NCHSAA Baseball Playoff Brackets are in and it’s time to take a look ahead……(NEG, SEG, NWG, SWG, WG and Dudley)

We had most of this up here for you yesterday, but here is today’s update with Brackets…..

Northeast Guilford(23-1) and ranked #1 in the state will face Overhills(15-9) in Round One of the playoffs on Thursday afternoon at 5:30pm at NEG….A look at the brackets are ready in the 3-A East and NEG could see Western Alamance for a third time this season in Round Two and possibly Morehead in Round Three….
CLICK HERE to check out the 3-A Bracket……

It took a long time to get that 4-A West bracket loaded, but we have some real tough matchups coming out of here in Round One….East Forsyth(15-10) at Southeast Guilford(22-3)….Southwest Guilford(16-8) at West Forsyth(20-5)……You could see SWG at SEG in Round Two…..South Mecklenburg(16-9) at Northwest Guilford(17-9)…..Western Guilford(8-14) at Providence(24-2)…..Could see either SEG or SWG vs. WG or Providence in Round Three…..Dudley(17-9) at Ardrey Kell(21-4)…..Mount Tabor(10-13) at Glenn(18-8)….North Davidson(13-9) at Southern Alamance(21-5)….Matthews Butler(15-9) at Davie County(22-2)…..

CLICK HERE to see the entire 4-A West Bracket and you might have to wait a minute or two, it has been tough getting in there….

Very tough bracket and after 12 straight years in the playoffs, the Ragsdale Tigers did not get in this year…..The Tigers made it to the finals a few years back when they had Trevor Mullins and crew…….


  1. 4-A West bracket may be the toughest bracket in many years especially the top half! Look for some 4’s to beat 1’s and 3’s to beat 2’s! The CPC, Southwestern, and Piedmont Triad leagues prepare teams for the stress of playoff baseball.

  2. What, no Page Pirates as a wildcard? What a surprise. Maybe a couple more “quality” one run wins against Greensboro Day School would have gotten them in. That’s what happens when a program purposely puts together an extremely weak non-conference schedule. They reap what they sow, sixth place in the Metro.

  3. I agree No Page, the Metro is an incredibly weak league. Couple that with an extremely weak non-conference schedule….and……that says it all! Would be surprised if any of those teams win Round 1. Not talking trash, just not as competitive top to bottom as the other leagues in preparation for the playoffs.

  4. Yeah its not the bottom of the barrel, but you must remember mid week games are different that those conference battles. 3 out of 7 in metro established winning programs (SE, WG and SA); 5 in PTC (Glenn, SW, EF, NW, and Ragsdale) Those 3 from the metro would be jumbled up as well in the PT if they were in it.

  5. Grimsley was 5th in the Metro but beat EF and Ragsdale and lost to NW by 1
    Very weak!!!!!

  6. tom selleck, you forgot to include Dudley. They came out of the Metro and had a good year. I agree with justafan that Grimsley had a very strong second half of the season after they got back some of their injured players. The Whirlies lost 3 starters early then rebounded well, plus they had a very strong out of conference schedule. I like Grimsley to do big things next year in the Metro along with Southern Alamance and Dudley.

  7. Dudley is an up and coming program. But established programs win playoff games, just not make the playoffs. Finishing 3rd or 4th in an average league at best does not illicit talk of being a pre-eminent program in Guilford County. Winning in the playoffs is the measuring stick!

  8. 4A metro baseball is not an incredibly weak league. We have some of the strongest baseball around. We all play to win. Southern Alamance(21-5) beat Southeast twice. Southeast is 22-3, that is saying a lot. Southeast has beaten Southwest, Ragsdale, and Glenn. sounds real weak, those teams arent that good I guess. Southwest is 16-8, Glenn 18-8. We are going to see some good playoff games from the weak metro.

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