Song about Derek Jeter’s quest for 3,000 hits may lead to tune about Billy “Crash” Craddock playing football

Fran Kowalski had penned a tune about former Greensboro Hornet Derek Jeter and his quest for 3,000 hits as a major league baseball player…..Jeter, who wowed the Greensboro crowds with his bat and not his glove at shortstop, has seen his assault on 3,000 hit a snag, with the injury bug biting Jeter hard and keeping him out of the lineup now, for about two weeks….

Jeter needs just 6 more hits to hit the 3,000 mark plateu and he hopes to return to the New York Yankee lineup this week and continue his quest as the song, “Derek Jeter’s 3,000 Hits”, rolls on…….

With that being said, there is talk that Galax, Virginia singer/song writer/composer, JD Higgins, is working on a tune/song about the football playing days of Greensboro’s very own, Billy “Crash” Craddock…….

Higgins is a very good friend of the musician Crash Craddock and I’m hearing they are hoping to have the song out in time for football season this year.

Craddock played for the old Rankin School, that is according to legends and the JD Higgins tune will probably hit the charts, about as hard as Crash hit the line, back in his day…….They say, Crash Craddock was a tough man to take down and JD Higgins has been taking down notes on this theme song now for about 2 years……

I am seeing parts that say Craddock was like a football addict and if he hit you, you might have to spend the night in the attic…….Other Higgins’ ideas are spinning down the mountainside like, “Billy would knock you silly and Crash would make a dash for the line and might just put your behind, behind your backbone if you he hit you in a game…..

You get the idea and I will have more coming on this Hot Topic tomorrow……


  1. anyone see former Greensboro General sean peet working the jack in Bryan Vickers pit crew in daytona last night?

  2. Sometimes the Smoke Gets In My Eyes, but I still tries to see the prize until the day I dies and I tell no lies, when it comes to Higgins and Craddock, it is all about the Apple Pies……Higgins wife can bake a mean Apple Pie and one of the most unique Persimmon Puddings that I have ever seen……

    I quit inhaling when I started doing the detailing on Higgins’ Cadillac……..Crash means Cash, for those who haven’t seen the man they call Billy, he can sell out the house from Miami to Philly……

    I know what I’m doing, its the flies I keep shooing and the tomatoes we’re stewing……..How ’bout youin?????

    A little taste of the Great Appalachia Language/English/Dialect from the Smokey Mountains and the Appalachian Trail, here on this Fourth of July…..

    This is coming in to you from just below a broomstraw bush from along the Appalachain Trail on the 4th…….Part of the Grandpa Jones and JD Higgins 2011 Backwoods Music Series that will rival the Eastern Music Festival within four years……It will take us four years to find the old David Caldwell Log College so we can resume our Doctoral Studies…..


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