High School Baseball Tonight for 5/18/11:SEG and NWG both win and will meet at SEG on Friday…..

Here’s what we have found on Northwest Guilford….
Northwest Guilford 5
Providence High 3

Southeast Guilford 2
West Forsyth 0

WP:Craig Jacobelli(7-2)
LP:Ryan Mayhew(7-3)

High Point Christian 4
Charlotte Christian 3

Bishop McGuinness 11
Albemarle 1

Wesleyan 3
Hickory Grove 0

WP:Bennett Hixon…..Wesleyan had Brandon Goodson 2-3 with a HR and Hixon went 2-3 with an RBI….

Charlotte Latin 1
(5 innings)
WP: Key
Griffin 1-3, Deluca 1-2, Carter 3-3 2 2b hr 4 rbi, Dunn 1-3 2b, Key 2-3 2b 5 rbi, Forsyth Country Day School will play HPCA Friday in Cary…….

SEG hitting in the win over West Forsyth….Josh Tobias 1-2 with 1 IBB and reached on Catcher’s Interference…..Blake Butler 1-3…..Justin Reece 1-3 with an RBI…Taylor Callahan 1-3 with 1 run scored….Brent Frazier 1 run scored running for Colby Keene, who drew 2 BB’s…..

SEG pitching……Craig Jacobelli(Complete game) went 7 innings giving up 0 runs on 1 hit and he had 9 K’s, with 2 BB’s….

West Forsyth hitting…..Josh Clark 1-2 with a BB….

West Forsyth pitching…..Ryan Mayhew went the distance for WF, going 6 innings giving up 2 runs, on 4 hits and he had 9 K’s and walked 6 SEG batters……


  1. News & Record missed the big story last night. David vs Golliath!!!

  2. Did that Hacke guy throw for NW? I figured he had to if they only scored 3 runs

  3. Great game last night. Both SEG runs were unearned. Two amazing mistakes by WF on throwing errors. You had to be there to see it and believe it. SEG pitcher threw a great game and kept WF off balance all night. Not sure about 6 bb’s for Mayhew. He was dominant after the 2nd inning. Tobias only walked once which was intentionally. If that was SEG #3 pitcher then they should make a deep run in the playoffs.

  4. Northwest travelled into a battle with Charlotte Providence last night. Prov was 25-2, ranked #1 in the state, #26 in the nation, with 5 D-1 recruits. Both team’s fire ballers were on the mound. Northwest opened the first with a 2-0 lead on a double and two-run homer. In the top of the third, the NW pitcher was knocked out of the game with an inside pitch on the hand. The top of the fourth saw Northwest increase the lead to 3-0 on a sac fly. The NW lead was extended to 5-0 in the top of the fifth with two solo homeruns. Prov had a three run homer in the bottom of the sixth to take the score to 5-3.

    Northwest had 9 or 10 hits to Prov’s 6 or 7. Neither team had any errors. Northwest had 4 or 5 players hit by a pitch.

    At the end of the game, the Northwest fans waited for 10-15 minutes as the NW players were tended to by the trainer. They had been marked up on the outside, but strength comes from within. As the NW players left the field, the NW fans applauded and congratulated the players. The Prov players stood in silence in their dugout and the Prov fans stood in silence in the stands. David had beaten Golliath. Prov was big-very big, but Northwest came to play with both outer strength and most important inner strength.

    All the best to the Northwest team as they move on in their journey in the States. Players names have intentionally been left out of this story because it is about team and we are proud of every member on this team. To one of our pitchers, we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Of course it’s all about the team, but this isn’t middle school baseball. If a kid does well then he should be recognized for it. Im sure in the paper today it gave the names of the kids who hit homeruns and the outstanding pitching that was used. Nothing wrong with.honoring kids when they do something great. Prov has 5 D-1 with one of those being the Austin boy who’s gonna be a 1st round to sandwich round pick in the upcoming draft. Big win for NW. Gonna be another battle tomm night against Shutt im assuming.

  6. This was a game to remember. Both teams played flawless baseball! YEA NW for advancing into the Sweet 16 round!

  7. Big Blue I agree with you that it is fine to recognize players for their contributions to the team. For this game story, however, I wanted to tell everyone that it was very evident that the team won the game. This team had just an outstanding effort last night in a wonderful game we will remember for a long time. Many times these days, the story is caught up in the individual. This game story was about the team. Best regards.

  8. Yea I understand what your saying NW Vikings. Did Haack start pitching and get hit on the hand? and jw if anyone knew how that Austin guy played for Providence? Hes the catcher

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