High School Baseball Tonight for 5/30/11:Southeast Guilford vs. TC Roberson….Rams claim the win in Asheville[Game Blog]

TC Roberson has been declared the winner after a protest from Southeast Guilford……

TC Roberson Rams 7
Southeast Guilford Falcons 3

WP:Carson Bryant
LP:Dylan Shutt
Just got word from Brian Hall from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports, that the 7-3 score will stand and we will go with that…Brian Hall is on top of it all and the word from Asheville says, nobody saw any runners/TC Roberson runners, pass other runners and there was a time of review, but all will stand and the Home Run will stand/count as is….
*****Protest which led to the review came when the second runner on base, when the bases-clearing Home Run was hit, he ran across the infield, passed another runner, and picked up the man that hit the Home Run and put him on his back and carried him across the infield…..Neither man touched home and therefore they did not score and the man that picked up the kid who hit the Home Run would be ruled out and the Rule would also go on to say that man that hit the Home Run should also be out, he never touched home and was carried across the field by a teammate on what would be a LIVE PLAY….The protest was that the kid that hit the Home Run should also be ruled OUT and that would have been OUT #3 and the four runs would be null and void…..

There are a lot of gray areas here and I hope I have done a half way decent job of explaining this, and I’m not here to try and spoil TC Roberson’s post-game party, but a good way to close this out for now is to say that, “TC Roberson started their Post-Game Party on the field, before the game was over” and that is where we have the controversy…..*****

Official score will show the final was 7-3 TC Roberson and they were the official book…..But the word we got was that the kid that hit the homer never touched home and the second runner that picked up the man that hit the homer, and in the process passed another runner, he never touched home either and how can you count those runs when they didn’t touch the plate?????***** The game was in Asheville and they have the official book and that book makes the final call……

Winner, now TC Roberson gets Holly Springs for the State 4-A Title……

This may go down as one of the wildest endings in the history of NCHSAA Athletics…….



Update from TC ROBERSON….The HR call is being contested and this game may not be over yet…..Stay tuned they are sorting things out in Asheville, we REPEAT, this game may not be over yet…..The may not count the Home Run by TC Roberson…..And if that is the case, this game would continue……

Game Alert with Final Score:ON HOLD
TC Roberson 7
Southeast Guilford 3

*****Walk-off Home Run by the TC Roberson Rams, in the bottom of the 7th inning, to win the game…..
SEG(27-5)/TC Roberson(26-5)

Game Alert/Update:
Bottom of 7th Inning in Asheville;
Southeast Guilford 3
TC Roberson 3

*****Roberson Rams have one man on, at first base and nobody out…..*****(All info coming in now by text.)

Top of 6th Inning KEY GAME ALERT:
Southeast Guilford 3
TC Roberson 3

*****SEG Falcon Two-run Home Run by Taylor Callahan has just tied the game up at 3-3…..SEG still batting in the Top of the 7th…..*****

End of 6 Innings:
TC Roberson 3
Southeast Guilford 1

*****Headed to the Top of the 7th Inning and last chance for SEG……*****

Game Alert…..
End of 5 and 1/2 Innings/Bottom of 6th:
TC Roberson 2
Southeast Guilford 1

*****SEG Home Run by Dallas Newton…..SEG is in the game…..Solo HR by Newton came with 0 outs and the bases were empty…*****

Game Alert…..
End of 4 1/2 innings/Bottom of the 5th:
TC Roberson 2
Southeast Guilford 0

*****Colby Keene had a lead-off Double for SEG in the Top of the fifth inning, but was stranded at second base as the Top of 5 came to a close….(Carson Bryant now pitching for TC Roberson.)*****

Text messages coming on the game score and time of game and other details coming from Asheville Citizen-Times….

Game Update:
End of 4 Innings:
TC Roberson 2
Southeast Guilford 0

*****Bases loaded situation produces 2 Ram runs and TC Roberson leads SEG, 2-0, at the end of 4 innings….*****

Game Alert:
Bases loaded and No Outs for TC Roberson in the bottom of the 4th inning……

Bottom of the 4th:
Southeast Guilford 0
TC Roberson 0

*****Dylan Shutt has a two-hitter going for SEG and Parker Johnson is working on a one-hitter for TC Roberson….Lead-off single by Roberson Rams to start the 4th and Alex Ledford is due up next….*****

End of 3 Innings:
Southeast Guilford 0
TC Roberson 0

*****SEG Falcons headed to the plate in the Top of the 4th inning….Josh Tobias had a deep hit fly ball, that nearly got out of the park in the Top of 3rd, but Alex Ledford went up and caught the ball to rob Josh and SEG of a home run and the lead in the game….Excellent catch by Ledford(UNCG in 2011/2012…..Courtesy of Andrew Pearson, Asheville Citizen-Times….)*****

Very tight ball game…..Score sits at 0-0 in the bottom of the 3rd inning with TC Roberson at the plate….

After Two innings:
TC Roberson 0

After two innings, the scoreless game continues….SEG and TC Roberson, 0-0, after two complete innings at Skyland/Asheville….(According to the Asheville Citizen-Times, Carson Bryant will be the first pitcher out of the bullpen tonight for the TC Roberson Rams….)

Shutt very sharpe in the bottom of the first and he takes down the TC Roberson Rams in order, 1-2-3…..Top of the Second Inning with Southeast Guilford heading back to the plate……Should be the middle to the bottoom of the order due up for SEG, with Jacobelli, Callahan, Amick and then Newton due up…..0-0 ballgame in the Top of the Second with the Falcons at the plate….

Tobias got the lead-off single, but was left stranded on base, in the Top of the First inning…..After a half-inning, 0-0, with TC Roberson coming to the plate, to face SEG’s Dylan Shutt…..

Starting pitcher for Asheville is Saturday night’s catcher, Parker Johnson…..Johnson finished up Game One back on Friday…..Josh Tobias got a lead-off single for SEG….As we mentioned earlier today, Dylan Shutt(9-0), a senior righthander will be on the hill for SEG Falcons…..


  1. One of the Wildest games that I have ever been a part of and to think we doing a LIVE BLOG of the game here on the internet and our server almost jammed a few times with the amount of traffic we have been receiving on people that have been following the game here at the site….

    We hit right at 800 followers during the course of the night and I’m sure we will have more readers checking out this Blog after the game….

    I would like to hear from some of the fans from both sides that were at the game and here what the fans are saying, now that this is OVER…….

  2. I say PROTEST and keep PROTESTING! What a joke from the officials! JUST SAYING! Not complaining; but let’s look at tape! I know someone filmed it!

  3. Southeast Guilford got the SHAFT! I say we also protest. There is no way we can let this die. All Falcons must stand up for the kids, they deserve a better finish than this. This a RIP-OFF!

  4. Regardless of the controversy tonight; I am very proud of the SEGHS FALCONS! Way to play this season! Hold your heads high! Love you all! FALCON PRIDE!

  5. First of all you take nothing away from the kid who hit the walk off home run.

    The NCHSAA should be ashamed of that officiating crew. That is the best they can provide for a state semi final? You have a home plate ump whose strike zone was all over the place. He was the most inconsistent ump I have seen all year. At least be consistently bad and call the same pitch a strike the entire game. It was on both sides so not much griping can be made there.

    Then you have the 1st base ump. The guy is making the call before the ball or runner are even to the bag on pickoffs and ground outs. He is making up his mind about the play before the play actually happens. Unfortunately the one big call was the TC runner called safe at first when he is out by 1/2 step. He then comes around to score the 2nd run.

    Finally you have the mess at the end of the game. There is absolutely no way the crew did not see what happened on the bases. The runner from first comes back and picks up the hitter and carries him across the infield. Players are running off the bench on to the field. The coaches finally get their attention and he puts the kid down. They then go back from the grass on to the base path and continue around the bases. Again…the kid hits the homer to win it but rules are rules. That runner from first under the rules should have been called out. That was the 3rd out of the inning. The game should have continued in to the 8th.

  6. I agree with Mark!!!

    What about the Josh Tobias hit by a pitch? Let’s be for real! I’ve seen a lot of baseball and this whole series takes the cake! That call spoke volumes!!

    This whole fiasco with TC Roberson brings new light to their undefeated home record! It is ashame that the Falcons had to play against TC Roberson AND the umpires. I say those guys stick to their day job!!

    I think the coaches should complain to the NCHSAA about this whole deal. If there aren’t better officials available for such important games, they should start over and train some new ones. Also, this series should be played at a neutral sight and the only voice we have is the coaches. “Tell it” Beasley!!

  7. The kid hit a hr and deservded to win…if he touched all the bases. When he passed the other runner he was a force out. If there had been less than 2 outs then 3 runners score and the batter doesnt because he is a force out. With two outs though the runs should not score because he is a force out and the third out.

  8. I read on another message board that the ruling in the book is once the ball is outside the park, it is considered a dead ball. Once the hitter touches first base and the scoring runner on third reaches home plate, the game is over and what the other runners do does not matter. If the 3rd base runner did touch home, but the others base runners did not, the question is whether the fnal score should be 4-3 instead of 7-3. In the end, it doesn’t matter.

    @ Mom – the NCHSAA guidelines provide for a 5-member protest committee to be established prior to play by the competing schools. Their responsibility is to address any protests that arise during a game. Their decision is considered final.

  9. Sasha,
    Your are exactly right with your statement. When a homerun is hit it is considered a dead ball once over the fence. All the runner has to do is touch first base and once the runner on 3rd touches home plate then the game is over right at that moment. With reading what happened the final score should be 4-3 TC Roberson. SOunds like it was good game and one you didnt want to miss.

  10. The Arguement,
    That is an incorrect statement. It cannot be ruled as a force out once the hitter has reached 1st base. As soon as he hits 1st base and the guy on 3rd crosses home plate it doesnt matter what else happens. The whole crowd could jump the fence and come on the field and nothing would happen. The final would just be 4-3 like it should be in this game.

  11. It is a done deal and again it is all my fault. Congrats to TCR! Outstanding run at it by SEHS. We certainly were not swept like several here predicted. They knew they were in a WAR.

  12. To clarify your statement, each base runner had to touch the next base, if any one of them did not touch the next base, then they could have been ruled out by a forceout and no runs would score, it is not just the batter and the runner on third. There was a force out atg every bag. So someone that was there tell me this did batter and all three runners touch the next base before anyone passed anyone, if so game over, if not even though you deserved to lose, seg has a legit protest. The details are not being described correctly on here best I can tell

  13. So proud of the Southeast Falcons!!! They are a class act!!! It has been a great year and nobody can take that away from those guys!! Thanks to the coaches for the time and heart they put into the kids. They can all hold their heads high!!

  14. Reminds me of the bleacher fans from Major League……

    Fan #1………No that’s too high.
    Fan #2……..Too high?! Too high?
    Fan #1………You know, the trajectory.

    Fan #3: Who gives a sh**, its gone.

  15. I just found out about this while I was scanning on my laptop.

    This game is not over. Southeast needs to get on a bus and head on back up there to Asheville and finish this game tonight.

    Start the game back with it tied 3-3 in the top of eighth.

    It aint over till its over and this one aint over!

    Be on the bus by Noon and get back up there to Asheville and finish this thing!

    It aint over till its over!

  16. I would love to see the tape of this game and see if the runner at third scored before the runner at first passed the runner at second…….The rule states that if the runner at third did not score before the runner was passed then the run would not count and you have out three and the inning is over…..

    Would still love to see the tape of the last play/the HR and you can almost be certain, that somebody is reviewing that tape right now, as we all read about this game…..

    You have to give a ton of credit to the Southeast Guilford Falcons for the way they battled back after being down, 2-0, then 2-1 and then 3-1, before tying the game up at 3-3……

    I called someone at the game to get the score late in the contest and it was in the 7th and I heard all the noise in the background and I thought that TC Roberson had just won the game, but it was the SEG fans and they were going crazy right after Callahan’s HR to tie the game at 3-3……Big Win for TC Roberson, but a great season for Southeast Guilford and the Falcons…..Two of the best games that I saw this season were in the playoffs with SEG over Ardrey Kell, 2-1 and NEG over Asheboro 5-4……I was thinking back to those games this morning and they were really good games…..Best of luck to Northeast Guilford in the State 3-A Finals this weekend vs. South Point……

  17. Sasha,
    Not questioning the final call – give the boy credit for a beautiful HR. I know about the committee and the ruling – the win goes to TC Roberson. It is all the crap that went on prior to that call. You let your son get INTENTIONALLY hit by a pitch almost EVERY game of the year and then not be put on base for it!!! If the Tobias’ were not classy people they would have been furious!!

  18. Best of luck in the future to the SEG seniors…….These guys had a great run with the Falcons.

    Josh Tobias, Colby Keene, Dillon Barker, Dylan Shutt and DJ Flinchum.

  19. Shouldn’t the real question be why the starting pitcher was still pitching in the 7th inning with the bases loaded? Shutt is a great pitcher and pitched a heck of a game but I don’t care how good he had done so far there’s a certain time when you have to change the pitcher. I’m sure he wanted to finish it out but that’s a coaching decision that has to be made. Hasn’t this happened before for SE and turned out the same?

  20. The home run beats you…….no if’s and’s or but’s……..the biggest crime TCR committed was celebrating a great baseball play. Kid saw the pitch and hit it out of the ballpark. Run 4 beats you, not run 5,6 or 7! The umpires made the right call, the athletes DECIDED the game!

  21. Just wanted to let you know he dominated the entire game. In the last inning the only ball that was hit out of the infield was the homerun. Shutt pitched amazing and definitely deserved to still be on the mound with the way he was dealing.

  22. I just want to say congratulations to the Falcon baseball team. You guys exceeded everyone’s expectations and you made memories to last a life time. Keep your head high and walk proudly for you have nothing to be ashamed of. There are many high school players that would have loved to be where you guys are. This is one of the best teams I have seen to come out of SEG in a while. I am disappointed for the players that we fell short of a state championship. Next year’s team will do well and should go far.
    As I watched the players come up the hill from the dugout after the game, you could see the finality on their faces in the form of tears. The seniors possibly realizing that was their last pitch or swing that they will ever have in a Falcon uniform. That feeling will stick with them for a long time but I assure you they will be champions in life. I am very proud of Dylan and the entire team. He took the loss pretty hard and probably feels he let everyone down. I’m sure his team mates feel just as responsible, that is the way they are. They are a true team and they “tell it”.
    Questions have been asked about the decision to go back with Dylan in the seventh. It is so easy to second guess after the fact. I could see Dylan was starting to show signs of fatigue. I guess the coaches felt he could do it. Dylan did a great job pitching, I’m sure there are a few pitches he wishes he could have back. One inning, one pitch, one swing, one throw or one catch does not ruin what this team has done this season. The pain will be short lived and they will go on to do great things.
    Thanks go out to Greensborosports.com for their excellent coverage of high school sports and giving the fans a place to voice their ideas. Sometimes we get a little excited on here but it is all in fun. Congratulations to T.C I hope they win it all; I have to pull for the West since I believe we have the best baseball and softball. Good luck to those in the State Games and congratulations to everyone that made All-Conference. Can’t wait to see the All-Area and All-State selections, Greensboro should be well represented. The Shutt’s will miss the Falcon baseball family but we hope to see many of the games next year. Thanks for the ride, it has been fun.

  23. The right call for this crazy situation is that the original base runner on first is out due to “abandoning his effort to touch the next base”. He never reached second base. Instead he celebrated with the batter at the pitchers mound. Yes he did continue to run after his coaches told him to continue running. Its to late then. He already got three feet outside the base line. With ONE out, the runners on second and third would be allowed to score. The situation is TWO outs though. Plus the bases are loaded. This means that every runner MUST touch the next base for the first run to score. If they dont, then its a FORCE OUT(dead ball or not). Therefore neither preceding nor following runners are allowed to score. It should still be a 3-3 ball game.

    SE needs to appeal but its hard to when your supposed to have four seperate views. Now does this mean camera views or officials views?
    Just a thought

  24. Congrats to the Southeast Falcons ball team on a very good season. The homerun is done- don’t let it get you down. Hold your heads high. I do have one suggestion that should take place this fall and winter. Every high school baseball field in Guilford county should be measured by a registered surveyor. I think there are some high school mounds in the area that should be checked out on height from mound to plate and the front and back slope from the pitching rubber. Not saying anything is amiss, but I have heard several pitchers complaining of their backs hurting when pitching on certain mounds in the area because of the landing slope.

  25. There is no such thing as going out of the baseline unless a tag is trying to be applied to the runner. Theres no diff in that then when someone is making a really wide turn going to the next base. Who cares, the kid hit a grand slam so the game is over fair and square. Stop trying to get an appeal and just handle the loss and come back strong again next year. Just tip your cap to a kid who crushes the baseball in Ledford. Should have made a better pitch.

  26. In the bottom of the 15th inning, the Mets managed to load the bases against Braves relief pitcher Kevin McGlinchy. Mets catcher Todd Pratt drew a bases loaded walk, tying the score at 3-3.

    The next batter was Mets third baseman Robin Ventura. Ventura crushed the 2-1 pitch over the wall in right-center for an ostensible grand slam, winning the game for the Mets and driving the Mets players and fans into a frenzied celebration. Ventura, however, never reached second base as Todd Pratt, the runner who was on first, picked him up in celebration. Subsequently, Ventura was mobbed by his teammates, never finishing his trot around the bases. Because he failed to touch all four bases, the hit was officially scored a single. Roger Cedeno, the runner on third at the time, was ruled the only runner to have crossed home plate before the on-field celebration began and the Mets were awarded a 4-3 victory. Thus, Ventura was only credited with a single and one RBI.

  27. Without some type of video evidence there is no way to prove it. It’s pretty obvious that the umpires must have seen the runner on third touch home and the hitter touch first. The kid beat them with a hr, just wish he had completed the trot and there would be no contraversy. But kids are kids.

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