Butch Davis says he takes full responsibility for UNC’s problems/troubles

from Ken Tysiac at www.charlotteobserver.com:

PINEHURST Butch Davis said today that he “fully and completely” takes responsibility for North Carolina’s NCAA troubles, which he called the most important issue the school has faced in “many, many, many years.”

Read all about the problems that have hit the conference and the Tar Heel Football Nation hard when you CLICK HERE……


  1. Hey everybody on here should predict the date that Butch Davis either quits or is terminated by UNC.
    I will be the first and go with Halloween October 31st 2011.

  2. This is a steady, slow-rolling snowball.
    By the time they are fully cooperative, they’ll be playing football in space (and we just gave up the Shuttle), and it will all be moot.

  3. There is still over 90 days until UNC must meet with the NCAA COI.
    Much more damaging information could surface between now and then.
    They already have 9 infractions. How may will they actually have by October 28th?
    If this academic tutor prong was extensively investigated then several sports other than football could be exposed to the NCAA.
    It should be a very interesting 3 months.

  4. The most unethical part of this whole scandal happened just recently.
    Holden Thorp spoke to the media and stated that he WOULD NOT dig any further into the professor whose class the McAdoo paper was an assignment.
    This professor is basically allowing substandard and/or plagiarized work to be turned in by student/athletes for sure and possibly other students as well.
    Is the leader of UNC afraid to do his job of securing academic integrity due to the possibility that more academic fraud by UNC athletes will be exposed?
    Perhaps from other sports besides football?

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