Greensboro Colt Baseball All-Star teams announced

I met with White team coach Harley Miller(Vandalia) last night and he seems pumped about the chance to coach these kids……Same can be said for the Green coach also I’m sure, and may have met him too, not sure…..Was in meeting with Stowes, DeZearn, Jack and others……Have listed schools for the players that I am sure about and if not sure, did not list…..You can always get more at…….


Green Team

Corey Kimber(Dudley)

Nino Marrero(Western)

Mitch Carstens(Jamestown)

Ryan Hackett(Eastern)

Matt Horkey(Jamestown)

Caelan Canady(Northeast)

Michael Matthews

Jaylin Davis(Northeast)

DJ Reader(Grimsley)

Tyler Mericka(Northwest Guilford)

Trevor Gay(High Point Central)

Jordan Brown(Northeast)

Jordan Rousseau

Adam Swim(Northwest)

KJ McAllister(Dudley)

Chris Corbett(Northwest)

Zach McLean(High Point Central)

Adam Gunn(Eastern)

White Team

Brandon Hayworth

Seth Collins

Ben Fischer(Jamestown)

Tyler Killam(Southwest Guilford)

Avery Hodges(Jamestown)

Austin Elmore(Northwest Guilford)

Seth O’Fallon(Grimsley)

Austin Peeples

WJ Jessup

Hunter Allen

Keith Anderson(Western)

Jacob Watkins

Myles Sowell(Dudley)

John Robertson(Eastern)

Avery Alley

Nathan Hobbs

Houston Miller(Vandalia)

Nishant Polisetti(Southwest)

Adam Foster(Western)

John Iorio(Western)

Alex Lozado


  1. Just a question guys, in the past if you played other leagues you couldn’t play colt. I’ve seen Adam Gunn’s name in legion scores for Burlington so I was just wondering when they changed the rules.

  2. No such rule. The only rule is you have to play in at least half of the regular Colt season.

  3. Thanks. Was just wondering since I always thought that they frowned upon playing legion while playing colt.

  4. That’s funny because I can tell you that more than 3/4 of these kids did not play in half of the games, it’s all set up from the begining. But good luck to them all.

  5. Been seeing John Robertson’s name in the legion box scores too and somehow makes the white team?? Guess Bobby Cox was right, its been set up from the begining!

  6. It is a joke. Most of the Green team didn’t even participate in a quarter of the games. They did their own thing. I can’t tell you how many games that were forfeited due to lack of particilpation. The Cost League organizers need to re-look at this process. It is against everything you teach your kids.

  7. Man, the grapes on this board are sour. Bobby, your math is about as reliable as your spelling (“beginning” is correct). I hope that you are aware that 3/4 of an 18 man team is roughly 14 players, which would mean (by your math) that only 4 players on the Green team played in half of their team’s games. That is such an authoritative claim, and one you are not qualified to make. Unless you sat in the seats at every game played this year, you have no idea how many games these players participated in. The consipiracy theories often posted on this site are laughable.

    Congratulations to the members of the Green and White All-Stars. As always, I will be cheering for you all.

  8. The all star process for the Greensboro Colt League is an absolute joke. Anyone that has been involved with it knows this. There have been many players over the last few years that only appeared in one or two Colt games during the season. They usually end up on the green team while many of the guys that were committed to the Colt league all season end up on the white team. I can only assume other Colt teams cheat the process too, but I know Greensboro does. The young men are innocent in the process. The Colt board that not only allows, but encourages this, should be embarrassed. Good luck making Greensboro look good…

  9. Why do you have to single out Adam Gunn and John Robertson? The problem is Colt ball is “horrible” and a complete waste of time. Teams having to forfeit some teams finishing games with 8 players teams borrowing players from the opposing team to continue a game??? This isn’t baseball and it is not what Greensboro Colt baseball used to be. It’s embarassing to the game its so bad! However, know this bobby cox and all the other haters that this league is setup only to send a good team to lafayette to win the world series. If you want to cry politics blah blah blah then do it because thats exactly what it is and always has been even in the league’s glory days. My gripe is don’t come on here and talk about Adam Gunn and John Robertson because these kids are innocent whether they played enough games or not! I’m glad to see them loving the game of baseball enough to sacrifice their whole summer to get better and play as much as possible! Good luck Greensboro Green and Greensboro White.

  10. Gentlemen,
    There is no purity in sports at any level, so why should there be any in the colt league all-star process. Greensboro Colt baseball has been trying to win a second World Series since 1965 when, by the way, was a team put together to play when tournament came. There is so much summer baseball being played that any world series that they do win (I hope they do win one by the way) will not have the same meaning in baseball circles as when the selection process was in place to try to reward the players who were committed to the teams and to the program. The program appears to still have traction only because there is a certain group that needs new caps every summer and enjoys waddling around Stoner-White and Lafayette and feeling like a mini Bud Selig. Mr. Moore, Mr. Doss, Mr. Myers, Mr. Stowe, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Warner, and people like that nurtured Colt baseball and that separated the program from others. Now, it’s just cookie cutter baseball co-mingled with lots of politics. Win the championship this year, get these geezers a ring, and recapture the feel of the game next year!!!! If the person who stated that all-stars did not meet the participation requirements, then that is really sad that winning is that important!!! Have a safe and happy 4th of July people.

  11. Astro fan MR Bobby Cox may be a little off with his math but probably not by much.

  12. Congrats to the kids that made both teams. Can’t argue with the choices for the green team. All good players. However Cox is correct that 1/3 of those guys did not get their 7 games in. But does it really matter?

  13. Does it matter says congratulations to the kids that made the teams? Through no fault of their own, they did not make either team. The green team was for the most part chosen weeks ago and everyone else that showed up to try out was placed on the white team. This organization is a cheating political joke. But win at all cost is a fine mentality to teach young men. Bring home the gold. 46 years is a long wait. If it does not happen this year, recruit better next year. There are good junior college players in this area.

  14. Isn’t there a similar problem with Legion ball as they head to the playoffs and have to make a cut or develop a deadline where their players must choose between Legion ball and Showcase ball…..There is a declaration date where you have to tell the coaches which way you are going to go, will it be Legion or Showcase Baseball?????

    Not sure what that cut-off date was this year, but it is tough when you have kids that are playing on Colt, Junior Legion, Showcase on the Weekends, and some are already into Football and Soccer practices…..

    You better be flexible these days and you have to give up some ground to stay grounded and still have a team or teams…..

    The Colt leaders have done a great job of keeping the league rolling and with 14 teams this year they have maintained a strong foundation over the years…

    Not everyone is going to be happy with the way things operate, but so goes day to day life and I think the COLTS can live with that and they know it won’t be easy…..But they are dedicated to keep Colts coming each year and Stowe and the crew, do work hard, have seen it and I know…..

    If you want to compete at the highest level you need to take your best players…..This is an All-Star based national program when you get to Lafayette and with our Palomino ball back in the day, we never sent an All-Star team so we never had a chance to be among the top horses with the exception of the year that the American Postal Workers Union team won it all, back in 1994……That was one of our shining moments and our Colts won it all back in what, 1965?????

    You can’t please all the people 100% of the time, but if you are doing nothing, then there will be nothing to talk about…..The local baseball teams are active with Colts, Legion, Palomino, Adult League ball, and Showcase teams and it is good, since it gives us something to talk about and it is good to have that freedom here at the 4th of July break……

    Maybe in the course of all our discussions we will come up with some valid solutions or alternatives, most importantly let’s keep on trying, as they say, “A mind and to another extent, A body, is a terrible thing to waste”……We need to put our heads together and look at what happened to the Recreation baseball programs…..They used to be playing baseball on the Fourth of July for 50 years and now their programs end in the middle of June and there are no All-Stars or advanced programs past mid-June for Bronco or Pony teams……What is a young buck or horse to do?

    We used to have those neighborhood leagues where we played ball all day out in the heat of summmer, but those days are surely gone at Lake Daniels, West Market Street, East Lee Street, Johnson Street and other fields…..We would get up a backyard game and play all day till dark with a break for lunch and then back at it till supper and then back out for the nightcap games……..

    Keep the mind and body working, new ideas and solutions are only a thought away…..(Wille Mays Hayes-MLB III)

  15. The bottom line is that almost 100% of the boys on the Green team play “showcase” baseball almost every weekend. The Hitting Zone, Proehlific Power, NC Baseball Academy, the Greensboro Batting Center, the Kernersville Bulldogs and the Panthers Baseball Club all have teams with a high number of players that could be playing Colt. These coaches put these boys front of college coaches every time they play. All of these teams have been telling the leaders of the Colt program to play Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday each week and the Colt program will then get the top players. Weekend Colt games are a wste of time for the top players and that is why they don’t go and the Colt teams struggle. If the Colt leaders want to put the best talent on the field they have no choice but to take the Showcase players. Until they change the schedule, they will have to put players on the All-Star teams that aren’t playing full-time. If they don’t do that, they might as well not field an All-Star team because they could not be competitive.

  16. Tyler Merrika and Austin Elmore are Northeast players. I saw no school listed for those 2.

  17. I attended the so called “colt all-star tryouts” and like plenty of other comments, I thought it was a complete joke. The blame needs to start at the top. Who picks the coach? The coach for the “green team” can’t coach!! (Evident by the lapse of judgement from last year by not pitching Corey Kimber on 1 game…the 1st game). He has kids on the green team that either didn’t start or played JV on their own team and they make the 1st team (“green team)?REALLY!!?!! I could go on and on….The system needs to be blown-up and started over from the beginning.

  18. Maybe K is right……or…….maybe people who everyone thinks is great, really isn’t as great as their parents publish here.

    It’s amazing how when kids from this board’s top 9 get on teams with outside/unbiased coaches and play high level talent, they aren’t really as good as their parents write about them here.

  19. tryouts?All Stars? For the life of me i dont understand this. i made the all star team 5 years in a row playing youth baseball and not once did i go to a try out.You were picked by what you did in the regular season and tournment by the coaches from the other teams. A coach could not select 1 of his own players.Guess this was done because of “Daddy Ball”.The colt season is 14 games more than enough games to choose a all star team.Tryouts is where the ploitics began and end. “COMMITTMENT” should be the most important factor in selecting a all star team.The young man who commits to his team.teammates.coaches,the league and most important the committment he made to himself to play in this league should be the ones who represent the Greensboro Colt All Stars.What kind of example are you setting for these young men.Within the next year alot of these young men will be going to college or into the work force(good luck there) and they will be making commitments that will be life changing, Shouldnt we be setting examples of values and morals…rights and wrongs…or is it about going to Indiana and bringing home a trophy..i guess its the later….

  20. Make the All Star Tournament separate from the Rec Season. Let all players of the correct age and residency requirements ‘Try Out’. Let each area send their very best, not just token Rec teams 1/2 filled with C players. It’s the only way to level the cheating lol…ummm bending of the rules. Some kids are rostered on Rec teams and play only a game or two. Who’s checking ? No one. Down East has made a science out of this. They know their All Star Team roster 15 minutes after Opening Ceremonies…..

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