West All-Stars have been named for this summer’s games at the East-West All-Star contests in the Greensboro Coliseum

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

East-West All-Star Basketball coming to the Greensboro Coliseum on July 18, this summer….

The west boys team will be coached by David Price of Dudley and Scott Brewer of Concord.

The boy’s West All-Star squad:

Miles Bowman (WS Parkland), Devince Boykins (East Rutherford), John Cannon (Mountain Heritage), Trey Ervin (Mount Tabor), Antonio Farmer(Northwood), James Milliken (Jordan Matthews), Jacquise Moore (Concord), Jackson Simmons (Smoky Mountain), Anthony Stitt (Butler) and Terrence Williams (West Mecklenburg)…….

West girl’s squad:

Megan Buckland (Bishop McGuinness), Millesa Calicott (Mount Tabor), Hannah Early (Hopewell), Jordynn Gayman (Sun Valley), Kelley Godbout (Porter Ridge), Ayanna Holmes (Salisbury), Jada Payne (Hickory), Olivia Rankin (Salisbury), Hillary Sigmon (Hickory) and Matrice Sweezy (Shelby).

Hendersonville’s Mike Norman and Shelby’s Cal Pass will coach the girls team from the West.

CLICK HERE to read all and to get a look at the East teams and to find out more about the entire game from Nick Stevens at WRALSportsFan.com and HighSchoolOT…….


  1. Wow…to have the toughest 3-A conference on the girls side w/ Williams, Eastern Guilford, and Northern Guilford…they certainly got the snub by not having Miranda Jenkins (EG) and Samantha Coffer (NG) selected for the East-West All Star Game. Both made all state teams and were overlooked by the selection committee! Just what were these people looking at?????? Both of these young ladies have proven thru four years of high school that they are among the best in the state this year. They blew this one!!!

  2. I like you, was a bit surprised with the omission of Jenkins and Coffer……Are they enrolling in college early? Maybe they will already be in school in July at Stoneybrook and Elon….

  3. Who selects these things because there is no reason that Whitney Knight from RJ Reynolds in Winston should not be on this list. She is a top 25 player in the country who should be making her final decision this week on a major college program. I do not understand these people that pick these things. Politics is alive in everything nowadays I see.

  4. Seems like ever since Whitney decided not to go to Duke , the media soured on her. Yes, Bishop Mcguiness had another championship year and they deserved it, but Mgan Buckland did not have a great year coming off of knee surgery. If she were attending a lower mid major or division2 program would they have still have her rated this high along with other post season activity all star games?

  5. How do you select players for the East West All Star game whom did not make All State amongst the twelve that were selected? Granted, I know that some were not seniors but too me it seems that the ones that did make All State of the twelve should automatically be selected and then fill everyone else in.

  6. What is the criterion when it comes to selecting All Star players?

    Is it their overall production?
    Is it the college or non college that they will be attending?
    Is it whom the media likes or dislikes?

    What if a coach wins a State Championship but do not really have a person that should be on the All Star team, but the coach was selected to coach and decides to pick one of its own? Should another player be snubbed because of it whom was far more productive and deserving?

  7. Its a shame and travesty that Whitney Knight didn’t make the east, west all star game. Its even more disgraceful that her name was left off The AP All State selection by Mason Linker of The WS Journal, Mt Tabor grad and a friend to BMHS.

    Whitney Knight as a rising senior was ranked 19th in country one of 26 girls to be selected for USA FIBA 17U tryout
    Started for BMHS as a freshmen playing pg to help them win 2 state championship were she was the mvp before transfering to RJR HS and there under Monty Gray they were 25 – 4 won The Mary Garber MVP and Boo Williams Christmas Tournament MVP and repeat as The Mary Garber MVP this time on the losing end.

    Started 2yrs for Boo Williams Summer League where she once again demonstrated and reinvented herself as top baller in the country.

    In recent years one of the most recruited kids in the country where you may have saw HC Matt Mitchell of KY, Mike Carey WVU, Kim Mulkey Baylor, Gail GoestenkorsTexas, Mc Callie Duke, Van Chancellor LSU and Nikki Caldwell formerly of UCLA.

    Whitney don’t let this get you down because the folks in East Winston, Winston Lake, Paisley,BMHS and Reynolds knows that you’re Legit!!

  8. If the squads are not picked on actual productivity in conjunction with a few other things (overall career productivity) then writers or whom ever is choosing the squads, it becomes suspect.

  9. In defense of Whitney Knight of Reynolds. I do not believe that all ranking are really the true value of a player. I believe that too often when kids are ranked high,it many times are based on factors that are many times not always the truth. I do not believe that just because a major conference is recruiting a kid it makes that kid far superior in their ability than maybe a kid that did not get the actual deserving publicity based on actual production. Schools tend to always want tall players and when a Ranking service sees a player that is tall, they tend to ranked them immediately especially if they get a whisper of a major school has an interest. That kid may be averaging 5 ppg, 5 rpg etc…

    Have you notice so many transfers are happening these days? Why?

    Primarily too often kids are caught up in the name of the school and too many people are in their ear giving them wrong advice versus a kid going to a school where they actually fit in and have a real chance of making a difference.

    What may have worked against Whitney with the writers is they may have felt that she did not actually take Reynolds to another level and that she averaged about the same 18 ppg as she did the year before even though she was ranked high across the nation on some ranking sevrices. While at Bishop she had the services of Erin Thompson (Virginia) and Megan Buckland (North Carolina) whom respectively won 1A State Championships with or with out her. Granted this should have nothing to do with All Star selections but I would not rule it out. They did not even named her All State. I wonder if she was still on her way to Duke would this conversation even be taking place with everything else being equal?

    Oh and by the way, there are still some players that had a much better year that are not presently on the squad either whom were never ranked based on the scouting services whom actually beat Reynolds.

  10. Don’t know who the committee members are but to play at the Greensboro Coliseum and have snubbed your own SUPER players in this area that are most deserving is a total DISGRACE. No Eastern Guilford, No Dudley…with the only 4A Conference Player of the Year? No North West? This game no longer holds the accomplishment/clout that it once did. Guess Dudley High School’s Dez. Drayton will be watching from the sidelines as 3 members of her college recruiting class plays in her home town. What were you all thinking? So now you really want Greensboro to come out in support….DON’T think so!

    Hold your heads up Guilford County you got haters! Grown people making these decisions should really be ASHAME (W e_ _ _r)! Who paid who?

    Integrity out the window!!! Just Saying!

  11. I agree that this is a total disgrace on behalf of this area to not have any young athletes in this area that are desrving to be in this All Star game. Please post the actual performances of each of the individuals that you selected, so that it can be verified.

  12. If players are not picked based on production, then it becomes politics and that is wrong. Should not matter what school they would be attending. Let that years performance be the top priority in comparison to the competition.

  13. Andy,

    Will you PLEASE let the kind folk of our fair city know who serves (ed) on the 2011 ALL-Star Committee? The selection was made unfairly as a “2-way marketing” plot in attempts to fill the seats. One Carolina recruit (D. Butts) on the East Team and another Carolina recruit on West Team (M. Buckland).

    All about money just to get local CAROLINA fans out. Why use the Greensboro Coliseum at all…. Go to Chapel Hill.

    Ever considered changing the name from All-STAR Team ???????? EAST/WEST SELECTIVE…LIMITED REQUIREMENTS! ACC RECRUITS A PLUS!

  14. I cannot believe that no Guilford County deserving Girls or Boys Baketball players were chosen for this All Star game. That has gotta be a first.

  15. Come on Coach Price, I am a Dudley graduate and I know you know that there are some senior boys and girls in this area that should be on this team that have had a super year and career that definately should be on this team. Step up and let the folks in charge know versus just sitting back. You know they may overlook Reggie Dillard next year?

  16. I just want to drop some knowledge on everyone. Whitney Knight’s HS coach did not submit her name for the East West All-Star game because he was not aware of the process as he was selected just before the season started with the departure of Coach Gray to Kernersville Glenn. Whitney Knight is an All-Star in the state of North Carolina and by far the best player in Forsyth County’s graduating class of 2011 and arguably one of the two best players in the state along with Cierra Burdick. From Moore Elementary School to Paisley Middle School to Bishop McGuiness to RJ Reynolds. From the Winston-Salem Stealers to the legendary Boo Williams. This kid has faced many adversity during her 4 years of high school but has remained focused and on top throughout. From being the star at Bishop her freshman year to being second fiddle her sophomore year she has continued to excel despite those that were against her. It is funny to me how no one points out the fact that UNC signee Meghan Buckland left HP Weslyan to come to Bishop and play with Whitney Knight. Also interesting how Whitney was never elected captain at Bishop but Buckland was elected her first year. Enough of the back and forth let’s just see who has a better collegiete career.

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