HS Baseball Tonight for 5/3/11

Rockingham County 8
Northern Guilford 6

HR:(NG)Austin Coltrane

Morehead 4
Western Alamance 3

(9 innings)

Eastern Alamance 10
Eastern Guilford 9

(10 innings)

Northeast Guilford 5
Southwestern Randolph 1


Western Guilford 7
Grimsley 4

WP:Nin Marrero
LP:DJ Reader
HR:(WG) Nin Marrero solo home run….Austin Proehl solo HR…
Nin Marrero 2 runs scored going 1-2 with the HR, and 2 BB’s….Nino Marrero 2-4 with a Triple and 1 run scored…John Iorio 2-4 with 1 RBI and 1 run scored…Zack Jones 1-4 with 1 RBI…Austin Proehl 1-2 with the HR and 2 runs scored…Brandon Ahrens 1-3 with 1 RBI and 1 run scored….Nick Psisbaro 1-3 with a Double and 1 RBI…

Grimsley…..Kory Shumate 2-4 with 1 run scored….DJ Reader 1-2 with pinch runner Quito Carrig scoring one run on board for DJ….Sawyer Highfill 1-3 with 1 run scored…Ryan Stoneman 2-3….Eric Stevens 1-3 with 1 run scored and 1 RBI….Seth O’Fallon 1-3 with 2 RBI’s….

Dudley 12
Page 2
(5 innings)
WP:KJ McAllister
LP:Benton Reynolds
Dudley:Keith Robinson 1-4 with 2 runs scored….Myles Sowell 1-4 with 3 runs scored….Corey Williamson 2 RBI’s…..Zanie Seagraves 1-4 with 2 RBI’s and his pinch runner Myles Spruiell 2 runs scored….Rick Powell 2-4 with a Double, 1 run scored and 2 RBI’s….Leon Smith 2-3 with a Double and 1 run scored….Corey Kimber 2-4 with a Double, 2 RBI’s and 1 run scored…Julian Spruiell 1-3 with 2 RBI’s….

Page hitting:Nick Schofield 2-3 with 1 RBI…Benton Reynolds 1-2….Jordan Putnam 0-2 with 1 run scored….Jamie McLentz 1-3 with a Double…Tyler Sandlin 1 run scored….

Forsyth Country Day 4
Wesleyan 3

WP:Tyler Alberts…Save:Jimmy Key….
FCD hitting:Griffin 2-4 hr 2rbi….Deluca 3-4 2b….Culbreth rbi

High Point Christian Academy 19
Greensboro Day School 1

Full stat update on Grimsley-Western Guilford courtesy of Grimsley-Western baseball:
Western Guilford defeats Grimsley 7-4 in the first round of the Metro 4A Conference Tournament.

WP – Nin Marrero (7-strikeouts)
LP – DJ Reader (5-strikeouts)

Key Performers

Western Guilford
Nino Marrero 3-4 (3B)
John Diorio 2-3 (RBI)
Nin Marrero 1-2 (HR, 2BB)
Austin Proehl 1-2 (HR)
Zach Jones 1-3 (RBI)
Brandon Ahrens 1-3 (RBI)

Ryan Stoneman 2-3 (RBI)
DJ Reader 1-2 (2BB)
Kory Shumate 2-4 (stolen base)
Sawyer Highfill 1-3 (HBP)
Seth O’Fallon 1-3 (2 RBI)
Eric Stevens 1-3 (RBI)


  1. How many times must we play WG this season…sighhhh. Every game they get closer. Should be a good game Thursday night.

  2. FCDS beat Wesleyan 4-3 WP Alberts, save Key, Griffin 2-4 hr 2rbi, Deluca 3-4 2b, Culbreth rbi

  3. sefan We’ll throw somebody different at you this time. If we could only get some run support.

  4. Eastern Alamance 10
    Eastern Guilford 9
    10 innings

    Also don’t know the score but my brother told me they (EA) play Rockingham County tomorrow so RC must have beat Northern Guilford.

  5. Heard Northern lost to Rockingham tonite after having a 4-1 lead. Started Hardin and he was on a roll and the Coach took him out evidently thinking he had the game won and wanted to save Hardin for Thursday. Coach, you can’t play Thursdday unless you win Tuesday. Taking Hardin out was a big mistake. Maybe some changes will take place next year.

  6. Well BBfan, no offense but you can’t trust one pitcher to win the game for you. You have to have faith in all of your other pitchers. The same thing could have happened to Austin

  7. Morehead 4-3 over Western Alamance in 9 innings. Does anyone know the McMichael-Williams score, last I heard 3-3 in the 6th suspended due to lightning at the time?

  8. The mcmichael game has been postponed until 5 tomorrow. They were tied up with Williams 3-3 in the 6th. The winner of that game will play moreheas at mcmichael right after.

  9. Mcmichael is tied with Williams 3-3 in the 6th
    they will resume play tomorrow at 5
    more head will play the winner of the game right after it @ mcmichael

  10. Nighthawks fan 22. You do not have much knowledge about High School baseball. Most high school coaches will tell you that they do not have but one quality pitcher that you can count on. The ones that have more than 1 are usually the teams that go deep in the playoffs. Stay with Hardin and they would have probably won and be playing Thursday. You have to win the first game before you play the second. A little common sense will carry you a long way. In high school playoffs you have to win them one at a time.

  11. To all you guys who are second guessing the NG coach for taking Hardin out: He threw a complete game Friday night (5 inn.). We dont know how many pitches he threw in that game. He is certainly on short rest so I dont think we can assume that he would have been able to pitch the entire game last night. Although he was pretty good last night, you could tell he was on short rest. He was not as sharp as he usually is and he did have somewhat of a rocky first inning. He worked out of a jam but threw quite a few pitches. I think its unfair to judge a coach without knowing all of the circumstances. Unless you are in the dugout then you dont really know what was going on. The kid could have said he was done for all we know. The kid’s parent could have been barking about overuse. Who can really say other than the kid and the coaches?

  12. funny, all year long we hear about the NG coach allowing hardin to throw too many pitches. now he’s being crucified for taking him out too early. bb2011 brings up some good points. second guessing the coach after the fact is easy once you know the results. making those decisions during the game is what seperates the coaches from the armchair quarterbacks. it’s true, you don’t play round 2 unless you win round 1. maybe the coach was just as concerned about the kid’s arm as he was about getting to round 2. who knows?

  13. It is always great to see the second guessing of the coach. It never gets old. As far as the coach, I imagine the change he would want for next year is that you would not attend the games.

  14. Simple stuff guys, hardin stays in you win , he was taken out way to early. totaly agree with BBfan. hey bb2011, what game were you watching when you say hardin did not look sharp, you must be out of your mind. A rocky first inning!! there were 2 errors made, that had nothing to do with hardin, Rockingham could not touch him. Northern had plenty of offense last night they put up 6 runs, The bottom line is you do not take your ace out that early only up 4 to 1, thats a bone head move. YOU MUST WIN THE FIRST GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIMPLE STUFF.

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