Mixon nixes Tar Heel talk: Mick says he’ll stick with Carolina Panthers….

Mick says he’ll stick with the Carolina Panthers and Mixon has told sources, that he is not interested in the North Carolina Tar Heels’ play-by-play position…..

Mick Mixon, current voice and play-by-play man for the Carolina Panthers of the NFL, says he will not seek to replace Woody Durham, as the “Voice of the North Carolina Tar Heels”….Mixon says he will stay in Charlotte and remain loyal to the team,(The Panthers) that took a chance on him a few years back and that he has no interest in following Woody Durham, in Chapel Hill…..

Who will be in line to follow Woody now that Mick told us real quick, that he is staying in Charlotte…..CLICK to read what Mick has said and to follow the leads that are coming in for the coveted job in Chapel Hill, now that Woody has stepped down……

Some Heel fans are starting to squirm, now that Durham is no longer around……Up next??? Will it be Wes or is this going to turn into a mess? Your guess is as good as mine, there must be at least nine, that could be in line, to take on this position in Chapel Hill…..

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  1. Has anyone touched base with JD? Jim Durham could do them proud in Chapel Hill…..JD is currently working the NBA for ESPN Radio, along side Dr. Jack Ramsey and Jim Durham could get the Heels to the finals……Then there’s also Hugh Durham, Tripp Durham, Charlie Durham and then the list goes on, but JD could be, the man that could set them FREE……

  2. This is just fodder Baddour is sending out for the message boards to talk about.
    Everybody in their right mind knows UNC’s search firm has already called Beef Burger and Frozato looking for ya man.
    Anything less than the best is a felony.

  3. Like my name says I am not a hole fan but I think that I actually have a good suggestion for Woody’s replacement.
    How about Dave “Smokey” Glenn? He acts objective at times but we can all tell he is a major league tarhole homer.

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