a Georgia Tech man. Mick is True Blue. Mick has always been a Heel. We want Mick Mixon.

  2. I second Bruce’s advice/opinion/input.
    I don’t even know why this is still an issue.

  3. Left on a doorstep at birth right before the Durhams moved away to Durham/Raleigh….Wish I could have been there with Wes and Taylor….It was sort of rough growing up just outside Collins Grove on Fleming Road…..

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