Mo(Matt Orth-SWG) doing OK today according to his Facebook following

Mo OK say Facebook friends:

Matt Orth(Southwest Guilford) doing OK today according to his Facebook following….The word he left on Facebook was that he was released from the hospital last night and he left with a few stitches in his ear, but other than the stitches, he is is in good shape and doing well….That was the word left by Mo at/ on his Facebook page…..Good to hear the good news and to know that he is OK…..He(Orth) took a hard line drive shot to the head, off the bat of Dillon Ward(East Forsyth)…..

Orth(P) got the start last night, in the baseball game for the Southwest Guilford Cowboys, but had the leave the game, in the third inning, when he suffered the injury and he was taken by ambulance(EMS vehicle) to the hospital…..

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  1. Dear Baseball Friends,

    We are sincerely thankful for the outreach from the baseball community since Matt’s injury on Monday evening. The prayers, emails, visits and contacts have been so helpful and supportive to Matt and our family. Matt is doing fine. He has stitches in his ear and is recovering nicely. We want to especially thank the Southwest Guilford baseball coaches (Reid Holmes, Joyce, Frazier and Gann), the Southwest Guilford parents, and Coach Christman and Mr. Parker. We also want to thank the parents and coaches from the Piedmont 4-A conference and other conferences for the extensive outreach after the incident. Your support and encouragement was greatly appreciated. Best of luck to all of the teams during the conference tournament and playoffs.

    Best regards,

    Keith and Angie Orth

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