WFMY NEWS 2 Sports and have it for you:Colby Keene and Dillon Barker sign today to play baseball at N.C. A&T State University(SEG Falcons become Aggies)

Courtesy of Brian Hall from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports and Brian has all the Keenes and the Barkers on board and you can see today’s signing video from down at Southeast Guilford today when you CLICK HERE…..

Coach Dave Beasley was also there and the entire event took place on the baseball field at Southeast Guilford High School…..

Thanks again, to Brian Hall at WFMY NEWS 2 Sports for providing this video to us for your viewing at this time and tell a friend or relative about the good job that NEWS 2 and are doing in the community….


  1. It is interesting that they held a ceremony with TV coverage, etc when these two signed with A&T, but the CONFERENCE PITCHER OF THE YEAR Dylan Shutt got no coverage (other than on this site) when he signed with lowly GTCC. Is A&T baseball that big of a deal? I am pretty sure GTCC would obliterate them. Nevertheless, congrats to the two young men who signed with them. I wish them well.

  2. I agree with baseball guy. The same goes for Nick Taylor. He signed at Catawba and they could handle A&T easily.

  3. Congrats again to Dillon and Colby, and now to NIck. This is the first I have heard about Nick, so glad to see that he will play in college. I know his parents are proud. Brian Hall has done a great job covering SEG baseball this year. This is another well done piece by them, who gets the coverage
    is not an issue our minds so please do not try to make it one. Let’s not forget DJ Flinchum who is going to Greensboro College. It is just so great that we will be able to watch these guys play locally and mature into college athletes. I wonder if Josh has made his decision? SEG can be proud that their five seniors have signed this year. I wish the same for the many rising seniors on next years team. Sure would be nice to have an end of the season banquet.

  4. Banquet would be nice to celebrate the accomplishments of this years team along with the individual accomplishments of those that have signed.

  5. Congrats again to five quality athletes and fine young men. Coach Beasley deserves a tip of the hat for all his behind the scenes efforts in helping these young men get seen and signed by college coaches. It is rare to have all your seniors move on play in college with some form of financial aid. Southeast has two rising seniors that have already verbally committed to D1 programs and a few of their other rising seniors are also being recruited by major college programs. Who knows? Somebody must be doing something right at Southeast. They may have five or more seniors sign next year.
    Danny, I agree a banquet or cook out might be nice. I know Dave has been busy with the playoffs and Jr. Legion starting right up but Southeast Jr. Legion will offer to pay some of the cost if needed. I will ask Dave what he thinks. With all the great parents we have it should not be have to put together. Congrats to the Falcons– Charlie Pannell

  6. Sorry about the TYPO. With all the great parents we have it should not be hard to put together. Charlie

  7. Like I was saying before it’s D1 not JUCO…… will always be like that when a player signs D1 to JUCO always has been always will…..anybody can go to a JUCO but very few get to play D1 is why the big deal is made….just being honest!

  8. Colby and Dillion,

    Congrats on your public signing! We are extremely excited and proud for you! Dylan, D.J., and Josh, we are for you too! We will miss all 5 of you and are proud to have had the chance to know you all and will continue that for ever! ! Keep your head straight with what you want for your future. There is nothing that you cannot do if you set your mind to it! As for the negative comments; turn them into positives as you have and hopefully, will continue to do!

    The Newtons

    P.S. Congrats to all the 2011 Graduates and their futures!

  9. Ditto Big Charlie. Newts, and Shutts.

    Great coaches. Great team. Great families. Great kids.

    All will be missed but Barker’s humor will especially be missed next year. Best of luck Senor B~~~!!!

  10. Alumni,
    maybe you should check out a JUCO game sometime…GTCC had more D1 caliber players on their team this year than A&T did (and does year in and year out)! Anyone can go to GTCC as a student…not everyone can play baseball there. Like I said before, GTCC would obliterate A&T. Just being honest.

  11. There’s no way GTCC beats NCAT let’s get real. I would bet that 99% of the kids that were on GTCC if offered a D1 scholarship to NCAT they would go there instead of JUCO. Not hating on JUCO just the facts jack!

  12. You REALLY need to get out more, Alumni. G-Tech would kill A&T- that is most definitely real. A&T and all the teams in the MEAC except Bethune would not finish in the top half of GTCC’s conference. Have you ever seen A&T play baseball? Have you ever been to a MEAC baseball game? Obviously not.

    Also, many of the kids there at GTCC were offered BETTER scholarships to BETTER places than A&T and opted for the JUCO route. You need to get your facts right. I would bet that 100% of the kids that are on GTCC would stay there instead of wasting time at A&T.

  13. GTCC, Rockingham whatever schools that are in that conference can’t even beat Greensboro College JV team just look at the scores of the game that’s a fact….you giving GTCC way to much credit……… many signed D1 just curious? Word is on the street most of the players can”t make the grades once they go to bigger school……i could name at least 10 players who failed out over the last 6 years

  14. GTCC’s conference consists of Pitt CC, Louisburg College, Spartanburg Methodist, USC-Sumter, USC-Salkehatchie, Florence-Darlington Tech, USC-Lancaster…and they would all KILL GC’s JV team. I don’t know what you are looking at, but it is comical that you would make that statement. You obviously know NOTHING about JUCO baseball in this area. Pitt, USC-Sumter, and Spartanburg Methodist were all ranked in the top 10 NJCAA national polls at different points throughout the season. GTCC finished fourth and beat all of these teams during the season and made it through to the conference finals before losing to Pitt by a run.

    Three of this year’s small sophomore class at GTCC signed D1 (including Elon and ECU). Two signed with NAIA schools (1 of which was in the NAIA World Series). Two have signed with D2 schools. GTCC is also returning 18 players from last year, of whom 3 were DI players who transferred back. Word is they are bringing in 2 more DI transfers this year as well (including one who is participating in the CWS right now). There have been a number of DI transfers in the 4 years (not 6) that they have had a baseball program.

    What street are you getting your words from? I challenge you to name the 10 players you posted about.

    I would love for Coach Barrow to chime in on all this, but he has too much class to argue with a know-nothing like you.

    Get a clue about college baseball before you decide to run your mouth about it. You are clueless.

  15. So…D1 players are 2 from GTCC… made it sound like all the Soph are D1 players….JUCO ball is nowhere the competition A&T plays game in game out you are just crazy…..ok let’s see A&T plays NCST mid week….GTCC plays RCC…are you serious…RCC team got beat by Greensboro College JV team! You have no idea about JUCO level to D1……GTCC players went to NAIA…..has nothing to do with grades right??? you crazy!

  16. A&T wouldn’t win Region X Division I. That’s a fact. A&T wouldn’t win a series with GTCC. That’s a fact. Anyone who knows baseball knows that. Just because you are NCAA DI doesn’t make you a legit baseball program or even good for that matter.

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