High School Baseball Playoffs Tonight: 5/26/11 with NEG Rams over Warriors in Game One and SEG headed back to TC Roberson on Friday

We will be updating through out the night.

NE Guilford 8
East Wayne 3

WP: Caleb McCann
LP: Nolan James
NEG is now (28-1)

3-A West:
South Point 4
Marvin Ridge 3

Still in progress…..West Brunswick 7, Randleman 5 in the bottom of the 5th at Randleman…..Now FINAL:
Randleman Tigers 12
West Brunswick 10

After 2 Innings: Lightning Delay at Bot of 3rd……Game suspended and Southeast Guilford will return to TC Roberson and complete Game One on Friday night and then TC Roberson will come to SEG on Saturday night at 7pm and then SEG will have to go back to TC Roberson on Sunday or Monday if necessary……
TC Robeson 3
SE Guilford 1

NEG numbers tonight with hitting:
Johnny Brown Jr. 2-2 with 2 runs scored and 3 RBI’s on a three-run HR over the scoredboard in left field….Also one IBB…
Jaylin Davis 3-4 with a Double and 2 runs scored…..
Luis Paula 2-4 with a Double, 1 run scored and 2 RBI’s….
Caleb McCann 1-3 with a Double and 1 RBI…
Josiel Colon 1-3 with a Double and 1 run scored
Harrison Phillips 1-3 with an RBI….
Matt Millaway 1-3…..
Jacob McCann a BB and 1 run scored by Cole Wyrick…..
Jordan Brown a BB and 1 run scored……

NEG pitching tonight with a complete game from Caleb McCann…In 7 innings Caleb gave up three runs on 5 hits with 6 BB’s, 6 K’s, 1 HBP, 2 HR’s and that’s the line on his win……

Eastern Wayne hitting:
Greg Simms 1-4 with a HR….
Nolan James 1-4…
Ryan Faucette 1-3 with 1 run scored…
Wesley Stewart 1-2 with a HR….
Logan Hicks 1-1 with a single, a BB and a HBP….


  1. OK, this is insane. SEG should PROTEST this scheduling. Flat WRONG. Does this make anyone mad? NCHSAA must change the way they handle the post season. Why not play first game at lower seed, the game 2 at higher seed with third game if necessary.

  2. They should play Game Two at Southeast tomorrow night(Friday) and then go back to Asheville and finish Game One on Saturday and if Game Three is necessary then play it up there on Saturday night……..

    It must be that TC Roberson wants to keep the momentum of Game One in their corner and try and get the Game One win and lock it down from there…..NCHSAA has the grip on this one, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense……

  3. Andy, I agree entirely with you that they should have play Game 2 on Friday as scheduled at SE Guilford and then complete Game 1 on Saturday.. It does seem to give unfair advantage to TCR if the SEG team had to travel back to Greensboro (approx 4 one way by activity bus – max speed of 55 mph) and getting back around 1 am Friday and then having to leave again by noon to drive another 4 hours. And just so everyone knows this is not sour grapes on my part, I do not have a dog in this fight – my team is South Point which is playing in the 3A West regional.

  4. The higher seed gets the reward. Sorry about it SEG. Deal with it and move on.

  5. Not taking into consideration all of the back and forth it is probably good that we get a chance to regroup and start this one on a new day. Pretty rocky start so far but certainly not out of hand.

  6. Several of the Falcons seemed to have a case of the jitters. Jacabelli really had a hard time locating his pitches and Newton just caught looking down and got in a pickle. The weather does not look too favorable today either. I wonder what kind of decision will be made if it rains out today. I really hate that it got rained out last night but it may just work in our favor. From what I saw last night we will be just fine.

  7. Crybabies,

    I don’t think anyone from SE posted a complaint. It’s been outsiders. We are good with it! Good luck guys!

  8. Excuse me,

    Well here latrely all it seems like is theres something SEG fans or people rooting for them have something to complain about. Cant wait to hear all of the excuses when they get swept right out of the playoffs. Im sure it will be something!!

  9. Here is the kicker…..SEG sits at (26-3) and TC Roberson is (24-4)…..SEG has the better overall record and both are #1 seeds coming in, but the NCHSAA rotates the end result seeding priorities and this year in the West 4-A Bracket it stacks up like this:

    Seeding Priority: Northwestern,
    Mountain Athletic, Southern
    Carolina, I-Meck, Mega-7,
    Southwestern, Central Piedmont,
    Piedmont-Triad, Metro

    The way things are set up this year, with both teams being #1 Seeds, TC Roberson has the home field advantage with their conference the Mountain Athletic having #2 priority and SEG’s conference the Metro has dead last seeding priority…..

    Southeast will just have to deal with it and they will to the best of their ability…..NEG was down 3-2 to Asheboro the other night and the NEG Rams came back to win after a day delay, so SEG could do it too…..NEG was doing it at home, but they got down, went back in front, saw Asheboro tie it up and almost take the lead, and then Northeast won it in extra innings…..

    It may be that TC wins today, SEG takes the win at home on Saturday, and then the Falcons go back up to TC Roberson for the deciding game……You never know, and that is why they play the games…..Great for Guilford County to still have two teams right there in the hunt, this late in the season and best of luck to both SEG and NEG tonight……

    Makes for an interesting close to the season and sure has made the month of May fly by on us……

    Pitching will still be the key the rest of the way, for both of our teams…..

  10. YEs every year it rotates conferences to determine who has the overall #1 seed. Just so happens the year SEG makes it here the other conference has priority. Oh well SEG can still win it very easily.

  11. Baseball playoffs are all about being lucky and conforming to the circumstances that you have to overcome. I remember a team back in the mid nineties that had to win 3 games in one day to win the state title (Regional final in the am, then Game 1 and 2 of best of 3 series that afternoon and night. It was 96 the one year the NCHSAA tinkered with the format and had a final four format before going to the regional series set up we have now.

  12. @ Crybabies

    I would personally like to appoligize for every bad thing that I have caused:

    – Looking at other players signs
    – Shifting positions in the infield
    – Getting this far in the playoffs
    – Having a large crowd at the game and running out of hotdogs and hamburgers
    – Mooning the opposing team (when we were most likely only changing into uniforms in the dugout)
    – NCHSAA seeding and scheduling
    – Lightning, rain and knats in Asheville
    – And lastly the bird that crapped on that lady from AK
    – Oh and maybe I should throw in the Greensboro Bear

    I feel personally responsible for all this and will to the best of my ability not let any of these things happen again. There…no more whining.

  13. SEFAN,

    apology accepted — you should be ashamed of yourself! I expect better behavior out of you! If you mess around and don’t throw strikes tonight you are in big, big trouble.

    I can’t believe you didn’t throw down a gold card and get those sweet boys a hotel in Asheville last night – what kind of parent are you?

    Clearly people are still mad at you for running DELL out of town!

    Tell your road construction crew they can stay home after this weekend because the next series will be in Raleigh and they won’t have to be there to upset opponents coming into SEG.

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