Update/Report on this week’s 7 on 7 schedule

Looking more and more like most teams are using this week as an Off Week with the Fourth of July holiday kicking in and here is what we have been hearng on our area teams……

Page is off this week…..
Northwest Guilford and Thomasville 7 on 7 scrimmages for Page are next week……

No 7 on 7’s this week for Northwest Guilford…... Looking at 7 on 7’s next week against Ledford, Page and at Wake Forest…….

The Wake Forest 7 on 7’s are always real big, with a ton of teams and then they usually follow up the Saturday 7 on 7 with a combine on Sunday……


  1. I think this years Wake Forest 7on7 is on Friday July 15th. From what I’m hearing there will be about 40 teams from all over NC, SC, and GA.

  2. I don’t think NW and Thomasville have a 7on7 against each other. I think Thomasville is going against Page sometime next week.

  3. Just sayin –

    It says NW Guilford and Thomasville 7on7 scrimmages FOR Page.. meaning both of those teams are playing Page.. not NW Guilford vs. Thomasville. Just clearing this up, for you and anyone else that might be confused.

    Next week for Page:

    Page @ Thomasville (12th)
    NW Guilford @ Page (14th)

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