U14 Team Phoenix Elite Makes it Four in a Row

U14 Team Phoenix Elite Makes it Four in a Row

Coach Richardson’s club wins its fourth event in five weeks by winning the USSSA
Division 1 North Carolina State Championship today at the Greensboro Coliseum.
Using team speed and strong three point shooting, Team Phoenix won a rough and
physical game against a very talented and athletic SFFA Hoyas team (Fayetteville,
NC) 70-57. Team Phoenix previously won AAU Super Regionals in Raleigh, AAU Super
Regionals at Boo Williams in Hampton VA and the 15U championship at the Phoenix
Invitational. Next Up is AAU Nationals in Orlando.


  1. Good Luck at the AAU Nationals ! Any team that can be successful within NC can complete with anyone in the country. This should be a great opportunity for these young men to experience basketball at its highest levels. It is always good to see where you compare against the best 1on1 and team talent in your area and the nation. The hardest part of basketball as kids get older is playing as a team. The old kids often play more for their personal glory instead of the welfare of the team first. This Richardson 14u team appears to not only have the individual talent to succeed but they understand the value of playing for each other as a team. This may not get the attention of future scouts or coaches that need that mega superstar but it will get the attention of the other 90% of the scouts and coaching staffs in the future. It is good to see a team success by playing the game hard and with good fundmental play while representing a class organization (Phoenix) that cares more about kids than just making money.

  2. I have heard a lot about this 14U Phoenix Richardson team lately but what are some other teams headed to the nationals. CP3 usually has a high producing squad. Calvin Graves had a really good (I think 13u or 12u) team last year – is his team still together and how are they doing this year ? Do we have any 8u, 9u, 10u or whatever young boys teams that have shown some high level performance ? What about the girls in our area? We have girls organizations such as the Phoenix, Galaxy, Gators, Steelers, Team Reign, HP Stars and Mid State in the area but I never hear anything about any of their girls. Are the girls able to compete on the state and national levels or not ?

  3. Coach Wadell and the Haywood Elite team have a tournament coming up this weekend at Dudley….I think some of their men were CP3 at one time and now go as Haywood Elite……Haywood in the NBA finals and how about that? Good to see some Triad blood in the NBA Finals and Haywood could be factor in the Title Series…

  4. they should be good half of em are 16 yrs old this reclass thing is sad

  5. @ Come On Son,

    Stop hating!!!!! They are still playing by the rules, so deal with it.

  6. None of the kids on this 14 u phoenix team has turned 16 yrs old. It’s funny how people want 2 bash a team having success..Coach Richardson is a really good coach. He also has a 5 grade gaters girls team that won a boo williams super regional in march..won the phoenix invitational last week playing 5th and 6th grade teams..his asst coach Chris Brewington took the team to indian trails this past weekend and came in 2nd place in USSSA states playing up n the 6th grade age group..they finished 4th in aau states all these touneys being div1..plus they have finished 1st or second in 3 other tournaments they have played in..maybe this guy is as good as advertised.

  7. Not a one of this these boys is 16, but if thinking that makes you feel better about losing to these kids, have at it. And yeah…. he is as good as advertised, actually better behind the scenes with kids one on one with real life stuff.

  8. Coach Richardson is good as advertised….my daughter plays on Coach Richardsons 5th grade Greensboro Gaters team and I know first hand what a great basketball coach he is and what a good man he is. There are 10 girls on his team and they all think of him not only as the best basketball coach in the world but as a second dad. So Coach when haters hate on you that means you are doing something right. Besides you have ten girls and the 5th grade Lady Gater families who love you to death so keep doing what your doing. We have you back.

  9. Like I said they are older than 14 yrs old I’m not hating it’s a fact the ones who are 14 SIT THE BENCH Good Luck at Nationals OLD HEADS LOL

  10. “Come On Son” is one sad individual! Those guys are all kids. No one iis more than 15 years old. They work hard and they deserve the recognition they have received.

  11. “Come On Son”, I know each one of these guys and have had the privilege of getting to know this fine group of young MEN!!! The re-class situation is always a challenge with most teams but I hate to inform you that you are wrong. Coach Richardson hardly ever starts the same five so it is hard for you to say that all 14 year olds sit the bench. Some are 15 but only have recently turned 15 since April. How old were you when you finished the 8th grade or maybe you turned 15 when you started the 9th. The point is you are assuming and without facts you are just making yourself look foolish. This team has worked hard and have played even harder and hard work deserves RESPECT!!! Even if it makes you feel better to assume the situation instead of the facts then that’s okay but hard work deserves the credit here. I hope you can see that!!!! Some of the players are 15 and the majority of the players are 14. I would like to know who you believe is 16? If you know the facts and assume to know the players then tell me who they are!!!

  12. They play by the same rules as every other club in these events. And, from the size of most of the teams they have faced they are winning on a level playing field.

  13. USSSA?? Come on play in AAU States. Never mind they did in D2 and didn’t finish.

    Come On Son is correct! They are numerous kids who should be rising 10th graders!

  14. I don’t understand how playing by the AAU, USSSA or YBOA rules is wrong? CP3, you are not saying that you do not have “grade exceptions” on any of your teams? Don’t act like this is something new. This team has played some very good teams this season. I don’t think anyone is saying that this is the “best” 8th grade team in NC. I will say this, I saw them play and believe that they can compete with any 8th grade team in the state. CP3 how does your 8th grade team stack up? Oh yeah, I know that team has some kids that should be rising 10th graders! Oh, did that team lose to a bunch of 7th graders? Come on! Phoenix haters are hating, which means you are accomplishing something and getting the attention of others. Keep working and developing your kids. @ Gardner, Come On Son is not sad, that is his opinion, but that should be fuel for that Phoenix team. Keep hating Come On Son!

  15. CP3 do you really know what you are talking about or are you just assuming like Come On Son!!! Facts are facts here and you don’t know them. Just like I previously asked tell me who they are!!!! You can’t therefore you assume….Just saying!!!

  16. ADULTS Listen carefully I DO NOT HAVE A DOG IN THIS FIGHT however I will say this again the kids who are 14 SIT THE BENCH what’s really sad is the only reason a couple of kids are on the roster is because the coach would not take them unless they bought their older taller friends to the team. The saddest part of it all is you give them false confidence they think they are doing something but when they play kids their own age POP goes the wessel their done. Parents do your kids a favor, send them to school to graduate on time, let them play in their own age group and STOP teaching them how to be liars and most important STOP reclassing your kids so they can play basketball………………….. Pathetic oh by the way how can I hate on a fake 14 slash 15 16 yr old basketball team that is a farce ,be real Hating on them would be if they were 14 and under 8th grade players who really beat other 14 and under teams so it’s not the kids I feel sorry for them it’s the parents and coaches that make me cringe

  17. Well..we are lucky that we live in a country where there is freedom of speech and anyone can have an opinion..but I will say this..I’m pretty sure the coaches and kids on this team could care less about your opinions “Come on son”..there success (whether u believe it is a farce or not) does not hinge on what you think about them..fact # 1: they played d2 regions and states and finished 5th..very 1st tourney they plated up 15u and beat the Greensboro warriors and Greensboro Aggies 15u team..they went aau regionals in Raleigh hosted by the garner roads bulldogs and won that beating the Southern Kings from Georgia and Team Loaded from VA. They Played a d1 Boo Williams super Regional and beat the #1 and #3 teams in VA in the process..They then came home and played 15u in the pheonix invitational and won that d1 also..they played d1 USSSA states and smacked the Titans and Beat the SSFA Hoyas from fayetteville who finished 5th in d1 aau states. No kid on this roster is 16..some might have just turned 15..but show me any team in america and i promise you they have a kid playing that might be older but in the current grade of the team they are on..bottom line is they are winning within the rules of aau..usssa..yboa..etc. So like I said they could care less what you think…but keep on hating..u r just giving them fuel to keep it going..and your talking about them so i’m sure theyu appreciate the pub!!!!

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