Is this taking it a bit too far? Lorenzo Charles funeral can be viewed/seen on-line Saturday/tomorrow

Tomorrow at 11:00 am on Celebration of Life…..
Funeral Service for Lorenzo Charles live online

When do you say when?

When have you taken it to the extreme, when it comes to a fan following a sports figure too far???

Should you be able to follow them to the grave? Has Lorenzo Charles ended up, right up there with Prince Charles?????

Maybe making a basketball player’s funeral accessable on-line had gone too far and for it has……Show some respect and let them rest in peace……This comes across to me as a publicity stunt and as a way to grab some ratings/viewers……

Maybe not, but what ever happened to old saying, “Rest in Peace”……

Showing Lorenzo Charles funeral on-line to me is taking it step too far and I’m not sure that there is an athlete out there, that makes me crave to see his funeral…..

I appreciate all the efforts of the athletes that have entertained, excited and performed for us over the years, but I have not known any well enough to want to be a part of their funeral…….

I can’t think of anyone that I am in awe of, to the degree that when they die, I can’t let go of the memories and move on and let them go and “Rest in Peace”…..

I can keep the memories in my head and heart, but I can let go and move on and for sure let them move on in their own special way……I think too many times we want to see the athletes and celebrities funerals just get a last glimpse of them and to see what other celebrities might show up to pay their last respects…..

Watching someone’s funeral on-line, seeing the athlete go out for his last time, not for me, not my cup of tea, to use a Prince Charles term in a last moment for Lorenzo Charles…..

How about you, will you view???

It does’t say Memorial Service for Lorenzo Charles, it says, his Funeral Service:

Tomorrow at 11:00 am on Sports Fan
Celebration of Life
Funeral service for Lorenzo Charles live online