Did you ever eat at Jan’s House? Now CLOSED!

Picked this up this morning, glancing through the News and Record on-line with Carl Wilson and this hits the spot, but in the wrong way…..No more Jan’s House? The article says they have been around for over 50 years and they are now shut down….Maybe it was never the same, after they moved down the street……Could re-open again, but once you close, that is tough, hard to bring it all back again…..The item you remember, for me it was the Master Burger Plate with cheese…..Almost like the ‘ole Waffle House, Quarter Pound Cheeseburger Plate on two…..Jan’s House is GONE…..

Read all CLICK HERE from Carl Wilson at the N&R…..


  1. I remember when we moved to Greensboro in 1968 it was called Jack’s House back then. It was across the street from where it is now. It was next to Jack’s Carwash. When Jack’s House became Jan’s house they used the same sign and just cut the sign in half right afer the JA in Jack’s and added N’S to form Jan’s House.

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