Greensboro Palomino Baseball Report

Western Greensboro 1
Pride 0

R&B Air 8
Pride 6

*****Western Greensboro has players from Western Guilford, Northwest Guilford, Morehead and others and the Pride team has members from Northern Guilford and other schools……Steven Mekita has joined the Western Greensboro team and he has been tearing it up recently……Western Greensboro may give R&B Air a run for their money before this season ends……R&B Air has several former and Dudley, Smith, Grimsley and possibly Page players on their team and one former Dudley player that I know is with R&B Air is Eric Kimber and Corey Kimber, along with Corey Williamson may also be seeing time with R&B Air this summer……..

More news on the Palominos with leaders Tom Veal, Jack Brewer and Enad Haddad coming soon…..