All these Guilford County Kids headed to Carolina

The list just keeps on getting longer…..The number of Guilford County Kids that have committed to Carolina is eye-opening…..

These kids from Guilford County are headed to the University of North Carolina to play college baseball…….

Luis Paula-SR.(Northeast Guilford High School)…..Pitcher/SS
George Carter-SR.(Forsyth Country Day School)…..Pitcher/1B
Dallas Newton-JR.(Southeast Guilford High School)…..Pitcher/CF
Matt Orth-SOPH.(Southwest Guilford High School)….Pitcher


  1. I hope that wasn’t a serious comment about George not going to college??? Don’t get me wrong the kid is good, but to be a top 3 round pitcher out of high school you have to be absolutely lights out all the time. Also, why would he not want to go to UNC. Have you seen in the past 8 years what they have done to high draft picks. Matt Harvey, Alex White, Bard and Miller. Why not go to college and learn from the best and then make your stay in the minors very short. College is where he will end up.

  2. Big Blue, I couldn’t agree more! There are SOOOOO many overrated high school baseball players in this area it is comical. For example, wasn’t there one kid that went to like 4-5 different high schools in a 4 year time frame? If thats not smoke and mirrors, I don’t know what is. And don’t get me started on the projected 1st or 2nd round pick that goes to one of the Guilford County public high schools. There is a reason he went from projected @ #23 of the first round, then he was at 27, now he is at 47. Its because the tools these kids have are a dime a dozen and local people don’t know what they are talking about when they overhype these kids and set them up for failure. A 1st round talent is an arm that pitches at 95 and can top out at 97. Not a guy who pitches @ maybe 88. Furthermore, a kid who has minimal arm strength with no position is not a guy that an MLB organization is going to take a chance on with a high pick. C’mon fellas!

  3. Stay tuned …. sources say differently … but I personally would like to see him in some carolina blue next spring.

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