Now confirmed:Butch Davis out as UNC football coach


Chapel Hill, N.C. — Butch Davis has been fired as the head football coach of the University of North Carolina according to multiple sources…

UNC is looking to restore confidence in the football program and the university…..

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  1. I’m sure this new development will affect this season as well as the next (If not several more seasons down the line). There may be young men that were committed to UNC because of the coach as well as incoming players that may look to another school. However, you may feel about the coach, it’s safe to say that his leaving will affect the outcome of players (and potential ones) on the roster.

  2. Lets get ALL of the cheaters out of Chapel Hill, Baddour and Thorp should go next for keeping BD around this long, alot of the recruits will not come to CH now that John Blake is not there to give out all the goodies that he was giving.

  3. I could see this coming from a mile away. But I still can’t believe the Man of Steel, Superman, The Lone Ranger is gone. How many bullets did he dodge over the past 12 months? He left them laying but they finally sent him packing. Butch Csssidy Davis and The Sundance Kid-John Blake are gone. Hark the Sound of NCAA Warriors.

  4. SMH is AWOL, we may need to get the Navy Seals to go look for him because he will be in hiding for awhile.

  5. I just hate this for the tarnish this puts on a fine institution of learning….BAAAHAHA what a joke. All you holier than thou UNC fans can pucker up and kiss it. No more preaching required from you folks at UNC who for years have looked down at Clemson and Florida State and others who you guys always looked down your noses at. This is just the beginning of the sufferiny you guys are about to endure.

    We State fans will miss kicking Butch’s butt every year. How does that feel Tar Heel fans? You can’t even beat NC State when you cheat.

  6. “This UNC investigation is not going to amount to anything.”
    “Butch Davis told me it is just a review.”

  7. Hey smh,
    Which Carolina will still be there?
    Is it South Carolina or East Carolina?

  8. Enjoy it while you can. We are still the 800 pound gorilla in your backyard. Too strong a school, fanbase, money, and brand. Still the desired place to go to college in North Carolina for top players. Always will be.
    He will be replaced by a strong coach and you will still hate Carolina. Always have, always will.
    That’s the fun of the great rivalries we have here.

  9. Let’s not forget how smh has been telling us how Butch will keep his job, UNC thoroughly investigated everything, blah blah blah.

    Whatever dude. You get a better coach, sign better athletes, have better everything….so….. Then why all the cheating? Doesn’t really addd up.

    Did your football ticket invoice arrive today? Nice of them to collect all money before firing the chosen one. It really makes no sense at all to have these types of shenanigans from a entity that is “better.” Yet things continue to fall apart.

  10. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in. Who cares. I’m reminded of the quote of Bear Bryants widow after he passed. She was asked what was next for her and in a suprising move she announced she was moving to Chapel Hill. The reporters in the room were shocked and asked “Chapel Hill? Why?” “I want to get away from big time college football for a while” she replied. Now I know by screen name it’s obvious I’m a Wake fan and some Carolina fans will shout “What have you done?” I’ll admit it’s been 5 years since we won the ACC FB championship but it’s been 31 since UNC did. The difference is we don’t pretend to be something we are not. smh I don’t hate Carolina, I pull for them outside the state, I just hate all the media assuming everybody cares.

  11. smh
    What year did you graduate from the University of Southern California at Chapel Hill?
    I just wanted you to know that most of us board monkeys wanted Butch to stay.
    Now you can go back to hibernating each Fall.
    Any high school biology teacher will tell you black bears hibernate in the Winter and UNC fans hibernate in the Fall.

  12. This is one of the craziest/wildest times in history of college football in our state……New Ed Hardin article at the News and Record……’Can UNC Football Win the Right Way’….CLICK HERE….

    The cost of operating the Jim Rome Show on a given year, 3-5 millon dollars per year…..The cost of the Paul T. Lambeth III commentaries:Priceless! The comments that come with the commentary:Unreal!

  13. While reading the comments…. Everyone has a favorite team… Wake State Duke UNC ECU…. UNC is fair game now for criticism… Davis made mistakes obviously… He is paid millions to run the program…. Pearl lied… Tressel covered up information…. At least no evidence yet shows that Davis did anything like that…. Davis stood up took the questions criticism and coached the team…. Committed to making needed changes… The reality now is VA Tech and FL State will continue to be the programs that contend for National Titles in ACC Football….. Unforunately Davis was a chance for the State of NC to have a top tier team…. He made mistakes now that opportunity is lost for a while….

  14. The crazy thing that still has people’s heads spinning is the fact that UNC had Butch Davis representing them at the ACC Football Media Days in Pinehurst, back on Sunday and Monday of this week and then turned around and fired him on Wednesday……Harry Houdini said timing is everything and I guess Harry was right. The hammer should have come down on Davis back in December of 2010……Now Butch Davis is gone to the tune of 2.7 million dollars in univerisity/tax payers dollars……

  15. We still need the following information to be released to the public:
    1.Butch’s 216 phone records
    2.Butch’s emails
    3.Phone records and emails from the entire football coaching staff

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