It takes a tudor(Caulton Tudor) to enlighten us on celebrity/royal connections, but they are really nothing new…

The recent royal wedding with Prince William and Kate Middleton, brings to mind major connections of celebrities with athletes and they are really nothing new, but it does take a man of name royalty, Caulton Tudor, from the News and Observer in Raleigh and the Charlotte Observer, to bring this subject into clear/full focus….

Terry Bradshaw was hooked-up with Jo Jo Starbuck at one time……A star-studded connection that brought together a professional football quarterback and the professional figure skater….

Ann Meyers married Don Drysdale and Don has since moved on…..Ann the college basketball star at UCLA and later she was selected in the NBA by the Indiana Pacers, but she spent time in a women’s pro hoops league and Don Drysdale, who was one of the top pitchers in Major League Baseball history and who with Sandy Koufax, formed one of the best one-two pitching combos in the annals of pro baseball, in Los Angeles and beyond….Ann Meyers’ brother Dave, was also a name college and pro basketball player….

Nancy Lopez and Ray Knight….A marriage that brought together the LPGA and the MLB….Nancy, quite well-known for her golf and Ray for his baseball, with the Reds and the Mets…..

Chrissie Evert and Greg Norman…..This connect did not last long, as women’s tennis and the PGA hooked-up for brief period, when Evert and Norman tied the knot….Chris was married to a professional skier, Andy Mill, before she climbed the hill, to be with Greg….

And there was Chris Evert’s younger sister Jeannie, that gave thought to connecting with Greg Brady, who had his heart broken by Alice the housekeeper on the Brady Bunch Show, and Alice had this thing for Frank the butcher, so Greg made his next move on Florence Henderson and when that spell ran dry, he cast his lot with Cindy Brady and then the next thing you know, along comes Tom Brady, the son of Marcia Brady and on the Love Connections go….To take this one step further, I think their cousin, “Shady” Brady, left town with Jan Brady…….

CLICK HERE to get all the connections/hook-ups that the english tudor, Caulton Tudor, has in store for us today……If you think of or know of others, add them into the mix….There were those rumors about John Boy and Grandma Walton and you remember the stir that was going around about Johnny Paul stealing Aunt Bea away from Opie Taylor, when Opie went to stay the weekend with Ms. Crump, so Opie could brush up on his spelling for the state-wide spelling bee/bea….Man, this can get distorted……..

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  1. Over the years the Opie-Helen Crump relationship has been greatly exaggerated. Opie got heavily involved with Clara Edwards right after his band hit the road playing weekend gigs.

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