High School Baseball Bulletin Board(5/19/11):Northwest Guilford win over Providence High, 5-3, last night in Charlotte…..

Here’s the basic Box Score-type info I was able to secure this morning and based on what we have been hearing over the past 12 hours, it was a very successful trip for the Northwest Guilford Vikings last night, as they went on the road to Providence High School, in Charlotte and came back home with the BIG WIN…..NWG at SEG on Friday night…..

Northwest Guilford 5
Providence High 3

WP:Duncan Everett(8-4)
LP:Ty Buttrey(7-3)
HR’s:(NWG) Duncan Everett….Ben Schmucker…Jackson Bellenkes….
Doubles:(NWG) Keaton Haack…..Adam Swim….
NWG leading hitters:Duncan Everett 2-4….Adam Swim 1-3, 1 run, 1 RBI…..


  1. That’s what we got….Keaton got hit on the hand and had to leave the game in the third inning and Duncan Everett came in and took over went the rest of the way and got the win…..They are not sure of Keaton Haack’s availablity for Friday night and if he’s not avail., and Everett has already gone 5 innings just two days earlier, then NWG might be looking to big tall Ben Schmucker to get the call and the ball on Friday night for the Vikings as they travel to SEG….Adam Swim can help out on the hill the Vikings can also look to Plante and even Everett later on in the game possibly…..

    As I told a man this morning, it might be time to bring out Johnny Wholestaff……

    I don’t think it is any secret at all that Southeast will go with Dylan Shutt with Dallas Newton in relief….Who knows maybe SEG will turn it around and go with Newton and then come with Shutt…..SEG can also bring on DJ Flinchum and Austin Bain if necessary and SEG might just have the edge in pitching right now at this stage, but you never know, what NWG did last night was real BIG and it helped both teams…..NWG stays in the hunt after the win at Providence and SEG is able to stay at home and not travel….If PHS would have won, SEG would have had to travel on Friday night…..The Metro Conference is low on the totem pole this year when it comes to both teams having #1 seed status….

    Metro 4-A vs. Piedmont Triad 4-A on Friday night and this one will settle it all, once and for all……..Get their early and park in the lot near the tennis courts….Easier in and out access and no threat of your car getting hit by foul balls…….

    This is the BIG ONE and don’t forget Northeast Guilford will be hosting Cardinal Gibbons tomorrow night at 7pm as well……

  2. Not sure who NWG would catch if Adam Swim were to pitch at any stage of tomorrow night’s game, but SEG now has three catchers on their roster with Colby Keene, Brent Frazier and the freshman just called up from JV’s, Devin Sweet……I’ve seen all three play and solid and I’m not sure which JV’s NWG called up, but I’m sure they brought up at least a couple for the playoffs……SEG also added Cody Ezell to their roster……

  3. One more thought and I’m going to hit the bus……

    Southeast could also go with Josh Tobias for one inning or two on the hill in a pinch if they wanted to bring on a blazer, as in throwing some straight hard heat up there in a hurry….They haven’t gone this route much at all this year, but this is the playoffs and there is no tomorrow after Friday night……

    Later on down the road Ardrey Kell looks to be tough for either NWG or SEG and Kell still has to get in their Round Two game tonight at Glenn and then play the Matthews Butler-North Davidson winner on Friday night…..Butler and North Davidson are playing tonight too in makeup time and they may give these two winners until Saturday to make up the Round Three roundup…..Watch out for TC Roberson down the road as well, but we have to get past Friday night first…..

    Final thought:
    In a perfect world, Keaton Haack would be able to return to the hill for NWG on Friday night, back in tow, after his injury and SEG would bring Dylan Shutt and both pitchers would be bringing the straight heat to the plate and the hitters would have to be ready to swing the bats…..

    As Mr. Jim Rome would say, I’m out and as always Good Luck to all the teams still in there in NEG, SEG and NWG and congrats for getting this far and for giving Guilford County and Greensborosports.com something to talk about this late in the month of May……

    LONG GONE…….

  4. FCDS beat Charlotte Latin 12-1 in 5 innings, WP Key, Griffin 1-3, Deluca 1-2, Carter 3-3 2 2b hr 4 rbi, Dunn 1-3 2b, Key 2-3 2b 5 rbi, they play HPCA friday in Cary

  5. NW should be fine if they go with Swim on the mound Friday night. The Bellenkes kid has caught this year and they have the Henley kid that has caught a lot in the past few years. I have seen both of them catch and either one would be great behind the plate.

  6. Chris Corbett also a good hitter…I saw him hit one out at NWG this year….Senior leader if not mistaken……

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