7 on 7’s this week for our area high schools(7 on 7 Football Scrimmages)

Let’s look at the ones we have an idea of already……

Northwest Guilford at Page…..
Page at Thomasville
Ragsdale on the road on Wednesday and for the most part every Wednesday….
SWG will in be action…..
High Point Central will run all practices and all 7 on 7’s that they can in the mornings…..
Smith completed all their 7 on 7’s effective July 1…..Outside shot they may be at Wake Forest…..
Eastern Guilford has more 7 on 7’s planned……
Northern Guilford should have their BIG event with some of the teams coming in from South Carolina, coming up soon(possibly this week)…..

*****Many of our schools will be at Wake Forest and I believe this BIG 7 on 7 will hit on Saturday(16th or 23rd), followed by a Football Combine at Wake Forest on Sunday……Look for Northwest Guilford to defintely be at this 7 on 7 at Wake Forest and Dudley, Smith and others have been there in the past…..*****

No 7 on 7’s for Western Guilford…..They are not participating in any this year and are working as a team during the week……

No 7 on 7’s next week with the East-West All-Star Games in town and the coaches will all be attending the Coaches Clinics each day……

*****EAST-WEST All-Star Football Game next Wednesday night at Jameison Stadium with Tuc Phan(Page), Derek Grant(HP Central), Tyrek Sparks(HP Central) and others……*****


  1. What’s up with Northern? Any idea when their 7 on 7’s will be taking place and where at? How bout some inside info so I can go check out our team this year man!

  2. Are we talking all day on this Friday at Wake Forest, just like they used to do on the Saturdays…..You would think so……We might have to get by the Wake Forest site and see if they have any info for us on times and teams…..

  3. @ Andy,

    The Wake Forest web site says the 7 on 7 is Friday July 15th……It doesn’t have a start time but I’m guessing it will start around 10 or 11 am like last year.

  4. As others were saying, the 7 on 7 will be on this Friday the 15th and the combine will be Saturday and Sunday the 16th and 17th…..All at Wake Forest University…..The 7 on 7 camp is $350.00 per team and the combine is $50.00 per player……Sounds like some fair prices…..If the school paid for the 7 on 7 out of the athletic budget it would be a boost for the kids and if the kids paid per player for the 7 on 7 it would run them about $15.00 per player depending on how many players you take and thinking at least 20 kids and that’s not bad ezpecially if lunch is provided like it was at the Holt Brothers 7 on 7…..That Holt Brothers was a good deal with lunch provided and you got a free pair of shoes, but the teams were limited to bringing only 16 players……

    7 on 7 talk is heavy and that can only mean that practice and those much-anticipated scrimmages are just a few weeks away……

  5. I will be heading to SWG tommorow as they host North Davidson in a 7 on 7,All this talk about Raymond Bridges i will go out tommorow and see how good this kid is also ND should be really strong this year in the passing game.
    But,i’ll update this everyone with the results

  6. Page @ Thomasville 7-on-7 tonight at 6pm.

    The practice field is part of the Allen Brown Athletic Complex on the THS campus at 410 Unity Street Thomasville, NC 27360-2599.

    The practice field is next to Mendenhall St. directly across the street from the YMCA.

    Easiest way is to come in the back way via Business I85.

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