At N.C. State AD Yow says, “We need more money”…..

To be a competitive Top 25 program, N.C. State will have to come up with more funding for it’s athletic programs and that is the bottom line, according to Wolfpack Athletic Director Debbie Yow…..

Yow says the Pack is way back and lagging way behind North Carolina and Duke, when it comes to the amount of money being pumped into athletics programs at N.C. State….The bottom line says Yow, as she speaks to her leaders that listen in Raleigh is, “We need mo money”……Gotta wanna hava, gonna needa, “Mo Money”…..

CLICK HERE to find out how Yow plans to endow and endure the road ahead, as N.C. State tries to catch up and compete with Duke and North Carolina…..


  1. I thought about sending them a thou, but if I send one, then they are going to want two….

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