Heart attack takes down Robert “Tractor” Traylor:former Michigan star dead at age 34

He was a backboard smashing star for the Michigan Wolverines and he spent time in the NBA and even had a run with the Charlotte Hornets and now the young man that was known as “Tractor” Traylor is dead from a heart attack at age 34…..

He ran the court like a tractor trailer and you can CLICK HERE to read more about his death and his passing down in Puerto Rico…………The fans and opponents used to say, when a “Tractor” Traylor is getting ready to pass, “you better get out of the way”……..

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  1. Jesus Christ! He was only 34 years old. While some deadbeats live up to 80-90, great guys like Robert Traylor die. And they say that we live in a fair world…

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