HS Baseball Tonight with Round One Playoff action at NEG

Game time is set for 5:30pm….

Round One of the NCHSAA Baseball Playoffs, with 3-A action at Northeast Guilford High School, out on Hicone Road, off of Highway 29 North…..

Overhills(15-9) at Northeast Guilford(23-1)
Paula, Phillips, Davis, Caleb McCann, Colon, Millaway…..We could see any of these young men take the hill tonight, or we could see a combination of several of the above, but your best bet as we hit the playoffs is Paula, then Phillips and then Davis…..

(With the rainy weather today, we hope they can get this game in today, since NEG has their prom tomorrow, and we also hope to have a score for you after the game, and we look to our Northeast Guilford coaches to check in with us and we appreciate their calls after the games this season…..)


  1. Haven’t seen them play so please understand where I am coming from with my comments. Who did NE play non-conference? I don’t remember seeing them play NWG, SWG, Ragsdale amongst others in Guilford County. In saying that, they have put up some GAUDY offensive numbers which leads me to believe they can really swing it. And I know that Paula is a really good arm. But I could also see their lack of playing tightly contested playoff type ball games as a factor in an early exit. And if they do advance deep, there is a certain Rocky Mount pitcher they will run into and I am pretty sure they haven’t seen an arm like that this year.

  2. They played and beat SEG and they also beat Western Alamance, Western Guilford, and Dudley….and beat NWG in a scrimmage early in the year

  3. I’m pretty sure that the NEG-NWG game was a regular season game and NEG won it at NWG 2-1 and that was the first victory of the season for Northeast….Very good ball game and Haack was throwing for NWG and I believe it was Paula for NEG and NEG was coming off of the one-run loss to Western Alamance, in their season-opener, falling I belive 8-7 or 9-8 and that ended up being NEG’s only loss so far this season….NEG got Western Alamance the next time they met and it was at WA and the score was 13-5……It has been quite a run for all of our teams this season, going back to the beginning, the last week of February with regular season games….NEG’s toughest tests this season have come from the Asheboro Blue Comets, with both regular season games for the Rams vs. Asheboro going extra innings and they ended up being decided by one run…..In the tournament NEG didn’t have as much trouble with AHS as did during the season…..NEG, big hitters and they play even better when the weather gets warmer and I wish today was a little warmer for all parties involved…..

  4. Andy…you are right, the NE vs NW game was regular season. I believe the first game for NW, and the second game for NE. Both pitchers, Haack and Phillips pitched great games for their respective teams. Paula made an incredible stop of a rocket shot that would have scored two runs for NW late in the game.

    Regarding the earlier post, I believe that NE has the possibility to do some damage in the state playoffs, because of their versatility. They have 2 or 3 really headline-type pitchers, they hit up and down the lineup, they play good defense, and if they run up against a Benton Moss, they can create small ball type opportunities with their speed.

    Good luck NE…start off a good weekend of 1st round games for Guilford County with a big win tonight.

    Lastly, we are fortunate to have some really good baseball in this area…lets support the teams by making their games well-attended.

  5. NE Guilford has always been a great baseball program! Good win to start the playoffs!

  6. NE has had a great year, Anytime you win 24 games in a year I would call it successful no matter who you play. I was able to watch both asheboro games and the southeast game when they played NE and have been impressed with how well NE handled themselves. their stick speak loudly with over 45 homeruns in 25 games. Its baseball we all know that the man on the mound controls what happens you are supposed to lose 5 or 6 games even when you are good. 24 and 1 from NE and a 23 and 3 record at SEG thats impressive good luck to all of our teams over the next few weeks. All of our local teams deserve our support!!

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