Gary Williams retires as the Maryland Terrapins’ basketball coach

Maybe Gary should have stepped down sooner and then he could have got in the running for the N.C. State coaching job….Word is he helped influence many of the coaches that were interested in the Wolfpack job…..

Gary Williams put up some outstanding numbers at the University of Maryland and at his other stops along the way….


Williams coached for 33 years, the last 22 at Maryland, where he played as a guard from 1964-67.

His career record is 668-380, including 461-252 at Maryland. Under his direction, the Terrapins went to the NCAA tournament 14 times, won or shared three Atlantic Coast Conference titles and reached the Final Four twice. And he lead Maryland to the 2002 National Championship.

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  1. He was probably the best coach in the ACC – cause he sure did not get the blue chips that UNC and Duke get. Read what coach K said about him. And as far and Gary and Yow – he is old school and probably just does not agree with a woman running a big time athletic program – and based on the all the turmoil, terrible hiring decisions, and lack of success at NC State, I would say he is right! Ask any booster if they would rather have Gary as coach at State and Yow gone – no brainer!

  2. !@#$%^ was exactly what Maryland players, coaches, and fans behind the bench heard for all this time. The guy gave me freaking anxiety in my living room watching the Terps play. Good gracious, why would anyone ever wanna play for this guy. No matter how big time it is and how much its about winning, being the guy that calls players “worthless pieces of !@#$” imo needs to hang it up. Thanks maybe I can lower my dosage of anti-anxiety medication.

  3. Hey idiots, Gary didn’t get the blue chips because he didn’t recruit. He thought after he won the title that players would flock to him and he could sit back. It didn’t happen.

    i always felt he was a good coach when he worked at it. he just got complacent. That was Yow’s problem with him. She felt after winning the title that Maryland could take a step up. It didn’t happen because he didn’t work.

    !@#$%^, is correct. He is one vulgar guy.

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