Which event would cook your goose?The NFL gone on Sundays or College Football missing on Saturdays?

I have been wanting to hit this topic for a while and here it is……..

Which one would cause you more grief?

The National Football League failing to get their contracts and deals in place for the Fall of 2011 and thus no NFL, no professional football on Sundays; or would it make you madder if College Football, for some reason, was gone from the Saturday schedule in the fall???

No NFL, or No College Football, which one would you miss more/which one would you miss the most and you can’t deal without it?????

I would say College Football…..Saturdays would not be the same in the Fall of the year without College Football……If you really get “Colleged Up” on Saturdays, I think you could find a way to survive without the NFL on Sundays…..

Come noon on Saturdays, it’s College Football time and the radio must be tuned in to some game, and really at 11:30am you need to be around the radio, for the pre-game shows….Some would say, the same applies for the NFL, with 1pm kickoffs on Sunday afternoon and their pre-game shows on TV, at 12 noon or at 12:30pm…..

Which one can you not do without?

My bet is that around here, it would be College Football……..

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