Low funding could put Bobby Stutts Invitational on hold for another year

There has been so much talk in recent days about the Bobby Murray Chevrolet Invitational Baseball Tournament, that many sports fans are wondering when the Bobby Stutts Invitational will be starting……

No time soon, is what I’m hearing…..Organizers seem to backing away from the Bobby Stutts event, due to the current economic downswing……If funding can be found/arranged, the Stutts event could be revisited, but right now, Stutts is waiting for someone to step up for Stutts and foot the bill….(Bobby has always dreamed of the FREE ride.)

Could someone from one of our local foundations be out there and waiting for the right moment to save the Stutts Tournament? If so you can contact Stutts’ manager at stuttswantsatournamenttoo.org……

If the Bryan Foundation is following these developments, they need to respond ASAP, because BOBBY is getting restless and he wants his tournament to hit the spotlight, just like Bobby Murray did with his down in Raleigh…..

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  1. Don’t think I would want to be the guy that follows Stutts around. His would be some tough shoes to fill. Need a horseshoe in your pocket just to try and keep up with Stutts.

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