Jim Tressel out as Ohio State football coach

from www.espn.com:

Embattled coach Jim Tressel, two months after publicly apologizing for fallout that resulted in suspensions for him and several of his players, has resigned from Ohio State.

“After meeting with university officials, we agreed that it is in the best interest of Ohio State that I resign as head football coach,” Tressel said in a statement Monday morning. “The appreciation that Ellen and I have for the Buckeye Nation is immeasurable.”

Assistant coach Luke Fickell, who had been named to fill in for Tressel during the first five games of the 2011 season in which he was to be suspended, will take over as the interim head coach, Ohio State said in the news release.

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  1. Why? Tressel lied to the NCAA and attempted to cover up information he knew. Everyone at UNC fully cooperated to a fault.

  2. Hiding behind FERPA laws about student records(grades,health etc) to conceal parking tickets by athletes is NOT FULLY COOPERATING TO A FAULT.
    Also why is UNC tring to hide emails and phone records from Coach Davis,Coach Blake and the AD Dick Baddour?

  3. I do not care for Ohio Stae a bit. I moved down here from Michigan. Looking a both scandals this one and the UNC it was emails that exposed Tressel. After the appeal is lost to the media by UNC emails will also hang Davis.

  4. smh, keep on believing that brother.

    If they are cooperating then why are they being sued for not turning over the emails? Why did the NCAA have to suspend players for cheating after unc said there was no reason to suspend? Why did the NCAA suspend more players for accepting illegal benefits? You have agents and boosters involved just as in OSU.

    The reality is that right now the NCAA and unc are on 2 different pages.

    Keep on believing SMH, keep on.

  5. One of the media outlets suing UNC is The Daily Tar Heel. That in itself is enough said. UNC will not even comply with their own school newspaper.What are they hiding?

  6. keep the faith and all of you other ABCer’s,
    The NCAA did not suspend any UNC players for the academic improprieties. The university suspended them, exonerated some, and had others go before the Honor Court. The NCAA approved of that process. Get your facts straight.
    Boosters involved? There is not one bit of this with UNC that involved boosters. Again, get your facts straight. None of the UNC issues involve boosters or recruiting. Some players accepted illegal benefits. Guess what. That has happened every year for the past three at Alabama. Numerous other schools like Georgia have had the same thing happen. The schools are not being punished for that, and neither will UNC. If so, Alabama would be in worse trouble than anyone for having players accept illegal benefits.
    The academic problem has been handled by the university Honor Court, just as it would for any other student caught cheating. The NCAA approved the process and that is done with.
    The outstanding issue John Blake. Has anything been found that deems him to have been doing something illegal? If so, it sure hasn’t come out in the press. He received money from his best friend who was an agent. So far, no one has found that he did anything with that money other than take care of his own financial problems. Was it appropriate? Absolutely not, and that is why he was fired. However, an agent giving you money that you did not do anything wrong with is not against NCAA rules.
    Regarding Blake, he received money from Wichard while he was coaching at Nebraska prior to UNC. The AD there is Tom Osborne, one of the most revered people in college football history. If Blake has been found to have done something wrong, Nebraska would also have been pulled into this. Has that happened? Not up to this point.
    UNC handled the issues, suspended players who didn’t need to be, and fully cooperated with the NCAA immediately. Tressel did not. USC did not. Therein lies the difference.
    UNC is not going to turn over private information to the media. Neither is any other university. Ohio State is taking the exact same stance regarding privacy laws. Your assumption that they are trying to hide something makes you feel all giddy, but it is not accurate. If UNC knew of something in emails or anywhere else that was damaging, dishonest, or illegal, anyone involved would have been fired long ago. The Board of Trustees and the non-UNC members of the Board of Governors of the overall UNC system would have made damn sure of that.
    UNC may very well receive some level of sanctions, such as probation, just so the NCAA can save face. They will not receive anything anywhere close
    to what most of you are hoping and praying they will receive.
    Wait and see boys. The end of UNC football is not at hand.

  7. If UNC skates with a wrist slap from the NCAA I will promise all of you light blue koolade drinkers that USC will sue the NCAA and win!

  8. Lane,
    Detail for me what they have done to deserve more than possible probation for a couple of years and possible loss of a few scholarships?

  9. I see now that a long time myth in this state is busted for good.
    That busted myth is THE CAROLINA WAY.
    There is now no more of this that CAROLINA IS VIRTUOUS AND OTHER SCHOOLS CHEAT.
    Whether or not the NCAA rips them a new one or not they have still been exposed.
    This has happened EVEN with local media being passive about investigating them(with the exception of the lawsuit).
    This has happened even with the UNC Board of Governors sitting on their hands and not calling for an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION like was done on NC State basketball over 20 years ago when very little of the alligations were proven true. Jimmy Valvano even was the one that called the NCAA and asked them to investigate(he was also AD at that time).
    smh–Please tell us what UNC is trying to hde by not releasing emails, phone records and parking tickets. Could it be that this would involve sports other than football?

  10. Hey State Fan,
    First of all, share with me the details of what UNC has done to “cheat.” Does this have anything to do with recruiting violations, paying to get players, etc? Individual players were stupid and accepted illegal benefits. Is that cheating? Does that give UNC some kind of advantage? Individual players got too much help from a tutor. By the way, the tutor didn’t write papers or do their work for them. She gave them suggestions for their improving their work. These students did this on their own. Is that cheating to gain an advantage? How did the school “cheat” in this instance? When the school found out about both of these situations, they sat more than two dozen players who they couldn’t be sure were innocent. They took the high road and didn’t try to keep playing them, like Ohio State did in the Sugar Bowl or like USC did with Reggie Bush. But in your book, that is not virtuous and Carolina cheated? Really?
    Like most State fans, you are obviously not very knowledgeable about the UNC Board of Governors. It is not a UNC-Chapel Hill board. it is a board representing all 16 campuses of the entire UNC system. Each member institution has the same number of seats on the Board of Governors. Why do you people always think the Board of Governors is some group of Carolina fans put together to keep the rest of the campuses down? Your lifelong paranoia about Carolina is amazing. I guess it goes along with the UNC media, John Swofford, yada , yada, yada. Always an excuse.
    Regarding the lawsuit, no university is going to turn over private emails and phone records without being made to do so. I can assure you that N.C. State wouldn’t either. The NCAA has already been through all of that information while at the university. This is an ongoing investigation by the NCAA and the University, so why would either party turn over private information? The NCAA has given UNC explicit rules as to what they can say and do with regard to the ongoing investigation. Just because a newspaper is trying to find dirt doesn’t mean a university is obligated to give them access to everyone’s private records.
    Contrary to what you would like to believe, UNC lawyers and outside investigators have already looked under every rock for evidence of improper ethics or dishonesty by anyone employed by UNC. Had anything been found, people would have been fired. Just like the immediate cooperation of UNC last summer when the NCAA showed up, the leadership of the school, administration and trustees, knows that hiding information or protecting people who have done wrong only gets you in more trouble. That’s what happened with the players who were suspended for the entire season. They were told by the school to be completely honest with the NCAA but they chose to lie. Instead of being suspended for a few games for improper benefits, they were done forever. The same is true with the school and they know that.
    So try as you might to paint this as UNC being devious and trying to hide things, and calling it UNC-Cheat, etc, etc, Carolina has handled this much differently than any other school has in recent memory. USC stonewalled and their AD, MIke Garrett, practically laughed at the NCAA. Look where that got them. Tressel covered up information and Ohio State found it themselves internally. Look where that got him.
    When it is all said and done, UNC will more than likely get some sort of sanction. Probably probation and maybe the loss of a few scholarships. For all you thinking they will get hammered for LOIC and get the death penaly – aint’t gonna happen.

  11. You are partially correct.
    They will NOT get the Death penalty.
    UNC will get something similar to what Southern Cal got.

  12. Charles Robinson from Yahoo Sports just said on Dave Glenn’s show that the NCAA was about to wrap up the UNC investigation when the news of Coples attending the agent party broke.Whatever they WERE going to get will be worse now.
    IMO if this lasts long enough for the appeal in the media lawsuit to be denied and those parking tickets,emails and phone records come out then it is EVEN WORSE FOR UNC.They had better hope their stonewalling tactics last long enough that the NCAA rules before their exposure.

  13. I heard that Robinson audio. He also said that several members of the UNC football staff were hiring their own lawyers separate from University Attorneys.He went on to say that is never a good sign.

  14. There is no rule against Coples being at a party thrown by two of his friends who had just been drafted. In fact, because he is a rising senior, he can even talk to agents. He just can’t take anything from anyone. As long as he can show he paid his own way to Washington, he hasn’t done anything wrong. Everyone is assuming that being at the party was breaking a rule. It was not. That said, it wasn’t a very smart thing to do.

  15. Also, Charles Robinson has a lot of reputation invested in swearing to anyone that will listen that UNC will get hammered. If you say something enough times, maybe it will come true.

  16. What about those other 3 Tarhole players attending Austin’s draft party with Coples?
    Who are they?
    UNC will bring their football team to Blacksburg on 11/17/11.
    The question is now,who will be their head coach?

  17. Jorts,
    Davis will still be UNC’s coach. You have bigger things to worry about, like completely losing your recruiting base to UVa and Carolina. London’s eating Beamer’s lumch in Virginia, and Carolina just made huge strides there this past recruiting season. Your dominating days are over.

  18. Recruiting is important but the recruits must also be coached to reach their potential.
    I see all of this February bravado from the UNC fans but it does not translate into ACC Championships on the field in November.
    Under Butch you have lost 7 of the last 8 to Va Tech and NC State.What is the deal here?The best ACC record Butch has posted is 4-4.
    He has won one bowl game. He has never beaten NC State and until this past year they struggled.Do you Tarhole fans hang banners for recruiting titles in Kenan?Carolina football “To Seem rather Than to Be”.Plan on getting another 4 ACC losses at least this year.Hokies,Jackets, Canes and Pack will all be just as good if not better than in 2010 and none of them have an NCAA distraction to worry about.

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