Any news on the Wake Forest 7 on 7’s???

We’ll leave this spot open for comments for the rest of the afternoon/evening………Send us your results/thoughts…..


  1. The Final four was Northern Guilford, East Chapel Hill, Easley SC, and Northwest Guilford……

    East beat Northern
    NW beat Easley

    NW vs East Chapel Hill is the finals…….NW beat them earlier in the day and won the 7on7 big,,,,,,I think the score was something like 42-14……Congrats NW Guilford!

    Other teams there….
    Mt Tabor
    Forsyth Cntry Day
    NE Guilford

    There were several other teams there as well. To many to remember all of them.

  2. Very nice showing by the NW Vikings today. The only game they trailed in was the semi-final game against Easley, SC. Glad 7 on 7’s are over, though, ready for some real football to begin.

  3. A little surprised only one response to this event. First no follow up from the NWG / Page 7 on 7 and now nothing on the Wake Forest 7 on 7. Congratulations to the NW Vikings for taking the trophy this year. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Here is what I saw. First game NW played Mt.Tabor, Tabor was really fast and good but NW won by at least two scores. Then played East Chapel Hill won by about the same amount. Played McMichael and Country Day and handled both easy 52-12 and 48-14. Semis played a team from SC, trailed 17-0but made huge stops on defense. Played East Chapel Hill in the finals after East beat Northern Guilford and won going away 42-14. I’m glad this 7 on 7 stuff is over and we can play football.

    As for players- Pawlowski was on all day, Baxter, Dillon, and Kristy didn’t disappoint. The transfer from Texas Rits (sp?) was really good at QB and played solid receiver (caught some huge balls). I was really impressed with NW depth. After playing Ledford yesterday morning, Page in the evening, and all day today they had players cramping up and had to play tons of kids. Ryan Overcash and Ethan Tingler looked good at WR/DB and Kevin Parrish made a couple of game winning interceptions. I’m sure I’m forgetting many but NW but thats because there were a lot of contributors to the wins

  5. Who Cares about this 7 on 7.
    Wait until the pads go on and then we will talk.

  6. I agree entirely with Who Cares. 7 on 7 is nothing more than color-coordinated backyard touch football. To compare how a team will do during the regular season based on these touch drills is laughable.

    It is the absurd equivalent of judging how a basketball team will play based upon the results of a free throw shooting contest.

  7. There has been a lot of talk about NW this off season. Some are predicting another conference championship in 2011.
    They open up in a few weeks against Smith. Any predictions on this game???

  8. Northwest is the real deal. Smith will be no match for the powerful Northwest offense. As for the defense they lost 8 starters but it looks like Woodruff has already found new personel to fill those spots. As for the new names on defense Dalton Dillon(ILB) Andrew Ritz(FS) Walker Glass (OLB) Ryan Overcash(SS) Kyle Kristy(CB). The Northwest defense looks reloaded and ready to go.

  9. Watch out for Smith, for two years NW has looked at Smith as the same old Smith. Two years ago it took a crazy 4th quarter finish to win, and last year Smith totally dominated the second half to blown NW out. I wouldn’t start counting that as win until you actually earn it.

  10. Trust me NW is not over looking Smith. It’s an opening week game why would they be overlooking them? Just because some fans are on a board talking about NW being good doesn’t mean the coaches and players are overlooking another team. NW and Smith will both be pretty good this year should be a great game.

  11. Looks like the Haters didn’t waste anytime coming on here…..Congrats NW on winning the 7on7 at Wake Forest.

  12. Trust me on this one NW has plenty of fire power on offense and will have no problem scoring. The problem is the defense, they have a lot of new players
    in new positions. A lot of these guys it’s their first year at the position this spells trouble. While they will be able to score they will have problems keeping other teams out of the end zone. I will go ahead and make my prediction NW 6-5 on the season and a first round loss in the playoffs. Sorry guys hard to repeat last years great season.

  13. 6-5? That is the worst prediction I have heard in a while. Just becasue there are some new faces on defense dosn’t mean they wont be good. The kids are athletes plain and simple. Come game time these kids are going to surprise a lot of people.

  14. OK, Your right 6-5 is a little much. The Losses will be Ragsdale, East Forsyth, HPC, in conference.
    Losses to Smith & Northern out of conference yeah I am going with 6-5. The issues with NW will continue to be size
    and the Offensive and Defensive line. As I said in a previous post they have some talent but a lot of kids in new positions
    will hurt them in the long run. All the kids mentioned by “football” this will be their first year at these positions.
    I wish them the best.

  15. “Insider,” apparently you are not a NW insider. Kristy was the starter at corner last year until suffering a season ending injury, so this will be his fourth year playing the position. Ritz will probably be the back-up at FS with Kevin Parrish, last year’s starting FS, returning for his junior season. Glass played as a reserve at OLB last year, and Dillon has played at ILB some over the past few years. Overcash is the only one “changing” positions. He has played at both OLB and ILB over the past three years. The real NW insiders will tell you that he is capable of playing multiple positions on both sides of the football.

    Let me think, oh yeah, HPC lost a lot of starters from last year as well as Smith, and I would imagine Ragsdale, East Forsyth and Northern are also replacing key players from “Last Year”. But hey that’s why you play the game every Friday night, games aren’t won or lost on paper. They are won on the field. So “Insider,” I wish your team the best of luck this season.

  16. I respect your opinion. But based on your predictions, you obviously havn’t seen the guys out there. These arn’t just some random kids from the middle school. These are good atheltes that can hang with the best, and they have had more than enough time to learn the defense. THEY WILL BE READY.

  17. “NW Viking Fan” said it all. These kids arn’t rookies, they know what they are doing. And why isn’t anbody talking about all the other teams losing players? Smith lost their star QB, the Jordan kid, Ebron, and their stand out corner. Northern lost Maurice Harris, Scarfone, and Muhammed Kellah. HPC is losing Drew Adams, and the big kid on the D line. So it looks lik everyone’s gonna be doing some reloading, but for some reason everyone acts like Northwest is the only team in which seniors graduate. Good luck “Insider” to you and your team.

  18. Wait and see, talk is cheap right now, and that’s all we’re doing is talking so you NW fans take it easy time will tell.
    But if you are going to talk you need your get your fax straight. Other teams have indeed lost players it’s way the game works.
    but no one has lost 8 starters on Defense like NW. The Dillon kid did not play a down at LB last year.He played FB., Kristy was hurt in the second or third game,so he has limited experience on the varsity level at CB. The new Kid Ritz has played QB in TX. Overcash subbed a little on defense last year played mainly WR. So like I said you have filled some wholes but not with kid’s that have experience at these positions.

  19. Forget about the skilled positions for a minute, games are one and lost on the O & D Lines. NW has lost some talented young men at these positions.
    Josh Smith, Bailey Doggett, David Lee and Matt Suggs. A lot of these guys played both way for NW and will surely be missed this upcoming year.

  20. @ No

    Not everyone lost kids. Page returned 18 starters from last year and have been fortunate enough to have 3 players that were all conference in their respective conferences last season, move into the district.

  21. Insider, I’m not so sure about your 6-5 prediction (I guess you’re including a playoff loss, because NW only has a 10 game schedule). But, I do agree with you on NW’s defense being weaker then last years version and them probably giving up more points. I see them losing to Northern and maybe Ragsdale. East is winnable and so is HPC (I think, but I could be wrong). Best case scenario 9-1, more realistic.. 7-3

  22. Pager you are exactly right it is only a 10 game season this year my bad.
    Then I will have to go with Best case scenario if everyone stays healthy 6-4 and worst case NW loses some close ones 5-5

  23. The thing about NW is…… they have always had decent athletes. Anyone remember Tyson Stewart from 2004-2006? The thing that usually hinders them is team speed on both sides of the ball. The vikings always have some big kids up front, but are they athletic enough as a team to hang with the better teams in the state? I doubt it. I think they still are a top 25ish team in 4A though.

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