High School Football Predictions as camps get going today and the first official practice starts on Saturday

Most teams are starting their camps up today, with some going in the morning and others going in the afternoon, say from 6-8pm…..

The first official practice for 2011 is coming up this Saturday July 30th and the season will soon be upon us…..

Here’s a look at how the Metro 4-A might shape up from NC Preps.com at www.ncpreps.com…..

3)Ben L. Smith
4)Western Guilford
5)Southeast Guilford
6)Southern Alamance

*****Grimsley has a shot to finish as high as 4th, if they are able to put some certain things in place and Western Guilford will be hurt by the loss of Austin Proehl(starting WR/backup QB) to the school in Charlotte…..Page is the team to beat,there is no doubt about that and the team that keeps on getting people’s attention is the Smith Golden Eagles…….Smith at #3 and Grimsley at #7….Grimsley may move up to 4th or 5th and Smith is the team that you’lll have to keep an eye on and Dudley at #2 wants to be a spoiler to Page, after Page got Dudley pretty good, last year at Page….Smith then got Page and then out of nowhere, Southern Alamance beat Smith, in the last game of the regular season and Smith and Page ended up being Co-Conference Champions, or did Smith claim the crown, since they beat Page in the head-to-head……*****

We will look at other conferences and start looking at the Metro 4-A schedules in our next visit……..


  1. Page and Smith were Co-Champions of the Metro 4A last year.

    Page has the football Co-Champions trophy from the NCHSAA to prove it. Even though Page lost to Smith, Smith lost to a team that Page beat, by this ruling, they are co-champions. Both teams had a great season last year, and they both were deserving.

  2. It looks like Ricky and Austin are moving down to Charlotte today. This isn’t a rumor by the way, its official. Tough loss for Western Guilford.

    Charlotte Providence is in dire need of a Starting Quarterback too. He will step in and be a 3 year starter down their. Great situation for Austin.

  3. I think the Proehl kid is a little overrated. One day down the road he might turn into a decent High School QB but right now I don’t think this will hurt Western at all. The only reason everyone is blowing this up is because it’s Ricky Proehl’s son. Now the one kid that hurt Western by transferring was the Dlineman that moved over to Page. Just Sayin…….

  4. Joe do you think Page has what it takes to win the conference this year?, but the bigger question is do they have what it takes to beat Ragsdale this year Joe?

  5. Proehl was one heck of a shortstop….Never saw him play football, but he did a great job for the WG JV last year and he posted some very good workout numbers wtih Matt Pawlowski, while they were down at the IMG Training Center, in Florida and both were named to the All-Madden Team…..Prohel would have given WG a very reilable target this year and a more the capable backup QB….Would have been fun, to see what he would have done….The transfer kid was a vet lineman and he will be missed….Have seen him in offensive workouts training with other linemen and he was very aggressive…..Page line will be very solid this season…….

  6. Andy,do you think southeast will defeat southwest on opening day..will the southeast running game get past banks?
    I wanna know you honest opionon but im a southeast fan untill i die!
    Who do you think will win and why

  7. @ JD H.

    I am not saying it isn’t possible, because after all these are high school kids.. But, Page has what it takes. The Pirates have a multitude of talent. But, they will continue to work hard and if they go out and play to their abilities, Page will be a very tough out/team to beat, this season.

  8. Page should take Ragsdale this year. Ragsdale should be pretty good but Page is dominant. Coach G finally gets a win over ragsdale. he should have beat them last year, the year before that and definitely the year before that. This year Page has too much talent. They have a legit shot to win State.

  9. I have SWG over SEG in my early predictions and the difference right now is the SWG defense up front with Banks and Daye and others…..SEG does not yet have an established offense….If Michael Fields was back for SEG, I would be taking the Falcons…..Losing both Fields and Haynesworth was big for SEG…..Will Greene has some experience as the QB for SEG, but the Petty boys at RB are not yet veterans and Larry Edwards from SWG has the label…..Edwards rushed for a whole lot of yards last year and he, Reid Baxter, Malik Mosley and TJ Logan are the young lion returning RB’s from last year’s sophomore class….

    I agree wtih Joe and Dominant, this is Page’s year to get Ragsdale, but this will make for a huge game since it hasn’t happened in the past few years….Somebody look it up, has Page beaten Ragsdale in this series……Not in the past three or four years anyway……..Joe is our Page Pirate insider and he will have that info somewhere at his disposal…….

    Opening games big wth NWG at Smith and Ragsdale at Grimsley, plus SEG and SWG, NEG at Western Guilford and High Point Andrews-High Point Central in Week One…..Week two, Page-Northern Guilford will be very big and I have this gut feeling that Ragsdale-Page will be bigger than Northern Guilford-Page…..Dudley at Rasdale week two is also looming large……Northern Guilford at Dudley in Week Three is also lookikng big……

    We have the menu, go ahead and start placing your orders……

  10. You people seem to forget that its not about talent. Ragsdale has Page’s cohunas and Page will be scared again this year. Ragsdale may not have the talent that Page will have but Ragsdale will beat them just like the past.

    Nice try Page, but your butts will be handed to you on a platter. Go Tigers!!!

  11. Ragsdale has some rebuilding to do…..They lost QB Luke Heavner, RB’s Donovan Smith and Barry Brown, LB Trey Swaim, DB Washington, TE Pete Romer, WR Justin Briley and others, but the man that Ragsdale will miss the most is defensive coach Johnny Boykin…..That will be the hardest man to replace….To a man, the Ragsdale Tigers always said Boykin was their most influential coach next to Coach Norwood and they live by the Boykin Defense…….He is now a head coach down in South Carolina and may have been the top assistant coach in Guilford County over the past 3-4 years……He was “The Man”…..Walt Sparks, Billy Stone, Trey Swaim, Cedric Ellison and others, they will all tell you, Boykin was the Captain of that Defensive Ship for the Tigers………

  12. One player from Ragsdale that got rave reviews from last year was TB Marquez Eleazer, who rushed for nearly 400 yards last seson and 5 TD’s……That is not bad at all, spliting time with Smith and Brown…..Eleazer will be a junior this season……If the numbers serve me correctly, Barry Brown was Ragsdale’s top rusher last season, in total yardage……

  13. He’s a Cowboy that stands 6’1 and weighs 210….Should see time at LB and could step up and play on the DL…..Very quick and plays basketball and can dunk flat-footed…..Very good athlete…..Have seen him play basketball and if he can sack like he can dunk, he can really help his SWG team…..

  14. Just in Barry Harris from Ragsdale high school…Track star and football player will be transferring to southeast he played varsity DB for ragsdale lets see how much he can help the falcons

  15. Last time I checked no team has even played a game yet. So all you Page fans that keep coming on here saying that Page is dominant please cut the BS…….Lets wait till they actually start winning a few games before we crown them state champions!

  16. It’s a message board…..Page is the best team on paper. That’s what they are saying on the board. I don’t see Page fans saying there’s no need to play the season. They just know what they have. They know this team is special. Now, they need to go out and prove it on the field. All Pirate and non Pirate fans know they have to beat Ragsdale to do it! Ragsdale has had their number, but this year Ragsdale may have their hands full.

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