North Carolina getting a good one in Jackson Simmons

Last night’s All-Stars basketball crowd of 2,680 fans got a good look at future North Carolina Tar Heel Jackson Simmons, fron Smokey Mountain High School, formerly Sylva Webster HS, and what they all saw from Jackson Simmons was good, real good basketball……

Simmons finished with 19 points and 15 rebounds and he was on target nearly the entire game…..He did get his shot blocked once or twice, but he followed that up with a made bucket or two and he kept up his intense approach to the game, all night long…..

I had not seen Simmons play before, but I did see Marty Hensley at the Coliseum, about 25 years ago and he was a tall recruit headed to North Carolina, out of the mountains, Enka or some place like that, and the big difference in Hensley and Simmons is, Simmons can play….

Simmons can play and he plays hard and he plays smart….I feel you can tell a lot about a basketball player, by their facial expression and that many times determines if they are into a game or not….Simmons was into the game all night long….I sat right behind the West bench and it turned out to be a very spot good spot, because I could watch Coach David Price(Dudley) and his assistant Scott Brewer(Concord) doing their coaching and I was impressed overall, by the way Coach Price used his big men……

Jackson Simmons and John Cannon were contributing factors and the other big man I got I chance to see for the first time, Miles Bowman Jr., from Winston-Salem Parkland, let me tell you, that kid can play…..I had heard a lot of hype for Simmons and Stillman White, who was injured and could not play, but this Miles Bowman Jr., was as good a player as any kid on the court last night….I have been hearing he is headed to Winston-Salem State and now hear this, the Rams are getting a steal with this kid…..

Tyrece Little from the East squad had a very solid night/game…..Little had a big game with 13 points, numerous rebounds and several blocked shots…Little has the feel about him, that he knew how to use his size to his advantage and if you were in the lane on offense, you had to know his long arms were looming and might just swat your shot away again……

Anthony Stitt out of Butler was a good ball player for the West, as was Terrence Williams from West Mecklenburg and Jacquoise Moore out of Concord…..

If Jackson Kent(Page/High Point Christian) can start molding and developing his game along the lines of Jackson Simmons from Smokey Mountain, we may have another ACC signee on hands in about two years…..Not the same size or position, but the game can be similar and names are already…….


  1. Facial expressions is right. Especially the four or five times he stared at the officials and proceeded to whine about calls. Great fit for roy and the heels.

  2. I personally think Don that this kid then would fit in better @ Dook my alma mater than at Carolina for the simple fact that he could possibly take up where I
    left off with his facial expressions(You remember all of them of course everybody remembers those embarrassing gestures) but K-rat don`t need much help whinning when it comes to helping the officials does he. So maybe he`s not the perfect fit, just sayin!

  3. This kid can play, 19 points and 15 rebounds, he can help, not sure when, but he will help and he is a worker and that will take Simmons places……Might end up like Cedric Simmons and hit the NBA for a nice payday and as long as he doesn’t end up like Cedric Benson, all will be well, down by the well in Chapel Hill in the end…..

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