Will Southern Conference football be a tough sell on Public Broadcasting Stations(PBS)?

Southern Conference football coming to PBS this fall in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina and the commercial/ad guidelines for Public Broadcasting System stations are very strict/tough……Some very interesting info when you read below from Mark Washburn, at the Charlotte Observer on-line……Will it be a tough sell, only time will tell, but on the surface, it does appear to be a hard sell……PBS and the Southern Conference? Read on and see if you think you could make money on this deal……..Very tight fit and maybe not made for PBTV……Read on my friends……

While the networks reach nearly every household in the three states (Georgia’s network is also carried in southeastern Tennessee, home to conference member UT-Chattanooga), advertising spots would have to conform to strict public broadcasting underwriting rules, making revenue potential for the deal uncertain.

Sponsorship ads on public TV, for example, cannot include a “call to action” – meaning you can’t suggest the viewer go out and purchase the product – and cannot make competitive claims.

South Carolina’s public system limits messages to 25 words and bans the following words: reliable, prompt, excellent, dedicated, quality, luxury, leading.

Read on and read all from Mark Washburn when you CLICK HERE.

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  1. Now App State football can be seen by those that do not get sportssouth.
    It will help that more can see a great football program that wins clean.

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