The Brotherhood:Stadniks choose South Carolina Gamecocks

The Bostic Brothers, The Hackett Brothers, The Holt Brothers and now the Stadnik Brothers……As Brock Stadnik put it, “The South Carolina Gamecocks got two birds with one stone”….

Western Guilford offensive linemen, Brock and Clayton Stadnik selected South Carolina today and the brothers/twins will enroll at Columbia, South Carolina in late 2011/early 2012…..

It all comes down to “The Brotherhood”…..Bostics, Hacketts, Holts, at least two of the families connected at the same school,(Bostic Brothers at Clemson and Holts at N.C State) and the other brothers were a little further apart in age, with Joey going to Elon and Dino Hackett heading up to Appalachian…..The interesting thing about all the brother combos is that all six of the brothers that came through the county earlier, they all ended up playing in the NFL, to varying degrees mind you, but they all did well…

Brock Stadnik, the bigger of the two twins is a as genuine of a young man as you will ever meet and I respect the fact that he is looking out for and he is going to always be doing right, by his brother Clayton….These are good kids and Brock is going to make sure that they get the best treatment possible and Brock and Clayton both said they were very impressed when they had their meeting with Coach Steve Spurrier, at South Carolina….

Brock also said that the facilities at South Carolina are the best that he saw and that goes for the entire SEC(SEC above and beyond ACC) and the SEC as a whole conference and South Carolina as a university, has so much to offer that they could not turn them down and The Stadnik Brothers made their commitment today to the Gamecocks…..

It again all comes down to The Brotherhood…..Brock is not going to let an opportunity pass the brothers by, that would keep them playing football together for four more years….It is like the presidential election cry, “Four More Years”…..As opposed to the Big Ten offer from Michigan, Brock said South Carolina was much closer to home and it’s not really home unless he and his brother are still playing football together….

Greensboro Sports' 2011-05-05 Brock and Clayton Stadnik selected South Carolina photoset Greensboro Sports’ 2011-05-05 Brock and Clayton Stadnik selected South Carolina photoset

The Stadnik Brothers will be playing football together one more year this fall at Western Guilford and then in early January, it will be time to load up the car and head down to Columbia, South Carolina…..Coach Chris Causey will have the Stadnik Brothers one more year at Western and he plans to use his little scatbacks more this coming year than he ever has before…..Brock can play guard or tackle, but Clayton is a lock-down center…..I’d like to see Clayton at guard and Brock at tackle and then see the guy that wants to try and get in their way…..They tell linemen to get low, but when you meet up with and go up against these Stadniks, you may be going LOW, like ten feet under…..If I was a lineman going up against them, I would request a call to my financial and funeral planner, just before we heard the snap count and then before the snap count, I would put in a request for a quick whistle….

In all honesty you would have to try and out-quick them as the coach used to say, and they are in the process of shoring up that phase of their game with workouts three days a-week, at Parisi Speed School…..

As we close for now, with more to follow, there is something to be said for “The Brotherhood” and Brock and Clayton Stadnik added another chapter to that linkage this afternoon…..