1. I’m glad they found Miss Babe Ruth, because in the beginning I heard they went looking for Mr. Goodbar and since all has come together, they ought to put that statue on the Mounds…..(Infield and Bullpen)……

  2. And please hold back on the Snickers as you read these comments……It is good to have Miss Babe Ruth back…..

  3. This is what we call in the “think tank”, a TDT……Tension Diversion Tactic…..It allows the public’s mind to drift away from all the tension that was built during the loss(theft) of the Miss Babe Statue and that tension becomes diverted to a chewy mix of chocolate and caramel, as your mind travels beyond, toward a Milky Way….This approach does work, has been tested in markets and stomachs and has proven to really Krackle and break the overall tensions…..

    Andy Durham with a PHD in candy bar science…..PHD(Post Hole DIgger)…..
    *****No charge, I know all you addicts that follow us, are merely looking for another Twix….*****

  4. Wow if they did put in on the field i bet there would be All Mound Joy to see it back again.

  5. Yes and if they could get ‘ole Whatchamacallit to come out and sing the National Anthem, we may need more than a dog on that field, we might need to go find a Kit Kat……..

  6. I still agree with what the first gentleman here said about the thief, he’s a nutt…..Zag-Nutt……

  7. Ok last one from me:
    The guy would have done less damage if he could have gotten Babe’s Tootsies to Roll out of the concrete.

  8. If that dog snatcher would have come on the field Slim Jim Scott might have Rol-O’ed one upside that dog napper’s head and he would have been laying on the ground smushed into Resse’s Pieces or even left looking like Kibbles and Bits…..

  9. I have been Nestles Crunching the numbers and this seems to have captured our city….The Candy Bar Capers are becoming a Red Hots topic around town…..

    Tell a neighbor, tell a friend, where else can you find intellectual property such as this in our county??? If M&M saw this, he might make a song out of the Candy Bar/Andy’s Candies Capers…….

    I always new I was a genius, now the World Wide Web knows too……SWEET!

  10. Just got word that when the crook stole Miss Babe Ruth, he ran down Belllmeade Street and made a left on to Fifth Avenue…..

  11. I heard that the culprit was originally from Hershey’s Pennsylvania and that he said losing that statute was like having Kisses with your cousin…….

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