High School Baseball Bulletin for 5/20/11:Playoff action hits Round Three

Games on board and on the board for tonight:

4-A:Northwest Guilford(19-9) at Southeast Guilford(24-3)……Look for NWG to bring Ben Schmucker and or Adam Swim to the hill and look for SEG to go with Dylan Shutt and or Dallas Newton this evening at SEG….

3-A:Cardinal Gibbons(12-13) at Northeast Guilford(25-1)….Watch for NEG to send Luis Paula to the mound and for the Rams to dig in keep this Ram Run Rolling…..


  1. If Haack can go for NWG I see them winning. I think NWG has more talent 1-9 however they are prone to having a bad game at times. SEG is a little more steady. But when NWG plays up to their full talent level they are pretty good.

    I don’t know who can stop that NEG train. they have a bunch of talent and a coach that knows what to do with it.

    Good luck to the local teams.

  2. If SEG hits the ball like they are capable it will be no contest. They have proved they can play with and beat anyone. You can throw all the stats and records out the window at this point. All the teams still in it have “Talent”, it comes down to who has the biggest heart and desire now. You will see Newton on the mound to start the game. Should be a great game and a packed house. Good luck to both teams.

  3. Gotta go with the better team in this game, SE
    Good luck to all the GC teams, should be fun to watch

  4. Keaton Haack is out with that broken right hand and he is done for the next six weeks…..

    Survey of the batting lineups/orders is interesting with NWG and SEG both very strong at the top….

    SEG with:
    Tobias, if he gets on, things will happen says Falcon coach Dave Beasley…Chances are Tobias won’t see too much to hit…If you walk him, you may as well go ahead and give him second with his speed….
    Butler….Could be the top overall hitter in our area and possibly the state…JT has the speed and Butler can bring him around….
    Barker…Steady hitter who can help produce runs..
    Keene…Good eye at the plate can draw up to 2 BB’s per game if pitcher can not find his spots….
    Reece….Hit a HR last Friday night versus East Forsyth, had one of four Falcon hits and an RBI vs. West Forsyth
    Shutt or Flinchum…Shutt pitching and the Falcons have been DH’ing for Flinchum
    Callahan….Has been DH’ing quite a bit and he really has a nice stroke from the left side of the plate….
    Amick….#44 playing in left field can hit per average with the best of them….
    Newton….Dallas is like having a second lead-off hitter in your batting order in the #9 spot in your lineup….Nearly as fast as Josh Tobias, but not quite as fast and you should watch him headed from home to first, fun to see the footrace vs. the throws coming from the infielders on ground balls on the left side…..

    NWG with:
    Kuxhausen…..Not a big kid, but has a big bat…..Fast and when he gets on, just like Tobias, very good chance that NWG will score….Have put seniors up near the top of the order for listing purposes for NWG…..
    Corbett…Hits the ball very well and can also catch if Swim pitches….
    Schmucker….Could well be your starting pitcher for NWG tonight and he is big, has a good eye at the plate and he doesn’t want to take too many pitches early in the count and get behind in the count…Very smart player….
    Everett….Pitched and got the win vs. Providence and he can also play first base with a very steady glove….Has the baseball savy and baseball smarts and can hit the ball for power….Had HR vs. Providence……Interesting note on Providence, they came into the game back on Wednesday with NWG at (25-2) and the left the field at (25-3)…Same man lost all three of the games for them(PHS) this season….Ty Buttrey(7-3)……Interesting….
    Swim….Very consistant hitter and has moved up some in the lineup throughout the year, but may feel more comfortable hitting lower in the order….Knows how to get the baserunners home and knows how to see all balls around the plate…..(Catcher’s mentallity)
    Bellenkes….HR vs. Providence and he can also catch…..Has shown much imrovement throughout the year and as the older players on the team progressed, he was one of the younger players that kept on getting better….
    Plante….Can play SS, third and pitch and is not a power hitter but gives you a good mind at the plate, knows the game, respects the game and knows his role with this team….
    Dilla…..Victor is usually at 2nd base and around the #8 spot in the batting order…..Can give the team a boost if he gets on and has come up with some nice hard-hit line drives this season…..
    With Haack out of the lineup not sure who goes for him up there around #4…..(Big loss, but fortunately for him and NWG, only a junior and will return next season….) Wish Haack the best on his mend, good kid and took a tough break….

    Maybe Sanders Kuxhausen will pitch some tonight for NWG and since he is a very talented SS, he would have the arm for the job…..Same on Josh Tobias, he might pitch under the Johnny Wholestaff approach/theory if the SEG Falcons need him…Tobias went to the hill in the early rounds last year, as SEG topped Southwest….SEG wants to stay with brought/got them here and that is why the Falcons will look to Dylan Shutt and then later on to Dallas Newton tonight…..Same set-up for SEG last Friday night in the win over East Forsyth……

    Who knows, this all just talk and speculation, but that is all everybody has to do, until game time at 7pm……

  5. We are going to play our hearts out tonight. Look for a solid game from both teams. I would love to see us break this one wide open but I think it will be more like SEG 6 NWG 4. Barker and Reece will have home runs tonight.

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