Area’s Top Girls Basketball College Prospects:A Real Understanding

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( Below is a composite of players in this area that we could see early or late
signings this coming Fall. The early signing period is between Novemeber 10 through
the 17th. If a prospect is in that category in this stage of their recruitment that
are rising seniors, then early Fall visits should be set up after the July events. A
prospective recruit should either have heard from their respective coaches either
through phone or mail if they are a genuine prospect for that particular school.
Early signings normally mean that you were high on their priority list. Do not be
mislead into thinking other wise. Normally if a student athlete does not sign early
on it is either a Clearing House issue, SAT or ACT scores,grades or some wishful
thinking of something is bigger or better or simply you are not a college basketball
prospect for their program. (There are over 300 DI College Programs ) Keep in mind
that coaches do not have the time during the
season(sophomore or junior year) to come see you on a regular basis; Only
unless you are their top priority and they want to secure that position.They
already saw you through out the Spring and Summer to make an inform decision if you
were one of their primary recruits. In case an offer does not come early on, do not
be dismayed because unforseen circumstances do happen such as players transfer,
coaches get fired or move around and scholarships become available. Have a great
senior year and work hard so that perhaps your name will be the one they may come
calling for at a later date. If not JUCO is still available)

1. Zena Lovette: SWG: A DI or DII prospect whom stock could rise or fall based on a
number of other factors. Great instincts but must learn to minimized the assist to
turnover ratio that is important at the guard position at the next level.

2. Cedrica Gibson: Oakridge Military Academy: Verbal to St. Johns: A steady guard
that has been groomed since the junior high days. Transferred from Highpoint Central
and is now headed up to New York. A good quarterback for a team that has a nice feel
for the game. Does not turn the ball over a lot . Could become the areas Player of
the Year this coming season.

3. Autumn Carter: Rockingham: Verbal to Elon: Has great footwork and mobility for
the center position. Should be a great fit for Elon. Will be the top candidate for
her conference player of the year. If she carries Rockingham to a conference title
and into the playoffs it will be a great finish team wise for a team that has
dropped since the Moore, Pucketts, Plam and company days

4. Eboni Goins: Dudley: A solid DI prospect that has the explosiveness and strength
for the guard position. Needs to be more consistent on both ends of the court. Shows
flashes at times that will open the eyes of anyone watching. But can also disappear
for an extended period of time as well. Scoring 22 pts one night and then scoring
between 2 and 8 pts over several games does not give a good read to college coaches
because it sends a mix message as to which one are you? Colleges do not recruit the
highschool team. They recruit the individual based on their particular needs and
what can this particular athlete bring to the table to help their program. This
needs to be a break out year which she has the talent eventhough her assessment will
come from her actions playing for Lady Phoenix this AAU season. Averaging in the 15
point range will be a great way to finish her career.

5. Jessica Pone: SWG: Better suited for a DII program but could end up at a DI based
on a great summer of AAU Basketball. Tends to look disinterested which could make
college recruits look the other way or get the wrong impression. Had a break out
year of nearly 13 ppg after averaging 6 pts her sophomore year. Winning the State
Championship does not mean a bigger offer. Having passion and a sense of
urgency coupled with producitivity does. This could be a year like former SWG Tyisha
Bridges great had a few years ago that went to Norfolk State or it could translate
into something entirely different.

6. KK Rouse: Dudley: DI or DII: needs a break out summer that includes more
endurance and show more ability to take over a game. Has the physical statue but
does not use it enough.

7. Brittany Clency: Western Guilford: Has the numbers to be at a DI program along
with the academics. A good summer would secure that position.

7. Khadeja Wilkerson: Greensboro Day: A DI prospect that has nice post moves and is
left handed. Transferred from Dudley a couple of years ago and never looked back.
Had a great first year at Greensboro Day averaging over 13 ppg and 8 rebounds.
Suffered a knee injury but had already secured offers from DI colleges. Believe to
have already commited to Appalachian State University.

8. Alyssa Munson: NWG: Would be a solid performer at a DII program because of her
position. More in the mode of Melissa Floures whom plays for Bemont Abbey.

9. Zhan Greer: Smith: A possible DII prospect that needs to have a great summer. A
great senior year could translate into a late signing of a possible DI. If a DII
offer is on the table early, it might not be a bad idea to consider it. If not a
DIII offer would be on the table.

10. Natalie Harper: NWG: A DII or DIII prospect that has solid skills from the wing
position. Should have a great senior year which would solidify that offer.

11. Alexis Robinson: Northern: A DII or DIII prospect whom has quickness. Needs to
handle and secure the ball more efficiently. Needs to look for her shot more and
turn turnovers into scoring opportunities. A senior year of 10 to 12 pts per game
should garner and offer or two.

12. Leslie Norman: Northeast: A solid player in a bad girls program. Could land a
DIII offer. If she has a great senior year in the 15 ppg, 6 rpg range she could get
a later offer from perhaps a DII program along the lines of a Phifer University or a
Limestone College.

Younger Player(s) whom could get early offers:

1. Paris Kea: Page: A DI prospect that will get early offers that are rare in this
area. Only a few have gotten them in the past few years and have signed during the
early period. Has the best skill set of any player in her class. Look for several
scouts to be at Page’s gym this coming season.

2. Erica Olerich: Eastern Guilford: A DI prospect that has above average height for
the guard position and can hit the long range three. A good rebounder and shot
blocker. A great summer and a great junior year will solidify that DI offer. Showing
more leadership will also enhance her position.

3. Ronata Rogers: Greensboro Day: A DII prospect because of the position she plays.
A good competitor whom can get you 12 pts and 7 rebounds per game. Must now learn to
hit from the 15 ft to 20 ft range over the next two years to enhance her stock.

4. Amanda Cofer: Northern: A DI prospect that has the height for the position. Has
nice form from the arc and should be an early signee come next Fall. Should have a
solid junior year in the 13 to 15 pt range which keeps that DI offer on the table.

5. Kenya Hailey: Southeast Guilford: Tall and rangy which most coaches like. Being
over 6 ft will get any coach attention. Productivity will keep it. Needs to become
more agressive and handle the ball better. A break out year either on the circuit or
highschool could elevate a solid DI offer. Needs to be in the 13 to 16 point range
to really make DI colleges want to close the deal. DII college coaches are looking
for a player of this stature to slip through the cracks. Averaging in the 7 pts to 9
pt range will surely validate it.

6. Makala Rouse: Dudley: A athletic guard on the arisen. Needs to have productivity
to go along with it. Needs to put up the same type of numbers as previous greats at
that position in Helen Terry (Charleston Southern) and Breonna Patterson (UNCG) very
early on to garner the attention. This sophomore year needs to be a break out year
or else it will just be based on potential.


  1. Once again your list are so biased…just leaving off these names tells me you promote who you want but there is no way you should have left off imani atkinson or brittney clancy

  2. Let me say from the start that I am an outsider and I do not know any of these situations so I do not know who is being bias or not. You mentioned “Imani Atkinson” and “Brittney Clancy” – what AAU teams do they play, what grade and what schools do they attend. Also I was trying to figure out how this list only had about 12 players that are rising 12th graders that are on the road to a D1 or D2 school. There must be more players in this area that may be getting some serious consideration to play somewhere in college. Also, how could there only be 6 rising “young” players that will be 9th, 10th or 11th grades worth mentioning. This area must have more players than this playing at a potential D1 or D2 level. Is girls basketball that bad in this area or is this list worst and is admitting too many girls ?

  3. Before you post things on here you should read to make sure things are correct about what you ask. Brittany Clency is on the list.

  4. How many girls from Guilford county lthis year and previous years have actually gotten DI,DII or DII Scholarships? No matter how much a person may want something to be, the reality always set in.

  5. It is interesting that this list has 4 of the “top 20” or so girls going to private schools. Over the next couple of years, I would bet this list of girls in the private school setting is going to be much higher. Andy – since you often include Bishop in your stories, you should also start including places such as WestChester and Brittian Acedemy since Delaney Rudd has so much D1 players following him to that program. The private schools will have the best competition in the area this year for both boys and girls.

  6. Some private High Schools are simply extensions of AAU programs. AAU coaches are coaching private schools so they basically have their team practicing and playing all year long. This kids and parents will follow these coaches anywhere. I would imagine a lot of the girls that played for Delaney at ORMA will follow him to the new school. High school basketball is now a big business and it is obviously the future of the game. I don’t like it, but it is what it is. Most good players will go to 2-3 high schools and some of them will be reclassed at some time.

  7. Ronata Rogers is a DI she puts up big numbers on a daily basses i have been at many gds games and Tamera Thorpe a 9th grader throws the ball up any time she gets the balls last saturday gds won tamera had 22 casue she ball hogged the whole game

  8. Not sure why someone would go back to an article submitted back on July 17th and submit new comments on Dec 17th (6 months later just to throw in a negative comment about Tamera). Someone stated that she “ball hogged the whole game”. Clearly either this person does not come to GDS games or they don’t understand the game of basketball. Tamera has never been a ball hog and moves the ball to her teammates fairly. In fact, the Dec 17th game that “rON” referred to – Tamera was 9 of 17 from the field (53% outstanding), 3 of 7 from the 3 pt line (43% excellent), 2nd in rebounds with 4 and tied for 1st in steals with 3 (doing it on both ends). She is currently shooting about 54% from the field for the entire year, 85% from the free throw line, leading the team in steals, less than 1 turnover per game and at least 3rd in all other major stats. Considering that she is just a freshman and putting up these types of numbers, I know for a fact the GDS coaches are very happy with her production. Ronata Rogers is an outstanding player that has continuously out played much higher ranked players throughout the season. I have no doubt that she will get her D1 offers over the next year but please don’t put Tamera, Ronata or any other GDS players by name in a negative light on a site such as this when you don’t know what you are talking about. Go Bengals !

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