Hitting Zone team wins at Palomino Region Tournament with locals George Carter, Johnny Brown Jr., and Ryan Stoneman

Game One in the Palomino Regional Tournament at Virginia Beach, Virginia:

The Hitting Zone 14
Kempsville, Virginia 12

WP:Ryan Stoneman
HR’s:(THZ)George Carter, Johnny Brown Jr., Eric Kalbfleisch and Matt Wade…….


  1. George Carter (UNC), Eric Kalbfleisch (UNC-G), Johnny Brown (Pfeiffer), and Matt Wade (N.C. State). Lynnhaven is a very strong team that won the World Series last year. They won last night 21-0 from what I heard from my son who is up there playing. They play the Zone today at 12:30. The loser of that game has to turn around and play right after in 100 degree weather. The winner of this game more than likely will win this tournament.

  2. Have you seen the Hitting Zone coaches coach?? Those kids really learn a lot……..yeah right. I mean they can’t even beat Lockhaven…..

  3. Ok, someone please tell me if your son pitches over 100 pitches on a Sunday complete game and then turns around and pitches out of the bull pen 2 innings on a Tuesday that is not taking a chance on hurting a young kids arm?? Anyone? That’s what happened at East Cobb last week. That’s a brilliant coach?

  4. Just got word from Lynnhaven, Va. that The Hitting Zone won the first game 4 – 1. Austin Hardin was the winning pitcher. That is all the info I have other than the fact tha3NW7t the seond game is due to start in about 30 minutes.

  5. GrimsleyParent

    Thanks for your concern for DJ. But I counted every pitch DJ threw. As a matter of fact it was DJ who asked could he come in and pitch

  6. Just got thee final word. Lynnhaven defeated the Hitting Zone 17 to 10 in second game.

  7. The one thing I would say is that the young men that played for the THZ are some class act guys, this goes the same for the Lynnhaven team. THZ PLAYERS and 1st base coach were sportsman all around. as for the 3rd base coach, I have never seen a more arrogant cry baby who is supposed to be an adult. I cannot believe that his coach actually gets paid to be a part of this program

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