We’re playing assignment football, but I’m stripping the ball from the QB at least once per game, so go ahead and put me down for 11

from Greensborosports.com, providing great football strategy at no charge:

This is the way you have to go into the season….Every year we have suggestions about; meet me at the ball, run to daylight, take it to the promised land, play assignment football and all that good stuff, but this year, I’m here to say that the key for today and this week and this year, if you are on defense, is to strip the ball, take it away from the quarterback or the runningback…..

I will put myself in this position, along with you along the line and we have to approach this seriously…..

We are going to strip that ball and get at least one take-away per game….This may defy all that we have been taught and everything that the referees are trying to instill us not to do, but the time is now….

If you have trained hard and are conditioned and if you have the right mental approach, this can be done….One strip or at least one take-away per game…..Last year we were preaching no fumbles by the runningbacks and two years ago we were saying, “run all the way through the play and never stop running till you hear the whistle” and even then, you may want to keep going and make them force you to go down….

To pull this off for 2011, with at least one strip per game, you have to have your plan and be focused….The opposing teams will hate you, the opposing coaches will want to kill you and the entire town and the league/conference will know you and they may want to ban you…..

You’ll be known as “The Stripper”, “The Take-away King” or maybe they will just call you, “The Thief”……

Go get the ball and annihilate the QB’s and the RB’s…..Easier said than done you might say……It might be hard, if you weren’t prepared both physically and mentally…..

Be focused. You can do this. It is all about a frame of mind and the frame of mind is, you have a job, now go out and do it…..

I think I could do this….You don’t want to bring too much attention to yourself, but after a while, you will be a marked man and you will cause the other team to lose their focus….

What if the other team starts to really focus on you and they come with double-teams and triple-teams, as they try to shut you and me down??? That means your teammates are now uncovered and it is opens up defensive stop opportunities, for others on your side of the ball…..

But, you have this goal, this quota that you have set for yourself, one Strip or at least one Take-away per game…..You may just have to let it all go and “Freak Out”….Freak Out, la sheik, the freak, “Freak Out”….

And what’s so wrong with that? The coaches tell you to play under control and you have to, for the most part….But sometimes you have to lose it and go off the deep end, just to get past the block from the Tight End….Overall I’m a pretty nice guy, but I’ll kill you to accomplish my objective or my goal, and the deal is, at least One Strip/One Take-away per Game…..

Who is with me on this plan for the season? The real question should be, who is going to stop me or you the high school football player, as you head toward the new season…..You have to have goals, and I don’t know of one player, or even one adult in this county, that can stop us once we set our mind to it…..

You have to be physically and mentally ready and I am ready on both of those counts…..You have to have a little bit of the “I don’t care what the crowd may say attitude” on this one, on the way in…..You may not be that well liked by the opposition or the opposing coaches and you may become a marked man around town, but what’s so bad about that? Your coaches may even turn their head when they see you coming, but as long as you are getting the playing time and producing results on the defensive side of the ball, in the end who cares???

As long as this approach does not hinder or effect the rest of your defensive game, you are OK….You can’t let it take away from the rest of your defensvie responsibilities….Otherwise, I say, “let’s go get that ball”…….

One Strip or at least One Take-away per game……I know I could do it and I still think I could do it today, and maybe even tonight in the All-Star Game…..It is all physical and mental……If you know going in that you have your speed and your strength, you are ready……The rest is all mental and that accounts for about 99% of what we do and say each day anyway……

I know I could do this, now how about you?

(Pain is not an option, it is gonna be there, but that is why you trained so hard in the first place, to be ready to absorb the pain…..NO PAIN, No Strip/Take-away…….)*****You have to love it, we have set goals and now we must go get it(the football).*****

I can’t and won’t be stopped, now how about you?

*****If you decide to follow this plan, keep in touch and let me know how it works out for you during the season…..*****


  1. Liking … No , Loving the plan but make sure you have the grip on the ball carrier before you stip that ball . If he gets away somebody is gonna pay. A couple of missed tackles and coach will throw em under the dog house.
    The key for me was to allways have the men beside me in on the plan , My linebacker and safety knew timing was crucial, it had to be a “boom-boom” play. COULD NOT be a step slow , first man came in hard and low and wrapped up tight , second man comes even harder at midsection , strippin , rippin even snatch your shirt off if it was’nt tucked in tight.Third man job was to get that loose ball and get going

  2. We’re still running the cover 2, though, right?
    ‘Cause I’m more about speed and stickiness.

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