Looking ahead to this year’s(2011) high school football season

Picked up/received my copy of the 2011 NC Preps.com 2011 Football Yearbook last night, courtesy of Ron Davidson delivery and Deana King publisher and we have a lot to look at, as we look ahead/forward to the upcoming season….

From the pages of the NC Preps.com yearbook we find Brock Stadnik(Western Guilford), DJ Reader(Grimsley), Blake Hickman(Page) and James Summers(Page), all pre-season All-State players…..Stadnik and Reader are listed as offensive linemen, Hickman as an linebacker and Summers as an Athlete…..These four young men are pre-season All-State selections….

When you go to 4-A All-State you have Stadnik, Reader, Hickman, Summers and defensive lineman Brandon Banks, from Southwest Guilford….

The 3-A All-State team shows us Mark Mitchell(Northern Guilford), as a linebacker and Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford), as an Athlete…..

On the 2-A side of things you see Jamari Milliken(High Point Andrews) listed in a defensive back role…..

The pre-season polls at NC Preps.com have in the 4-A’s, Matthews Butler as #1, Mallard Creek at #2, Richmond County #3, Fayetteville Jack Britt #4 and Durham Hillside #5….Then we have Page #9, Dudley #11 and Northwest Guilford #20……

For the 3-A’s we see West Rowan #1, Crest #2, A.L. Brown #3, Charlotte Catholic #4 and Asheville #5…..Plus we have Eastern Alamance #7, Northern Guilford #8 and Northeast Guilford #16……

In the 2-A’s we do see Thomasville at #11 and Reidsville at #15…..

With our area conference predictions we see first the Metro 4-A with:
4)Western Guilford
5)Southeast Guilford
6)Southern Alamance
Player of the Year-James Summers(Page)

From the Piedmont Triad 4-A you find:
1)Northwest Guilford
2)East Forsyth
4)High Point Central
6)Southwest Guilford
7)WS Parkland
Player of the Year-Brandon Banks(Southwest Guilford)

When we glance at the Mid-State 3-A’s we see:
1)Eastern Alamance
2)Northern Guilford
3)Western Alamance
4)Eastern Guilford
5)Rockingham County
6)Burlington Williams
Player of the Year-Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford)

The study of the Mid-Piedmont 3-A declares:
1)Northeast Guilford
2)Southern Guilford
4)North Forsyth
5)Southwestern Randolph
Player of the Year-Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford)

And finally from our area we have the Piedmont Athletic Conference with:
1)WS Carver
2)High Point Andrews
5)WS Atkins
Player of the Year-Madison Mills(WS Carver)


  1. These pre-season rankings are from NC Preps.com and they did have SWG’s Brandon Banks as the pre-season Player of the Year……We had Matt Pawolwski(NWG), but we had the rankings more like:

    3)East Forsyth
    4)High Point Central
    7)WS Parkland

  2. I got a feeling the Rankings have a lot to do with last years performances. That’s normally how Pre-Season rankings work.
    This will all change once the season actually starts. I think NC Preps is close with their predictions. NWG, Ragsdale EF will be in the top 3 just not in that order.

  3. I think you have to put a lot of stock too in what you have coming back from last year……NC Preps(Deana King) knows that Page and NWG are loaded and that they have to be locks at least going into the season…..SWG lost Willis and that is why many think the bottom will drop out…..Coach Brewington at Smith has done a good job of letting people know, that “hey we’re not going to be that bad”…..Preps has Reader listed as a pre-season All-State OL and he is set to line up at FB this year….You are right to a cetain degree, some teams will get an extar nod due to reputation, that is why SG can’t jump NEG right yet….

    Another thing that will hinder a part of the NC Preps.com printing process is the fact that they have to go to press so early to get the Yearbooks published…Alot can change by the time you hit the street, but NC Preps has done a very good job again this year…….Keep you ear to the ground, it will all be interesting this season and if you break out in a sweat, be sure to clean your ear, because it will get dirty…..

    Peeler Football Camp today from 6-8pm at the Peeler Recreation Center and tell me those little guys are not going to nasty hot…….

  4. Who knows how 2011 HS Football will turn out a lot of things can happen during the course of a season.
    I must say Coach Woodruff has done a great job thus far at NW. They have improved ever year he has been there.
    The 2010 NW season was awesome with a 9-4 record a first round home playoff win over Scottland Co.and Conference Champs.
    Last years team was something special. The best NW has been in many years. Hopefully they can continue their winning ways this coming year.

  5. The Piedmont Triad 4A could be one of the most competitive leagues around. NW and Ragsdale should be the favorites, and EF should be pretty good, too. But, no one is a run away favorite right now. That could change as the season goes on.

    NW has a bunch of talent on the offensive side and should score a lot of points. Coach Woodruff has done a great job at NW. Ragsdale will always give themselves a chance because of their coaching staff. EF will always give themselves a chance bc of the number of kids in their program. Their coaching staff does a pretty good job getting them ready to play each week. HPC, Glenn, and SWG might surprise some people. SWG has really improved over the past several seasons. Losing that Willis kid might hurt. The coach at SWG has done a good job I think making them more competitive, but its got to be hard to lose a talent like that. HPC will always have athletes, but I know is replacing several starters. Parkland always has the athletes but has seemed to fall on hard times.

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