High School Baseball Bulletin Board with SEG back to the mountains and NEG headed toward Goldsboro

Southeast Guilford(26-3) will head back to Asheville today, to complete Game One of the Best-of-Three series, with TC Roberson(24-4) and last night they were talking about the game suspension on the Asheville Citizen-Times sports blog and it is interesting to get the reporters take on what would happen, in regards to the resumption of Thursday night’s game……

8:23: Looks like the game will be suspended. The plan is to finish this game(Thursday’s) Saturday and start Game 2 (as scheduled) at Southeast Guilford on Friday.

8:55: Game will resume where it left off tomorrow(Friday) at 7 (also at Roberson). Game 2 will now be Saturday night in Greensboro and Game 3 (if necessary) will be held Monday at Roberson.

Funny how things sort of got changed around……

CLICK HERE to read all from the Asheville Citizen-Times sports blog with game breakdown from Thursday night….

SEG started Craig Jacobelli last night and called on DJ Flinchum from the bullpen and the Falcons may come right back with Flinchum tonight, or look to Dylan Shutt….Dallas Newton will be the man on the mound at SEG, on Saturday night…(SEG has a ton of travel ball players on their team, including Josh Tobias, so the Falcons ought to be able to handle all the miles…..)

Also tonight we have the Northeast Guiford Rams(28-1) at the Eastern Wayne Warriors(20-8) in Wayne County, down near Goldsboro……Senior Harrison Phillips will be ready to go for NEG on the hill this evening and you could see Matt Millaway in relief, or even Josiel Colon, or possibly Luis Paula, if Northeast wants to go ahead and shut this one down tonight……Phillips to start, and Millaway was warming in the bullpen last night, getting ready to come in for Caleb McCann if necessary, but Caleb finished it out, and went the full seven for the Rams…..Again, Phillips, then maybe Millaway, then could be Colon and even Paula if they need him…..Otherwise, Paula, the UNC-signee would be ready to start on Saturday night, back at Northeast, if there is a need for a Game Three….

Hopefully, NEG will close it out tonight at Eastern Wayne and the Rams can start focusing on either South Point or Marvin Ridge and the Final Round next week….South Point over Marvin Ridge last night…..

Again, Kudos to Caleb on his fine pitching effort last night and Kudos to the kiling Johnny Brown Jr. put on that HR ball, he out to left-center field, as JB Jr. really put a hurting on that ball with his three-run shot, that pretty much put the game out of reach for Eastern Wayne…..

Anybody know what route the travelers are taking tonight, as they head from Greensboro to Goldsboro(Eastern Wayne)??? Say, maybe 85-40 to Raleigh and then 1-540 around the beltline and then on down toward Kinston? Aren’t Goldsboro and Kinston closely connected or nearby each other??? Just curious…..Northeast has a busload of fans and students headed that way and they were selling the seats for the bus trip at last night’s game, with a seat on the bus and your ticket to the baseball game for just $20.00……..Not a bad deal……

CLICK HERE Northeast Guilford fans for the game link to last night’s 4-3 win by South Point over Marvin Ridge from the Gaston Gazette….


  1. I think Goldsboro is near the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro. That is where my last flight took off from and I jumped from a plane into a field near Eastern Wayne High School. Eastern Wayne is John Wayne territory and it is a real True Grit community. Jeff Bridges could excel in this county. Baseball is OK, but fistfights are way off the charts!

  2. Kinston is about 30 miles down Hwy 70 from Goldsboro. Good BBQ, Eastern style, at Wilburs and McCalls.

    E. Wayne will prolly throw their stud Zach Mozingo tonight even though he pitched on Tuesday night.

    Should be a good one if Mozingo pitches.

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