High School Baseball Bulletin Board for 4/23/11:SEG-WG at 10am

WG-SEG at 10am at the Graham Middle School…..
Ragsdale and Southwest Guilford continue in the Bobby Murray Chevrolet Invitational down in Cary at the USA Baseball Complex…..
Next week:Oak Ridge is heading to West Brunswick, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for The Brunswick Easter Tourney.

Western Guilford vs. Southeast Guilford, at the Graham Boosters Easter Tournament and you should be able to hear the game on 1150AM radio with Craig Kimsey or at least part of the game on the station….I tuned in this morning and they had “The Bud Man”, Buddy Michaels bluegrass show going on and that is OK, but we were looking for the Eastern Alamance-Lexington game from yesterday afternoon, that was halted by rain and the completion of that game was supposed to begin at 8am this morning…..If you want the country-bluegrass music, most diehards go to 98.1FM and JD Higgins’ show on Saturday mornings….Higgins knows everyone in the five-state area….I heard him say this morning that he could recognize this guy’s dad in a 40 acre field……(Higgins known for his top-notch grass; music grass that is, not the smoking type or yard mowing type of grass…..At least I hope that is what Higgins has been promoting all these years…..)


  1. From Saturday it was:

    Southwest Guilford 11
    Raleigh Wakefield 4

    Championship……Raleigh Athens Drive 19, East Wake 10….

  2. Swg went 2-1 in the tourney, the loss came to east wake 2-1 on a questionable call. But thats the way it goes somtime.

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