“Homer’s Hugs for Hope”:Maybe Spaz ought to try this one…

The Charlotte Knights’ mascot, Homer the Dragon,(not Homer Simpson), will try and break the World Record for “Most Hugs given in a 24-hour span”, on Thursday….The Charlotte Knights are the Triple A team for the Chicago White Sox and they play their games in Fort Mill, South Carolina, at the Knights Castle….

Homer will be going to schools, parks, train stations, downtown settings and then back to the Knights’ baseball game tomorrow night, hugging everyone is sight, trying to break that record….(Homer will begin his efforts at around 9am on Thursday morning…..)

Maybe after Homer breaks the record, assuming that he does, maybe then Spaz from the Greensboro Grasshoppers, can go after that record and try and break it dressed as Tina Turner…..Spaz does a mean Tina Turner and “Guilford the Grasshopper”(Hoppers’ mascot) should probably not try and go for this record, due to his/her bad back…..

Spaz can really do the Tina Turner routine, does it on top of the third base dugout at the games, around the top of 9th inning and this might be a record for Spaz to attempt……

Spaz starts moving and he just about can’t stop, or even slow down….

We’ll see and until then, CLICK HERE to learn more about Homer and his hugs…..