Northwest Guilford tops Southwest Guilford 5-2 to move on to the Conference Finals on Monday night

Brian Hall hit this one and it turned out to be a run home/home run for the WFMY NEWS 2 Sports team as they pulled in the Northwest Guilford-Southwest Guilford game tonight in the Piedmont Triad 4-A Semifinals….With the 5-2 win, the NWG Vikings move on to the Championship Game on Monday night…

CLICK HERE to see all from the Vikings victory over the SWG Cowboys at Glenn High School….

Video footage courtesy of Brian Hall and WFMY NEWS 2 Sports and…..


  1. I can’t believe how poorly the sports coverage is in this area. Basketball is no better. Never any stats and the story line is as simple as it can be. Come on, get with it and cover the schools with more scores and stats.

  2. This site pretty much depends on local people to send in data. There is no staff. Think about what it was like before this site.

  3. My first goal is to get up as many scores on a given night as we can…If you have followed us for any length of time you’ll find we get the scores up here before almost any other source and to me, the first thing the readers want to know, is who won a given game…..The games that I attend will get more detail and they have received detailed stats……We get scores from fans that contact me from WG, Ragsdale, High Point Central, Grimsley, SEG. NEG, NG, NWG and many other schools, including ORMA, FCD, WCD, HPCA…..

    I don’t know of any other network quite like this in the state….The only way to get more stats is if someone sends them in…..If I go to a game and cover it, you are getting every at bat where the kid got a hit and all the pitching details……I wish we could get more details…..I shoot to get every score in the area…..Saturday I searched all over to get the Glenn-East Forsyth score and got it from a source that was at a showcase tryout and he talked to some of the Glenn parents for me…..I spend plenty of time looking around…..

    I couldn’t be more pleased with the effort we had gettting scores up here in the past season…..One man’s dream has benefited an entire community and I thank those that sent us scores and details all season long…..Our HS Baseball Tonight and our HS Baseball Bulletin Board sections have been our most read features all season long….There may be more sources out there covering one team better than we do, but as a whole we are the ones covering the area the best and read around, this site is on par with the Charlotte Observer, the Observer/WRAL SportsFan in Raleigh and that’s one man covering the games going up against some very large outlets……

    When the Grasshoppers baseball hits, we have to let up some, cause we can’t be two places at once, but for the 2011 season, we got the job done again and we did it better than we did in 2010…..Thanks for the time and read on…….For the price you pay to get on this site, you are the winner…..

  4. I say again you do this area a tremendous service Andy! I think these guys think you have an entire news department under you. I think the level of coverage is so good that it may appear that way. No one around is more networked than you or as committed to covering local sports. This site is outstanding and it is due to your hard work.

    Thanks again for all you do. Be patient with the newbies…they just don’t know.

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