Everett Withers will lead UNC football team in 2011 and WFMY NEWS 2 Sports met with him today and Brian Hall has it here from DigTriad.com

Everett Withers will lead the Tar Heels’ football team this fall and Brian Hall has it all, from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports/DigTriad.com Tonight……And the NEWS 2 Sports starts now when you CLICK HERE for Brian Hall and new North Carolina football coach Everett Withers…..


  1. Looks like UNC screwed up again. OOPs! We don’t have Butch’s cell phone records. However, somebody supposedly reviewed them last year (like Mcadoo’s paper). The way this is going, UNC is going to need to shut down the entire athletic program.

  2. Another anybody but Carolina Fan….. Mistakes were made and penalities will be issued…. A small number of Student Athletes were involved in this situation…. we need to remember the large number of Athletes that do what they are suppose to do on the field and the classroom…. Hopefully the Interim Coach can restore some order for the young men in the football program…. The revenue losses this will surely cause the Football Program will hurt many of the other non-revenue producing sports @ UNC… Let’s root for the kids… Most of these young people have worked and practiced years to have the opportunity to play at the college level…. Hope for the best..that this situation can end sooner than later..

  3. Rogue coach
    Paid players
    Academic misconduct
    Cover ups
    Faulty/non existant control system
    Free vehicles
    Parking tickets
    Agent runners at practice
    Missing/Withheld phone records
    all under the guise of compliance…..

    Whatever. We root for the kids, but the good ones probably need to consider transferring to an institution that will act with integrity when investigating and correcting the misdeeds of others. Had UNC done this the right way, things would be very different. Now they will have to pay up for cheating and more importantly…..lying.

    When are we going to see Butch’s 216 phone records?
    How about the phone records of all the football coaching staff?
    How about Butch’s emails?

  5. All the mistakes you list have been in the news for months….. To date the NCAA has not accused anyone of a cover up or lies…. All that I have read is that UNC & Davis complied with the NCAA requests…. UNC suspended 21 players last season… Coach Blake was fired…. Now Davis and Baddour have been fired…. The penalities will be severe … No winners… Many athletes have worked very hard to earn their opportunity @ UNC…

  6. Allegations against former assistant coach John Blake:

    – unethical conduct for providing false and misleading information to the NCAA enforcement staff and to the institution and for failure to cooperate with the investigation.

    – marketed athletic abilities of student-athletes to agent Gary Wichard

    – received outside income that he did not report to the institution

    • Allegations against alumna Jennifer Wiley:

    – unethical conduct for refusing to provide information to the NCAA enforcement staff and to the institution

    – provided extra benefits to student-athletes in the form of travel and parking expenses, and tutoring

    • Allegations of academic fraud against student-athletes and the tutor

    • Allegations that student-athletes received preferential treatment and accepted impermissible benefits

    • Allegations against a former student-athlete for unethical conduct

    • Failure by the institution to adequately monitor the conduct of Chris Hawkins, an individual triggering NCAA agent legislation; the social media activity of the football team for a period in2010; and possible extra benefits to a student-athlete triggered by agent legislation.

  7. ACC fan, the NCAA did accuse players of lying, Little, Austin and Quinn in particular

    On the 216 phone, the point is not directed at Butch. The point is were illegal contacts made to recruits from that phone? That would be a whole new can of worms. The university gives each coach a cell phone for university use which includes recruiting. Coaches have to make those records available to the NCAA if required. What looks fishy is Butch had no calls on his university issued phone but instead used his personal phone he kept from 216 area code. Inquiring minds want to know who he was calling on that phone. How does a head coach not use his university issued phone for university business? Did he not call anyone?

    Butch is gone and we regret it. Recruiting and coaching against him would have been a dead man walking. Question is, who did he call on the 216 phone?

  8. The NCAA is going to have no choice but to assume guilt with all the silence exhibited by the key players. Blake, Butch and Wiley are all withholding information in some way shape or form. Its going to be brutal. One, maybe two would br considered “rogue” and not and institutional propblem. All three including the head coach in the mix makes me beleive that the NCAA will have no choice but to throw the book at them. If not, other programs will take the same approach of throwing folks under the bus and paying for their silence.

    I do feel sorry for the good eggs on the UNC football team. It is unfortunate that the Univiersity has completely screwed them in order to escape justice or bank ticket sales. Integrity is not UNC’s strong suit and players should request transfers immediately. If not, they may be the next ones thrown under the bus.

  9. There must be something big in those phone records.
    We realize that Butch cannot be fired again nor Blake.
    The calls made while he worked at a public institution are still by law from the Freedom of Information Act accessible for public view.
    the question is will any media outlets go back to Judge manning and ask for another ruling?
    Butch supposedly was not fired with cause hence the $2.7 million buyout.
    Is this HUSH MONEY?
    Are there calls to Wichard from that phone?
    Are there calls to jennifer Wiley from that phone?
    Are there calls to recruits during dead periods from that phone?
    Are there calls to money people such as BOTBob Winston from that phone?
    Are there calls to some of Marvin Austin’s high school assistant coaches from that phone?

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