The Stadnik Brothers/Twins will let us know on Thursday at Western Guilford

They are big kids, good kids and smart young men and the Stadnik Brothers/Twins will annouce their college/colleges of choice, this coming Thursday, at Western Guilford High School on Friendway Drive, of West Friendly Avenue and West Market Street on the west side of town and that makes good sense, since the host site will be Western Guilford HS…..

Brock and Clayton Stadnik will make their decision/decisions public on Thursday and we wish these two young men nothing but success as they get ready to go down that road to college….They are smart young men and this will allow them to enter college early, in January of 2012 and that will give them a head start, as they get acclimated to the college academic life and it will also allow them to go right into spring practice, at the college they choose to attend….

Here is the news on Brock and Clayton Stadnik the big linemen from Western Guilford…..

The Stadnik Twins, juniors at Western Guilford High School, will be announcing their
college choice on Thursday, May 5 at 3:15pm in the auditorium at WGHS. The brothers
are both highly sought after football recruits who have received wide spread
attention and scholarship offers from colleges across the nation.

Brock Stadnik, Offensive Left Tackle and Long Snapper, has received upwards of
twenty D1 Scholarship offers. He is an All-State and All-American player, he is
ranked on ESPNU Top 150 and Tom Lemming’s Top 100. He will be playing in the Under
Armour All-America Bowl in January 2012.

Clayton Stadnik, Offensive Center and Defensive Lineman, is considered to be one of
the top Centers in the Southeast Region. He is a two year starter and two year
Academic All-Conference player. He currently holds over a handful of D1 Scholarship

Both brothers carry a 4.2+ GPA and plan to graduate early and begin College in
January 2012.

from Sports Carolina Monthly:
The twins share offers from East Carolina, NC State(remember the Holt Brothers), South Carolina, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest.

Good luck to the Stadnik Brothers, good kids from a good family, looking to have a real good run with football when they head off to college……

From the research that I have done, I know several ACC schools have offered both Stadnik Brothers a ride, including Clemson(remember the Bostic Brothers) and Brock has a very solid solo offer coming in on the table from Michigan…..From what I have read and heard, that Michigan offer is very alluring to Brock and it may be hard to turn down and if Brock took off and went to Michigan that would split up the brothers, but going into Thursday, there is no guarantee that they will sign with the same school……If you can make the starting lineup at Michigan and do well, you have a very good chance to land eventually in the NFL…..Just ask Tom Brady, Tripp Welborne, Desmond Howard and others…..

Former Western Guilford football players that went on to play in college:
Don Tatum-Elon
Mark Guenther-Wake Forest
Linnett Price-Western Carolina
John Morris-Ferrum
Andy Durham-Liberty University
Grady Privette-Western Carolina
Glenn Morris-East Carolina
Mark Bryant-East Carolina
Aaron Stewart-Duke
Scott McCallister-University of North Carolina
Chris Causey-University of North Carolina
Anthony Saunders-University of North Carolina
Darell Jollah-West Virginia
and there have been others over the years, but those are the ones that are the most notable and the ones that made the most noise…..


  1. It was Dorrell Jalloh not Darell Jollah at West Virginia. How quickly they forget.

  2. Hey, going straight off of memory I was pretty close….Initially all I could remember was they called him jello…

  3. When Page was up 50-0 and still had Summers in the game? I wouldn’t give him the time of day.

  4. Is that Summers fault or the coach? Maybe WG should have played better.

    The kid is a gifted athlete.

  5. Yes Page beat Western by a large margin. Summers was left in the game not because we wanted to run up the score but because we had no real backup QB. We could not just play Putnam any time we wanted to due the high school rules about how much time a jv player can participate at the varsity level.

  6. Western needs to find a top-notch runningback that can get in behind the Stadnik brothers and run this coming season…..With those big guys I don’t see you couldn’t help but get 3-4 yards on the run every time they come off the ball…..Teams work hard to develop the passing game, but I always liked the power running game first…..That’s just me….Summers is one of the best in the state and that young man can hurt you many different ways…..He is as fast as lightning and strong as a bull…..I would like to see Page find a way to get him and Putnam on the field at the same time this coming season on certain series…..Maybe Summers in the slot or lined up as back in the one-back set, or as the tailback or with Summers and Rogers as split backs and Putnam as the the quarterback….Fantasy football, but it sounds interesting…..Summers is a threat to burn you every time he gets his hands on the ball…..

    Maybe N.C. State can really dig in here and get the Stadnik Brothers and DJ Reader(Grimsley) too…..The N.C. State football scout was at the Grimsley baseball game on Friday night and the North Carolina scout was at the Grimsley-High Point Central game last week….The football scouts are watching DJ to see if they can bring him in for football and baseball and what about Russell Wilson, he played both, so did Andrew Brackman with baseball and basketball for a while and Monte Towe and Tim Stoddard did baseball and basketball both too…..

    There are a lot of possibilities for the area kids as we approach the fall of 2011…….More football/baseball/basketball discussions will be coming….

  7. The Stadniks would be great at VT along with Northeast’s Miachael Via at center.

  8. Nice projection for Virginia Tech. Michael Via is a great kid. But the question remains, where will the Stadniks end up…..For a while I thought Brock was leaning toward Michigan and I wasn’t sure about Clayton, maybe Wake Forest, but with them sigining sooner than many expected, who knows, maybe this will end as a package deal with the Stadnik Twins moving on the next level together at the same school….How about the Stadnik Twins to the twin cities of Winston-Salem and ending up with Coach Jim Grobe at Wake Forest????? Coach Grobe has a tendency to red-shirt his incoming freshmen and if the Stadnik Brothers got a year of seasoning at Wake, who knows how big and how much stronger they might get, after a red-shirt season of seasoning…..

    If Coach Don Coryell was still around he would tell those guys to grow a beard……

  9. Virginia Tech would be a great choice of course! Michael actually hosted the brothers a few weeks ago when they went up to Tech for an unofficial visit. He liked their potential fit with the VT football family and thinks they would really get into the outdoor recreational opportunities that beautiful SW Virginia offers. I feel sure they would redshirt wherever they end up as most all OL’s do. GO HOKIES!

  10. Congrats to these kids no matter where they end up. I sure wish these kids were at Page. For some reason or another, Page just can’t seem to find these big body kids. I know they have athletes galore, but it would be awesome to see some big bodies like these two brothers show up at Page.

    On a side note: 77 Hornet, you are lame. Jordan Putnam and Devante Hooker (both backup QB and RB) played the entire 4th quarter. So, stop whining. Chris Causey is a class act and understood what transpired in that game. His team had a bad game and there were no other words to describe it. Btw Andy, WG does have a good RB in that little #6 (I think), and I say little but that just means he is short, cause he very stocky in the lower body. I believe he was only a sophomore or a junior, so I know he is coming back. He was pretty good.

  11. Guess I’m still ill because the county is still allowing transfers to play against you. (Junior Orlando Hatfield)

  12. 77 Hornet,

    Well, I can honestly say that I understand your grief. The years that I’ve been watching Page, they have had their share of transfers leave the program to play at another school. The table did kind of even out last year for Page with Orlando, because he was an outstanding player for them; however, they lost Will Foxx who was a beast. All four of those transfers have ended up being D-1 players. These transfers have left each of the last 3 seasons, but it would really surprise me if any kids try to leave this year. This should be a good shot at a state title, since they have 18 returning starters after finishing 10-3 last year. But, it seems like every year the Page coaches have to deal with at least one or two of their better players leave for another school. So, who really knows what these parents and kids think or get told by other coaches during the summer.

    Just saying

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