High School Baseball Tonight – 5-24-11:SEG Falcons advance/NEG Rams on hold

Asheboro 3
NE Guilford 2
(bottom of 4th Inning)
Hopefully they will resume the NEG-Asheboro game on Wednesday at NEG and we’ll be there……

TC Roberson 8
Porter Ridge 1

*****Southeast Guilford(26-3) vs. TC Roberson(24-4) in the best-of-three series beginning on Thursday at TC Roberson near Asheville…….******

SE Guilford 2
Ardrey Kell 1


WP: Dallas Newton
Save: Dylan Shutt
LP: Trent Thornton

Newton went 6 and 2/3’s innnigs and gave up 1 run on 3 hits with 8 K’s and 5 BB’s…..Very solid outing following up his performance vs. NWG last Friday night…..SEG made the call to the bullpen in the 6th inning with 2 gone and 2 men on for Ardrey Kell and Coach Beasley brought on Dylan Shutt and Shutt shut down the Ardrey Kell Knights the rest of the way with a strike out to close out the 6th and then he got Kell 1-2-3 in the top of the 7th….Good work by the Falcons and a very solid one-two approach with Newton and Shutt…..Now the ball wiil go to Craig Jacobelli on Thurday night in Asheville when SEG meets TC Roberson, an 8-1 winner over Porter Ridge tonight…..

SEG hitting:
Josh Tobias 1-2 with 1 run, an SB and IBB….
Dillon Barker 1-3
Justin Reece reached base on E-6 and scored 1 run…
Taylor Callahan 1-2 with a BB and one RBI….
Craig Jacobelli 1-3…..
(SEG left 3 men on in the bottom of the second inning…..)

Kell hitting:
Logan Ratledge BB, SB, HBP and 1 run scored…..
Trent Thornton 1-3 with a BB….
Preston Tiller 1-2 with a Sac Bunt….


  1. Newton only gave up 1 run(not earned). Kudos to Shutt for closing very well! Way to go Falcons!

  2. Yeah and I had to rearrange a few other numbers too and I think that is the difference in going with a word account instead of straight numbers…..The overnights are in and we’ll see more news in the morning, I’m sure……

  3. So Newton threw 5 and 2/3 innings without giving up an earned run? thats pretty impressive after throwing friday night. Going to be a battle against TC Roberson

  4. Outstanding pitching and defensive plays by both sides. This had to be one of the best high school games in NC this year. Seems like every inning both sides were threatening to score. Our hitting has cooled a little but our pitching and defense have been awesome! Dallas and ole shut em down Shutt did a number on them last night. I couldn’t sit down and only took time for one hamburger last night.

    TC Roberson vs SEG should be another WAR. I’m sure Las Vegas Mikey wishes us good luck in this series. 🙂

  5. I assumed Kell had some good coaching considering they had seven of them and they have had so much success down there the last 4-5 years, but when Beasley called almost every pitch, stealing the signs from the catcher and yelling out the batters number for off speed pitches and Kell had no clue what he was doing. And then when Southeast was on defense Tobias would move four or five steps to his right for off speed pitches and four or five steps to his left for fastballs and no one picked up on it. In a one run game that would have meant everything if one of those seven coaches had a clue

  6. Well thats little league that Beasley is stealing signs from 3rd base. If SEG was so confident that they were going to win a State Champ then he wouldnt have to cheat and be bush league. If I was coaching or even pitching and I saw a player moving back and forth based on what was coming they would be hitting the dirt for sure. Especially if hes a so called ” 1st rounder” which is an absolute joke. Play the game the right way SEG!!!! TC Roberson in a SWEEP

  7. SEFAN is correct, a well-played game……When Kell pitcher Trent Thornton went down for a second, at second, with injury as he was advancing to second, he got up and went right back to mound later and continued pitching strong and he kept his team in the game…..Newton was very strong, but he had to throw about twice as many pitches last night, 85 vs. 47, as he did versus Northwest Guilford back on Friday and the Falcons stepped up their game to support him on defense…..

    We one of the best catches you’ll ever see by DJ Flinchum in right field, I think it was and then there was a Falcon catch by maybe Newton who had come on to play late in the game in centerfield…..The left fielder for Kell, made a great catch to rob SEG of a hit and you have to give a lot of credit to the senior Dylan Shutt who inherited two base runners with two outs in the sixth and did a fine job in relief and support of Newton and his start……

    Good job all the way around, nothing fancy and still is just high school ball and that is the beauty of it…..All of these players are still just kids that sit around in back of pickup trucks and talk amongst their friends before they head off to the Waffle House or McDonalds for their meal after they wind down…..They are becoming young men, but they are still just kids…..

    This should not be complicated, it is still baseball and game that should be enjoyed by both sides and a credit to the fans that showed up from the other Metro 4-A schools in our conference…..Western Guilford was there with Mr. Foster, Dudley with Mr. Allen, Coach Deon Clark from Dudley was there to support the Falcons and to check out he Reece’s pieces under the press tent, Mr. Sparks and Duncan were there from the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference……Loads of fans from all over came out last night and ought to be fun at this time of the year and it was…..

  8. Coach Beasley is a church-going man and knowing his family background, I don’t think he would steal anything….He was so nervous last night he could barely focus on the game….Good thing he has Charlie III and Charlie IV from the Gamble household with him….All coaches put way too much pressure on themselves and Coach Beasley is no different…..SEG has good men in place and they are doing a very good job….

    Some of you guys bringing in the anti-SEG comments sound like a bunch of sore losers……Let it go, SEG is still in and you guys have to move on and try again next time….I have read info from doctors that tell us it is best to put the losses behind you and look at other outlets that can help you relax…….In my research I have found that you can still feel good about yourself, without trying to displace your ill feelings on to others…..

    Keep it rolling SEG Falcons and thanks for the good work turned in by Coach Beasley and his staff……I know I speak for many people in the SEG Falcon baseball community…..Coach Beasley has been with many of these kids since back when they were in the 7th grade and Josh Tobias is one of those and Shutt falls into that group too…..

    Falcons on to Asheville and stick together and fly high…….

  9. If you notice no one on the board from SEHS has been rubbing it in opponent’s face but many of you guys want to rub it in our face because our team has had success. Yeah Coach has been rubbing chicken bones together and creating voodoo dolls and this is the only way we have squeaked by. Whatever people…what….ever. Be proud of your team but as Andy says you really don’t need to tear someone else down to build yourself up.

    Come on out Friday night to SEHS, buy a ticket, buy a hamburger or three and just watch some great baseball! Next year your team may be playing in the finals.

  10. Clarifications:

    Kid hurt at second base on steal was Jacob Gavin, backup outfielder and courtesy runner for Thornton.
    Catch in outfield by AK was by center fielder Chris McCue.
    Catch in RF by SEG was great, but largely due to good coaching to move backside outfielders in on that situation.
    Tremendous pressure by Tobias was big factor. IW issued to Tobias to load bases only to see next hitter K. That is a hero/goat call by coach.
    Was told by some fans who got there early that the SEG guys greeted the Kell team with some nice gestures and full moons. Nice.
    Biggest “Bad” of the night was SEG running out of HB’s and Dogs way too early.
    Tough for either team to lose last night. Too bad errors played that big a factor.
    Take them away and we are 0-0 with free baseball – but mother nature didn’t want that.
    Funniest thing of the night – saw an AK fan get “pooped” on by a fly-by bird — falcon maybe?

  11. James, was wondering when you were going to ‘show’. Glad you came back with the tone that such a great game deserved, instead of the 12-0 prediction from yesterday…hahaha. Agree and thanks on the clarifications…especially on McCue’s catch in CF of AK…wow!

    Was standing down the 3rd base line, and I am telling you they had Shutt practically walking in from the bullpen after the 2nd batter. The fact that Newton righted himself, got out of the inning, and made it into the 6th pitching the game he did was absolutely incredible. He was a man…and Thornton for AK was almost his match. Great plays all the way around, by both teams made for an awesome game to watch…doesnt get much better than that.

    Sefan, dont think the lack of smack talking after last Friday night didnt go unnoticed. That is what we would expect from fellow Guilford County schools…play hard…respect each other…and pull for one another. There were some NW players in attendance last night, along with parents from Page, Ragsdale, NW, Western, and other schools…coming to pull for SE. So please dont group us together as rubbing anything in your face…it appears to be just one who was responding to some nonsense about the Kell coaches.

    Good luck Friday…we will be pulling hard again. One request…more dogs on the grill…

  12. Sefan,
    I like TC in game 1
    will take SE in game 2
    gotta go with the home team in game 3
    good luck to those kids, hope they can prove me wrong.

    Vegas Mike-out

  13. Never understood why everyone gets all bent out of shape if someone is stealing signs…if you don’t want signs stolen, then disguise them better. It’s a pretty simple concept. Sign stealing is a part of the game…all the way up to the big leagues. There is nothing wrong with gaining an advantage due to the other team’s ineptitude.

  14. Don’t understand the big deal about stealing signs. It is done all the time at every level. Hey if you catch’em and don’t like it you can always go to old ear hole route!

  15. Here’s hoping that Vegas Mike stays in the same pattern as this week so far. 0 for 2 on game picking.

    I also agree that if you can steal a sign then steal it. There is no rule against that and it is not uncommon at any level. How is that any different than scouting a team to see who hits the ball where and if the team hits curveballs better than fastballs or if a batter has trouble with a high inside pitch? I’m not sure it is a huge advantage for all the kids anyways since I think some have trouble processing and adjusting in time. Even if you know what pitch is coming location is still a big issue to overcome in being able to hit a baseball. It’s the playoffs baby any advantage may help.

  16. Wrong again sefan. Kids at this age do not locate their off speed pitches they just throw them. And yes its not a rule but its lame. And you are all wrong. They do not steal and relay signs in the MLB because they know if they do then they will have a concussion from being buzzed in the ear. Its a simple fact that if you wanna cheat then you deal with the repercussions. TC Roberson in a easy sweep since Newton probably isnt available till game 3.

  17. So what your saying big blue is if the opposing team displays signals for all to see the opponnent should just ignore them in the spirit of good sportsmanship? Any coach of any sport at any level should and will always try to find ways to get the upper hand. It is called competition. Don’t know about you but when I played or coached games I tried to win within the rules.

  18. I would have to agree with big blue. If you think your team is good then u shouldnt have to steal signs. And im sure it wasnt too obvious. I guarantee you that someone who had played Audrey Kell this year tipped SEG off about it and they exploited it. All big blue was saying that if it was his team or he was pitching and he saw Josh Tobias moving back and forth then he would have drilled him. If i was a scout and saw that I would not look at him the same. They dont want people that have to cheat to be good. Bottom line.

  19. In the bigs I don’t think they are shy at anytime about buzzing one by your ear hole for about any reason. I think those guys are a little more careful about changing signs with some regularity. Watch what happens when a base runner gets on second. In fact just turn on the TV once in a while and watch a big league game. See if there is some concern about the other team stealing signs. I’m pretty darn sure…it happens.

    We will see if TC Roberson sweeps. Not sure why you are so hung up on that except you hate SEG but that’s your problem not mine.

    Dallas is a very good pitcher but we have two more very good pitchers in Shutt and Jacobelli. All have been key to us getting to where we are. We also have JT and DJ in the wings if needed. You don’t get this far through the season and win as many games as we have won without a full pitching staff.

    But again you and the rest of the “interesting folks” on this board are like me entitled to your opinion.

  20. pc you are right. That was a big oversite on my part. Austin is very solid. I keep thinking I was leaving someone out but my brain was not working well this morning.

  21. The thing that gets me about this whole deal, is that a man was telling me yesterday, that a father in one county over, was stealing the signs and then giving them to his son in verbal code, every time his kid came up to the plate and it was on the high school level…….”Here comes one you ought to hit boy”; being the code for the curve ball……Just play the game and work hard and all else will take care of itself……

  22. Like I said, if you don’t want your signs stolen, then disguise them better. If you don’t think they steal signs at higher levels (college, pro), then you obviously never played the game. Relaying signs can and is supposed to be subtle…that is if you don’t want to wear a pitch in the ribs. It is a chance you take. It is part of the game. It is NOT cheating.

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